19 Best Anime Openings That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Anime Openings

Fans of Japanese animation will recognize these openings immediately.

Opening themes in particular have the power to enliven an anime’s audioscape. To give viewers a taste of what’s in store for that particular series, these teasers are essential. There are some anime opening songs that simply stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of animation, sound and melodic appeal.

Anime openings have to go above and above to stand out from the rest of the season’s offerings. There are literally tens of thousands of possibilities, so how do you pick the best anime openings of all time?

No matter how popular anime like Jujutsu Kaisen and the Shaman King remakes become, there is no denying that fans are drawn to particular shows due of their opening music. The previous list omitted some of the most memorable opening sequences from the program, so we’ve added them to the list. Is it because of the impact these songs had on anime fans that they’re still considered classics today?

1. Northern Lights (Shaman King)

Shaman King

With all eyes on the 2021 Shaman King remake, fans could not help but recall the frenzy that surrounded its initial opening song, “Over Soul,” by Megumi Hayashibara. However, “Northern Lights” by the same artist would definitely be a better opener for Shaman King.

Over the lengthy introduction of Yoh Asakura and his comrades, “Over Soul” ramped up the hype, but “Northern Lights” delivered good on the promise. Northern Lights” took place during the second round of Shaman Fights and highlighted all of the cast’s skills. The song and the opening scene ultimately completed the cast, with Johann Faust VIII and Chocolove McDonell joining Yoh and the others in their Oversoul forms.

2. Hacking To The Gate (Steins;Gate)

Steins;Gate is an excellent choice for sci-fi anime fans searching for a compelling tale of time travel. Visual book protagonists, Okabe Rintarou and his companions, set out on a quest to send messages back in time in this anime adaptation. However, Okabe and his buddies are thrown into a deadly game with nature’s forces when they experiment with this unexpected enigma.

To begin, “Hacking To The Gate” by Hanaka Ito is an excellent choice. Okabe must overcome a sense of helplessness that is instilled in him by the song’s catchy chorus and monochromatic images that establish the tone for the rest of the video.

3. Ignited (Gundam SEED Destiny)

In every Gundam series, there is an opening song that highlights the Mobile Suits of the current one. Although the soundtrack in the original SEED animation was excellent, it’s T.M.’s “Ignited” that stands out as the most memorable. A revolution that perfectly captured the greatness of Gundam SEED Destiny 2.

“Ignited,” unlike other SEED Destiny tracks, doesn’t strive to appeal to both new and longtime fans. Using the Impulse Gundam as a metaphor for SEED’s multi-form Strike Gundam, the song focuses on the Gundam’s ability to combine. Additionally, the pilots and Mobile Suits of the old cast and new antagonists alike are introduced.

4. Just Fly Away (Gundam Build Fighters Try)

Gundam Build Fighters Try

Gundam Build Fighters Try may be every Gunpla enthusiast’s fantasy come true. After many years of experimentation and research, science has finally found an answer to the question of how to create Gunpla “movable” in the same way that real Gundams do in their series. Kamiki Sekai and his comrades will do everything they can to win the Gunpla Battle World Championships.

The second opener, “Just Fly Away” by EDGE of Life, perfectly encapsulates the show’s purpose: to enjoy Gunpla creation and create friendships with other enthusiasts. Sekai, the Try-Burning Gundam, and the rest of the cast battle it out in combat in this action-packed, energetic opening song. More than that, it has a dynamic beginning sequence, which means that as the plot unfolds, more of the opening sequence is shown.

5. Wild Drive (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters)

Any Yu-Gi-Oh! lover will love this! As any fan of the Duel Monsters series knows, the Battle City Finals story arc was one of the best in the series’ whole history. Finals in this Yu-Gi-Oh! are held in Seto Kaiba’s renowned Battle Ship and Duel Tower. the three Egyptian God Cards used by Yugi, Seto, and Yami Marik would decide the fate of the world.

The anime’s third opening, “Wild Drive,” by Masato Nago, perfectly reflects the arc’s ferocity. The series’ most important characters and iconic creatures are introduced in the anime’s opening sequence. Yugi and Slifer the Sky Dragon, Kaiba and Obelisk the Tormentor, and Marik with the Winged Dragon of Ra are all prominently shown in the opening sequence, along with their respective owners.

6. Kaikai Kitan (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The opening theme of Jujutsu Kaisen features a song by Japanese singer Eve, whose work has appeared on numerous anime soundtracks throughout the years. The pleasant and upbeat sound of Kaikai Kitan hides the song’s darker lyrics, which explore themes of loneliness and inner darkness.

The opening theme initially appears to be nothing more than a list of characters, but as the video progresses, it gets more ambitious and visually appealing. For those who enjoy listening to music outside of the setting of the anime, Kaikai Kitan is an excellent choice.

7. Battlecry (Samurai Champloo)

Samurai Champloo (2004-2005)

A Shinichiro Watanabe-directed anime must have an excellent soundtrack. There are a lot of great songs, but none nearly as memorable as Samurai Champloo’s Battlecry.

A hip-hop soundtrack paired with an Edo-era backdrop works surprisingly well in this animation. When it comes to music and graphics, Battlecry is the perfect representation of this unique blend of cultures.

8. Take It! Sailor Clothes (Lucky Star)

Slice-of-life classic Lucky Star follows the high school experiences and personalities of four lovable young women. The opening theme of the anime has a contagious enthusiasm that might even motivate someone to get up and dance, despite the show’s comfortable and moderate pace. Even the moves are shown in the video!

Take It! by Lucky Star may not be as memorable as the Sunny, Sunny Happiness ending theme dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but it’s still worth checking out. When it comes to Sailor Clothes, it’s just about there.

9. Flyers (Death Parade)

Death Parade’s tone does not match BRADIO’s Flyers. To decide what happens to their souls after they die, Decim, a bartender in the afterlife, challenges recently deceased people to games of chance. High stakes and emotional episodes are common, and the show regularly touches on dark topics and terrible backstories. Not for the faint of heart!

Flyers is a catchy pop tune accompanied by a lighthearted music video that sets the stage for an unexpected adventure. Flyers is such a great song that this dissonance is almost inconsequential.

10. My Dearest (Guilty Crown)

Guilty Crown (2011)

No one can disagree that Guilty Crown has a penchant for stunning aesthetics and a booming music, regardless of what viewers think of the show’s plot or characters. Guilty Crown’s My Dearest is one of the most memorable soundtracks to come out of a 2010s anime.

Hearts manifest as instruments that various sides can utilize for good or evil in this anime, as shown in the opening sequence. In the beginning of My Dearest, there is a gentle build-up to the lovely melody of vocals and rhythmic piano. My Dearest bursts into life with a kaleidoscope of color before the audience has a chance to catch their breath.

11. Moonlight Densetsu (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon portrays the exploits of Sailor Moon and her companions Sailor Senshi in their quest to juggle saving the world and their education. Moreover, DALI’s Moonlight Densetsu opening melody is the best approach to depict this battle.

The melody and flow of the song, coupled with her nefarious exploits against the bad guys, make it ideal for anyone looking for a journey down memory lane.

12. Colors (Code Geass)

Lelouch, the exiled prince, obtains the Geass (the ability to command others) after a series of events in which he is forced to ride a horse. These three elements constitute the world of Code Geass. As a result, the Holy Britannian Empire is dethroned. It’s a twist that Code Geass has in common with mecha shonen anime: Lelouch is forced to face his best buddy in the enemy ranks. A 90-second teaser of the Code Geass experience is all that Colors has to offer.

Lelouch’s screams of combat, the sheer number of mecha on display, and a splash of flamboyance all combine to make this series one of the most memorable to date.

13. Oath Sign (Fate/Zero)

Fate-Zero (2011)

In the Holy Grail War, seven Masters and seven Servants (Heroic Spirits) battle for control of the desired Holy Grail, which grants wishes to those who possess it. Watchers of Fate/Zero will get a firsthand look at the Fourth Holy Grail War, which serves as a prelude to the main Fate/stay night storyline. Having a slew of mysteries, LiSA makes sense to set the stakes with an equally fascinating opening.

First, a delicate piano solo sets the tone for the rest of Oath Sign’s gradual buildup. The drummers’ thump-a-thump is gradually supplemented by various tones, showcasing the song’s primary players and hinting at a melancholy mood. Before concluding with an exciting finale that will leave viewers wanting more, Oath Sign accentuates everything with a glamorous exhibition of battle that deserves nothing but headbanging.

14. Dream Of Life (Bakuman)

Bakuman focuses on the hardships faced by young manga artists. Since their adolescence, Mashiro and Takagi have been pursuing their dream of becoming manga artists. Dream of Life, on the other hand, is the only OP in Bakuman’s 75-episode run that truly stands out.

At its core, the song offers a lighthearted look at the life of manga artists and the people they interact with. Nothing, however, compares to the song’s underlying message of waking up for another day to pursue whatever dream the listeners have. It’s a wonderful match for anime’s enduring appeal as a source of inspiration.

15. Again (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The first time you hear YUI’s Again, you’ll instantly be transported back to the world of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The music was a fantastic fit for the anime’s jumbled emotional baggage. There’s the heartbreaking history of the Elrics, their unwavering devotion to their cause, and the sheer epicness of alchemy in its own.

The anime’s best moments are all on display in the show’s opening credits. Its gloomy beginnings serve as a terrific introduction to the atmosphere. A good intermission to introduce all of the primary characters is provided by its build-up. Its rousing chorus also serves as a reminder of how exhilarating wars are for everyone involved.

16. Cha-La Head-Cha-La (Dragon Ball Z)

Dragon Ball Z Wrath Of The Dragon (1995)

Goku facing up against the universe’s meanest monsters is one thing; witnessing Goku and his friends turn yellow and unleash energy shot after energy blast is quite another. Hironobu Kageyama’s Cha-La Head-Cha-La is a perfect match for Dragon Ball Z because it has the same level of jovial intensity.

Dragon Ball Z’s opening song didn’t need to reveal any complicated buildups or linked stories, unlike other action anime’s opening songs. When an evildoer shows up on Earth, Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the group show up to take him down. This simple but catchy song exemplifies DBZ’s formula for action that is both predictable and irresistible.

17. Tank! (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop’s riveting storyline and unique take on the space western genre make it a must-see for fans of the genre. Seatbelts’ Tank!, the anime’s opening song, was another feature that contributed to its status as a classic. Cowboy Bebop’s affinity for the jazz and the blues was immediately apparent. If anything, it’s Tank! hints about the anime’s unique soundtrack right on.

Tank is to thank for this! That way, fans may gradually grow used to the anime’s mixture of seriousness and euphoria in its stories. It’s all about the Tank! In today’s era of current music, this is a lovely “throwback” song to catchy jazz riffs.

18. Hikaru Nara (Your Lie In April)

When Your Lie in April was released, it set a new standard for drama anime. Hikaru Nara by Goose house has been a powerful opening song for many years now. With a lighthearted guitar strum, the song swiftly transitions into a forceful but upbeat tune. It has a powerful buildup and a climax that will leave listeners breathless at the end of the song.

It is true that the opening song and its accompanying video do give away the entire plot, but we won’t hold A-1 Pictures responsible for it.

19. A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Neon Genesis Evangelion)


The opening of Neon Genesis Evangelion has to be mentioned while discussing anime openings. Hideaki Anno originally envisioned an opera tune as the start of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The wonder that is Yoko Takahashi came through when TV Tokyo insisted for something more catchy from Anno. Iconic A Cruel Angel’s Thesis effectively represented the series’ strongest contradiction and was also a headbanging popular song

As a result, the Thesis of A Cruel Angel captured both the anime’s action-packed façade and its darker undertone. With its juxtaposition of images of misery and devastation over huge machines, the film’s beginning already hinted at its darker undertones.