16 Best Anime To Binge Watch That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Anime To Binge Watch

Nothing beats binge-watching an entire season in one sitting. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to finish these fantastic anime.

One Piece and Case Closed aren’t the only examples of long-running anime. It’s true that some of the best stories are ones that are short and to the point. Now that we know which shows do well, let’s have a look at some examples.

A show’s ability to be “easily bingeable” is determined by a variety of factors, including how quickly it moves, how closely interwoven the plot is, or how much variety there is from episode to episode. These shows, whether they last for one season or two, have a way of capturing the attention of viewers with their captivating plots and endearing characters. The wide range of types and genres available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy at this event!

Mark Sammut updated the article on January 16, 2022: Anime such as Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 and My Dress-Up Darling are among the highlights of the Winter 2022 season. In certain cases, nothing beats binge-watching an entire season of an anime in one sitting. When a show gets going, it’s tough to put it down, and a few of these are just the right length to occupy a Saturday afternoon. Watch these new binge-worthy anime while you wait for new episodes of Sasaki and Miyano or Teasing Master Takagi-san.

Please note that if a series has numerous seasons, it will be evaluated if each season stands on its own.

1. One-Punch Man

One Punch Man

It all starts with One-Punch Man, a show that manages to be both extremely varied from episode to episode and completely constant. Saitama, the famed “Caped Baldy,” always comes to the rescue near the end of every single arc, defeating an overwhelming foe with a single punch.

However, despite the fact that these arcs all have the same basic framework, the character interactions, combat scenes, and tempo all vary greatly. This is a fast-paced, humorous, and utterly wonderful series that’s easy to consume. Additionally, OPM is available on Netflix, making it easier to watch. If you enjoy One-Punch Man, you might also enjoy the Mob Psycho 100 anime, which was created by the same person (a man known only as “ONE”) and is just as fantastic as OPM.

Seasons one and two of One-Punch Man are among the most easily consumed in a single sitting.

2. Tonari No Seki-kun: The Master Of Killing Time

Tonari no Seki-premise kun’s is simple and straightforward. Even though Rumi wants to pay attention in class, Toshinari Seki, the lad sitting next to her, is determined to ensure that he never has to pay attention in class, and he does everything he can. Seki and Rumi are locked in a titanic struggle as Seki focuses his entire attention on his time-wasting experiments while Rumi fights the impulse to stare in confusion at the mayhem unfolding across the room.

The series is over in a flash because each episode clocks in at around seven minutes. Tonari no Seki-short kun’s runtime and willingness to accept insanity allow each skit to feel fresh during its entire run, even though the humor is the same.

3. Megalo Box

Nomad Megalobox 2

Even more people have been taken aback by Megalo Box’s announcement of a second season after it was first announced in 2018. Ashita no Joe, a legendary boxing anime identical to Rocky Balboa in style and structure, celebrated its 50th anniversary in this pseudo-celebration and memorial of Ashita no Joe’s creation.

Megalo Box, on the other hand, does an admirable job of standing on its own two feet for a product created to commemorate another series. Junk Dog, aka “Joe,” is a mystery MC that viewers want to understand more about, and his bouts are spectacular to witness. In the first season, there are only 13 episodes because it covers Junk Dog’s short career.

4. Baccano

Many people’s first introduction to anime was through Baccano, which introduced them to the idea that mature stories could still be entertaining, fantasy-filled, and amusing. It also has a lot in common with the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime in terms of aesthetics, which has drawn in a new generation of viewers.

An elixir of immortality and the Mafia are central themes in the short novel Baccano. There are a lot of characters, and each one has a distinct reason for being in the spotlight. Baccano is a great series for people to watch on the weekend because of the wide variety of characters and the condensed storyline.

Bacanno used to be available on a wide range of streaming providers and was actually one of the more easily accessible Brain’s Base animated programs before it was recently updated. Baccano’s accessibility was a major factor in its popularity as a “starter” anime for many people.

However, Funimation’s streaming and DVD home distribution rights ended in 2016, which meant that the series was yanked off of every streaming provider and no further DVDs were manufactured. It’ll be difficult to get into this anime unless there’s another option to view it online. However, if you can find it, it’s definitely worth a look.

5. Erased


Unlike Back to the Future, Erased manages to pull off the “travel back in time to change the past” story perfectly. Animation studio A-1 Pictures is responsible for a wide range of anime, including Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist. They also developed the crazy series GATE.

MC Satoru Fujima in Erased is an adult who goes back in time to solve a murder mystery from when he was in middle school. As a result, Satoru, a youngster barely out of elementary school, is thrust into the role of an adult, tasked with proving his authority on matters that are clearly beyond his years. Combined with the fact that he returns to the present several times and the wonderfully written story between him and the girl he’s trying to save, Kayo, Erased is the perfect thriller to binge in a day or two. Oh, and Erased’s opening tune is going to be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

6. Senyu.

There once was a hero who defeated the Demon King and sealed him away for all time. It looks like the Demon King will be making a comeback, which means that every descendant of the original hero will be assigned a mission to destroy him. Along for the ride is Alba, a regular dude who isn’t related to him, and he’s accompanied by Ross, a soldier who tends to make things worse for Alba.

In its first season, Senyu. is mostly a comedic anime that parodies fantasy cliches. Despite the fact that the sequel focuses more on the story than its predecessor, the animation is nonetheless frequently amusing. Senyu. may be seen in under two hours if you only watch the four-minute episodes.

7. No Game No Life

No game no life

What if disagreements were resolved through the outcome of a game rather than through the exchange of words or fists? No Game No Life is based on that premise, and the scenario may have been as basic as that. It’s a simple story, but the author goes it even farther and introduces two shut-in twins who are at the top of the world’s finest gamers on Earth into the Disboard realm. No Game No Life features stunning visuals, a catchy soundtrack, endearing characters, and a completely original premise.

A second season of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past would be an excellent addition to the series, even if it does largely rely on fanservice jokes and allusions.

8. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World!

As far as comical animes go, KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World or simply KonoSuba is the most popular of this generation. Although the characters in KonoSuba are vastly superior to those in other Isekai series now on television, they rarely manage to wipe out their foes in battle.

When it comes to humor, this show moves at its own pace. Take Kazuma, for example, with his lightning-quick responses and Aqua, with her capacity to go from overconfident jerk to crying mess in an instant. This fast-paced humor makes the episodes feel like they’re flying by, making it easy to get through them in a short period of time.

KonoSuba’s individual seasons are excellent for a single-day binge, but the full franchise could be a bit much.

9. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby, in contrast to many of the other series on this list, is not a lighthearted tale or a comedy masterpiece. While Devilman has its share of laughs, the creator Go Nagai meant it to be a bleak and depressing read. Even more disturbing was the idea of Masaki Yuasa writing a spin-off Devilman story when he was contacted. The graphic violence, gore, and other adult themes are actually a psychological experiment. Despite this, it isn’t quite up to the standard of certain other, psychologically more subtle anime series.

However, the series is extremely well-made, so being sad or dark isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The show’s aesthetic alone is remarkable, but the animation, rap portions, voice acting, horror aspects, and action sequences elevate it to a new level.

10. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!

Don’t Touch That! Eizouken is one of the most unique animes I’ve ever seen. It’s a hit, no doubt, but this show is deserving of at least twice as much acclaim as it now enjoys. Midori, Tsubame, and Kanamori are three young women who all have a passion for art in various ways, and the show follows their stories. Kanamori, on the other hand, is more interested in the money, but all three of them put in a lot of effort to create their unique animated works. It’s possible to classify this series as a “fantastical slice of life,” but that category is already overflowing.

Everything about this program is innovative: the sound design, the characters, and even the world-building itself bring something fresh to the table with each episode. Tsubame is the character illustrator, Midori is the world-builder, and Kanamori is the no holds barred manager. Eizouken is an anime that is full of exploration, passion, and love for the business. It also informs the viewers about the painstaking process of generating anime, allowing them to immerse themselves in the plot and universe of the show.

11. Golden Boy

Kintaro Oe, the anime comedy poster boy for wicked characters, stars in the classic anime comedy Golden Boy. As Kintaro sets out on a journey across Japan, he hopes to experience as many different aspects of the country as possible, as well as meet as many attractive women as he can. As Kintaro grows and changes, he must do the same in order to stay alive.

In a way that may be disturbing to children, Golden Boy does not sugarcoat Kintaro’s lusty tendencies while still keeping things in check. Kintaro is a strangely endearing lead character, one who puts his heart and soul into everything he does and is always striving to be a better person. Golden Boy’s humor, if it’s to the liking of the audience, has held up well throughout the years.

12. Gunbuster


When Gunbuster first appears on the screen, one would think it’s just another mecha anime about a fearless pilot defeating alien threats. As far as shows go, Gunbuster is one of the best. Gunbuster’s six original OVA episodes have brilliantly animated action sequences and a great cast of characters, particularly Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano, who go through an astonishing amount of development. With each passing episode, this show becomes better and better until it comes to a satisfactory end.

Diebuster, the sequel to Gunbuster, is a bit more confusing and divisive, but it is still enjoyable and worth a try for Gunbuster aficionados. There is just a tenuous connection between Gunbuster and its predecessor in 2005, therefore it is safe to binge watch Gunbuster in its entirety.

13. Brand New Animal

Brand New Animal is Trigger Studio’s attempt at a Beastars-like anime, so let’s just say that. Trigger’s work is always visually stunning but the scripts aren’t as strong.

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According to Trigger’s other anime, such as Gurren Lagann (still one of the finest mecha-series out there), or Little Witch Academia (which is still one of the best animes out there), this show is very much in the same spirit. In spite of its lack of depth, it’s an entertaining ride from beginning to end.

14. Angel Beats


Angel Beats, in contrast to BNA, is a 2010 anime whose graphic style doesn’t quite hold up to modern style trends, but whose writing still blows away the writing in the majority of other series. What else can be said? This show is a tearjerker from beginning to end. In just 13 episodes, P.A. Works manages to write a cast of more than a dozen characters to their logical end.

More tears are shed by the end of each character’s story, the characters’ speech is incredibly realistic and believable, and the opening music is one of the best ever created for the anime medium! People who enjoy mainly happy or action-oriented media may not enjoy Angel Beats, but for those who can cry, there are few better options.

15. Death Parade

Anime like Naruto, One Piece, and My Hero Academia aren’t exactly household names, but Death Parade nevertheless had a sizable following when it aired. Simply put, it’s an atmospheric, stylish, and endearing short story. The opening animation and song of this anime, which was released in 2015, quickly became a viral sensation on the internet, only to be followed by the “heaven-or-hell death game” concept.

Quindecim, the “bar” where the action takes place, serves as a sort of midway point between Heaven and Hell in the anime. Bar games are used to assess people in this establishment, but they’re a lot more complicated than they appear. In Death Parade, it is the bartender Decim who has final say over the outcome of the game. This, together with the touching exchanges between him and his “helper” Onna, make for some of the show’s best moments. It’s all nicely contained in 12 episodes that everyone will enjoy.

16. Children of the Whales

Children of the Whales

Finally, J.C. Staff’s 2017 anime Children of the Whales is a recommendation that’s been around for a while. For something that seems to come out of nowhere, it’s still a show that hasn’t faded from memory. While the plot of this anime is complex, there are a number of mystical ideas introduced over the course of the 12 episodes.

For starters, the Mud Whales, the magical power known as “thymia,” who the Marked are, what a Lykos is, and so much more. If you can keep up with the series’ fast pace of introducing new ideas, characters, and plot points, you’ll find yourself watching for several hours. You can’t get enough of it!