10 Best Friend Anime That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Best Friend Anime

These characters highlight just how important friendships can be in many anime that rely heavily on its central protagonists’ connections with one another.

When it comes to shonen, it’s all about the friends. These stories are aimed at teenagers and young adults, and friendships play a significant part in shaping both the characters and the result of a series. Because of these ties between characters, they grow and learn more about the world they live in.

Friendships amongst siblings, friends, classmates, and even enemies are all commonplace. Friendships like these are characterized by characters pushing each other to their boundaries and, in the process, improving each other. The following is a list of some of the most beloved anime best pals.

1. Gon & Killua

Gon & Killua

Hunter x Hunter’s Gon and Killua’s bond is one of the most memorable in anime history. They became fast friends after meeting during the Hunter Exams. Since then, the two have become professional hunters and have been there for me when I’ve needed them most.

These two are made for each other. As opposed to Gon, who leaps into any scenario without thinking, Killua takes her time to assess the situation before acting. They’ve saved each other’s lives many times thanks to their unique perspectives.

2. Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto is a shonen manga and anime that emphasizes the importance of friendship. The fundamental focus of the series is the friendship between Naruto and Sasuke, two individuals who are as different as they are alike.

When Sasuke decided to leave the village in order to gain more strength, everyone in the village—everyone, that is, except Naruto—gave up on him. As Naruto promised, he resurrected Sasuke from a deep grave. It was Naruto who showed Sasuke the value of friendship and opened his eyes to the possibility of a richer existence than he had previously contemplated.

3. The Straw Hats

The Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece)

Although they aren’t a duet, their anime friendships can’t be overlooked. The Straw Hat Pirates are like a big family among themselves. The team has been together for a long time, traveling to various islands to pursue their aspirations. One Piece places a high value on friendship, and the crew has proved that they will go to great measures to save one of their own.

Everyone on the team brings something different to the table, and it works beautifully. Even though the group consists of a variety of personalities, they all share a strong sense of unity.

4. L. & Light

and Light, the legendary couple of Death Note, may not be the best of friends, but they are certainly memorable. When they first met, they were arch rivals. Light became a brutal serial killer after he got his hands on the Death Note, and L was ordered to apprehend him.

However, a series of circumstances led to Light losing his memory and forming a partnership with L. to capture Kira. In a short period of time, the two intellectuals were able to form a strong relationship based on their shared intelligence.

5. Gintoki & Katsura

Gin And Katsura (Gintama)

It’s safe to say that the Gintama combo has been behind a lot of laugh out loud moments. Gintoki and Katsura were both trained by the same person, yet they took opposite routes.

Their mutual admiration for one another, on the other hand, is unmistakable. Throughout the series, the two have come together to save one other from harm.

6. Meliodas & Ban

The manga for Seven Deadly Sins ended in March 2020, although the anime is still running. Ban and Meliodas’ relationship is the best in the series, despite the fact that there have been many notable pairings throughout the years.

Meliodas and Ban have a special connection, and Ban reciprocates. The two of them are on the same page most of the time, and they understand each other perfectly. They’ve shown that they can take on some of the most powerful characters in the series as a team.

7. Puck & Guts

Puck & Guts

Because of an awful childhood, Berserk’s Guts didn’t care about friendship, but only about getting stronger. Guts had lost all faith in people after Gambino’s treachery, and he only regained it after meeting the Band of Hawk.

As a result of Griffith’s treason, nearly the whole mercenary crew was slaughtered. The fairy’s life was rescued by Guts while they were both drinking in a pub. After Puck opted to continue with Guts despite his unpleasant conduct, they traveled to a variety of locations. Guts was helped by Puck’s presence throughout his recovery.

8. Joseph & Caesar

One of the most memorable teams in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli. On their first meeting, they ended up having a small scuffle and starting out on less-than-friendly terms.

The two became close friends as the story progressed. As their friendship deepened, Caesar even sacrificed his own life to obtain the antidote for Joseph.

9. Edward & Alphonse Elric

Ed And Alphonse (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Fullmetal Alchemist’s Edward and Alphonse Elric are a unique example of sibling friendship in anime. Edward and Alphonse Elric’s friendship does not begin with a random encounter, as is the case with many anime friendships.

These two sets of brothers and sisters have been through a lot together, and their everlasting devotion to one another has kept them going. The brothers shared both their sorrows and their joys, which strengthened their relationship.

10. Ash and Pikachu

Pikachu and Ash are the most popular characters in the Pokemon universe. Each has supported the other through good times and bad. Ash and Pikachu have become inseparable throughout the years they’ve been traveling together, despite their start as adversaries.

Pikachu and Ash’s adventures together have seen them win and lose many bouts. A lot of people still have high hopes that they’ll stay together for a long time.