15 Best Dark Anime On Netflix That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Dark Anime On Netflix

Dimming the lights in the room, shutting out the rest of the world, and becoming lost in an intense dark anime series. That sounds like a lot of fun, right? Thousands of people have felt this way about dark anime, and the number of fans is only increasing.

Netflix has grown as one of the most popular anime streaming services. Netflix, on the other hand, has a difficult job when it comes to bringing beloved dark anime to our screens. Netflix’s anime collection is as extensive as its other film and television offerings.

There is a large following of Gen-Zers that enjoy dark anime, from dark romantic to dark comedy. I’ve compiled a list of the best Netflix dark anime series, all of them feature a riveting storyline.

  • 15) Tokyo Ghoul


This story arc, one of many in Tokyo Ghoul, deals with what happens after the CCG raid on Anteiku. This arc introduces the Quinx squad, which employs quinques to evict undesired citizens from their city. Haise Sasaki of the Quinx team, who is tasked with killing ghouls, assumes the identity of Ken Kaniki after undergoing a memory reset.

Several negative parts of one’s life are revealed by the ongoing conflict between his prior inner self and his new self. As one of the greatest anime series of all time, Tokyo Ghoul is sure to leave you satisfied.

  • 14) Berserk 

As a result of being branded for death and being hunted by many demons throughout his life in Berserk, Guts’ story is one of the most gruesome anime tales out today. The man, on the other hand, isn’t about to give in so easy. He sets out on a quest to find the person responsible for this fate and put an end to it.

The story has several brutal arcs that are gloomy in their own right. This anime, on the other hand, will not let you down. Netflix has this anime available for immediate viewing.

  • 13) Deadman Wonderland 

Deadmen (Deadman Wonderland)

While visiting an amusement park with his classmates, Ganta and his friends experience a tragic and bizarre scenario in which everyone save Ganta is defeated. He is sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and is now being held in the same prison he was supposed to visit.

In Deadman Wonderland, the amusement park that employs criminals to entertain its visitors, his life isn’t simple. A fatal collar around his neck, nasty inmates, and unknown powers are all obstacles he must overcome on a daily basis.

Seeing the vicious side of criminals in Deadman Wonderland, we’re left to ponder if they need to be punished or counseled. The story’s melancholy tone permeates every scene and leaves the audience feeling a little uneasy at the conclusion.

  • 12) Scum’s Wish 

Unrequited love is at the heart of the story. Hanabi and Narumi appear to be the perfect pair, yet there is a secret between them. Because they can’t spend time with each other, they’re both in love with other individuals. However, they maintain their relationship for the sake of sex and to alleviate their loneliness.

While Scum’s Wish isn’t one of the most successful romantic tales out there, it’s undeniably one of the most enjoyable ones.

  • 11) Mirai Nikki 

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

Yuki is the protagonist of the novel, who one day discovers that he has the capacity to see into the future thanks to a personal diary he gets. As he quickly realizes, he’s not the only one with the diaries, and he’ll have to kill everyone else to become the god of time and space.

In the midst of all of this, he encounters Yuno Gassai, a crazy psychopath stalker with a similar diary to Yuki’s. Yuno and he go on a new journey to become the God of Time and Space.

In Mirai Nikki, the genres of psychological thriller, love story, and action are all expertly intertwined. A person’s kindness can be an asset to the world, yet other people’s prior traumas can drive them insane and cause them to commit atrocities. When it comes to dark-setting animes, Mirai Nikki should be at the top of your list.

  • 10) Another 

Following the death of Misaki, a middle school student, the village of Yomiyama is enveloped in a gloomy and terrifying atmosphere. After a 15-year absence, Kouichi Sakibara is reassigned to the same school and class, where he is immediately smitten with Mei Misaki. However, despite the warnings of his friends and even Mei herself, he continues on his road and uncovers a number of disturbing facts about Yomiyama and the sad events that occurred there.

An excellent horror anime, Another is also full of suspense, grisly deaths, and secrets that have yet to be answered. It’s distinctive because of the somber tone that permeates the entire piece.

  • 9) Prison School 

Five perverted students are imprisoned in the center of their school’s campus in Prison School, one of the best Ecchi series ever made. The fact that they’re under the watchful eye of the famed U.S.C. just adds to their already twisted character.

Prison School may be one of the funniest comedies ever made, but it also deals with some heavy subjects while keeping a smile on everyone’s face. This show will make you laugh so hard that your stomach will hurt, and it will also make you think about a lot of social concerns.

  • 8) Devilman Crybaby 

Devilman Crybaby

Akira Fudou, who suffers from a bleeding heart, is the focus of the story. Ryou Asuka, a close friend, draws him into the world of demons. Akira becomes Amon’s host after he sees the horrifying side of this realm, where demons possess humans and cause havoc. His new mission is to wreak misfortune on those who injure humanity and their loved ones, and this gives him the ability to do so.

It’s an action-packed animation that portrays the ambivalent personality traits of a person who is kind toward others but can also be vicious when the situation calls for it. A good way to spend a Saturday night.

  • 7) Ergo Proxy 

During a post-apocalyptic world where humans are confined to domes, AutoReivs are utilized to assist humans in their daily routines. However, Re-I Mayer is brought in to examine the spread of a new sickness among these individuals.

With her colleagues, she uncovers some dark, perplexing mysteries about humanity and realizes that “Proxies” are not what they appear to be. You can expect a lot of suspense and shivers from Ergo Proxy, which has a dark and deep plot.

  • 6) Psycho-Pass 

Justice has undergone a radical transformation in a dystopian future where modern technology can detect criminal intent simply by examining a person’s mental state. When it comes to the judicial system, inspectors and enforcers hold it all together. When Akane Tsunemori comes into this world, the petals begin to open.

Psycho-Pass is very similar to today’s society, which has been infested by the termites of corruption that have spread throughout the court system. Psycho-Pass is a formidable dark anime to watch if it has enough gruesome, violent, and heartbreaking situations.

  • 5) Parasyte: The Maxim 

Parasyte - the maxim

Along with a large number of people, Shinichi Izumi succumbs to an alien parasite. A stark difference may be seen between him and the others. In contrast to the other parasites, Migi lives in his hand and hasn’t gotten into his brain.

Migi, in contrast to the others, was unable to maintain control over Shinichi, and as a result finds himself embroiled in a conflict with rivals who see him as a threat. This Netflix anime has a lot of action, but it’s also rather emotional and suspenseful at moments.

  • 4) The Promised Neverland 

Children at the Grace Field House are cared for by “mother” and live together as a family in an orphanage surrounded by woodlands. One bright day, one of the orphans was adopted, and he or she would never be heard from again. In the wake of this incident, Isabella’s three eldest children become skeptical and decide to set out on a new adventure, where they learn the truth about the orphanage and their mother.

As a whole, the Promised Neverland is a gloomy place. It exposes the filthy and shady aspect of today’s orphanages, which are involved in a variety of illicit activities. The Promised Neverland is a must-see for fans of dark, frightening animation.

  • 3) To Your Eternity 

To Your Eternity

As a scout from another world, Fushi is the protagonist of the story. Even though it’s a timeless being, it may assume the form of whatever creature it comes across. He makes a buddy in a young boy and together they go on an adventure throughout the world. Despite his immortality, Fushi harbors a few deep-seated anxieties. He’s afraid he’ll forget the people he encounters.

It was one of the rare anime that had me go for my tissue box and practically empty it. In this film, the grief of losing a loved one and the beginnings of human emotions are beautifully shown. Those who are no longer with us are brought back to life through the series. So, before you begin viewing this episode, make sure you have a tissue box on available.

  • 2) Death Note 

Although Death Note is widely regarded as one of the best animes of all time, it has managed to occupy the top spot on practically every list in almost every category. Viewers are left with a hotly debated moral and justice-based topic. It reveals many facets of a person’s self-awareness that are strikingly similar to many current social situations, leaving viewers unsure of the truth of what they’ve just seen. Light Yagami, the protagonist of the anime, is the focus of the tale. He discovers a book that was deliberately dropped by Ryuk, a shinigami, one day. Writing one’s name on a Death Note might cause an individual to be killed instantly. In order to create a society devoid of crime and fear, Light employs this method. The police, on the other hand, believe this to be the work of a serial killer and appoint L. With all of the plot twists and turns, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied to bursting.

  • 1) Code Geass 

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass, set during the British Empire’s invasion of Japan, is the best gloomy anime on Netflix right now. There’s plenty of thrills and chills in each story arc to keep you on the edge of your seat. The plot takes such sharp turns that it’s nearly difficult to guess what’s going to happen next.

Britannia’s invasion of Japan, which it renames “Area 11,” places Lelouche Lamperouge at odds with both the Britannian government and a rebellion.

She provides him the ability to have anyone follow him blindly after an extremely close call.

Zero, a Britannian rebellion, is the name of the group he plans to take on.

With so many twists and turns, it’s nearly impossible to condense this series into one sentence. All you have to do now is start watching this tense, suspenseful anime in its entirety.

It’s not always easy to make anime in the dark genre. The brilliance of the film resides in the fact that some parts may cause us to feel uncomfortable. Despite this, the tension keeps us engrossed in the plot and keeps us turning the pages. Use a virtual private network (VPN) if the above-mentioned anime is not available in your region, and set its location according to the availability of the anime.