10 Best Anime On Tubi That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Anime On Tubi

Tubi is home to dozens of anime programs for viewers eager to get their dose without paying a lot of money.

There are a plethora of possibilities for folks who like to watch television via streaming rather than traditional methods. But there’s generally one problem with most of them: they demand the viewer to hand up a bit of cash. For those who are reluctant to do so, either because they’re cash-strapped or because they’re subscribing to enough services as it is, there’s an option available.

Viewers don’t have to pay a thing to use Tubi’s free streaming service, which is ad-supported. Featuring a ton of old-school programming, it’s sure down the first option for any Super Sentai or Kamen Rider fan… but it’s also home to hundreds of anime series for fans trying to get their dose without paying a lot of money.

1. Space Dandy Is An Irreverent Space Comedy

Space Dandy

Space Dandy doesn’t get nearly enough respect considering how experimental it is. In contrast to most other episodes, Space Dandy follows an unskilled alien bounty hunter and his helper QT and their alien, talking cat Meow as they attempt to track down an alien thief.

Each episode finds them trying to find fresh, undiscovered aliens for reporting, however the series discards continuity in favor of allowing episodes in which the characters are all murdered, or are stranded in time, instead.

2. Iria: Zeiram the Animation Is A Unique Sci-Fi Adventure Starring A Newbie Bounty Hunter

Originally based on a live-action movie, Zeiram the Animation was so popular that managed to become more memorable than the plot it’s a precursor to. Despite the fact that it takes place in a futuristic world, the architecture is unlike anything ever seen in anime.

To find out what happened to her brother, Gren the bounty hunter, Iria is on a mission to track down Zeiram, an unstoppable and immortal alien known as Zeiram.

3. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Became One Of The Most Popular Anime Of The 2010s

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Since its release, JoJo has become one of the most popular anime on the web, presumably due solely to its meme power. The over-the-top characters make it easy for both new and old-school anime fans to get into the series, which is more than 30 years old.

When Jonathan Joestar’s adopted brother becomes a vampire, he is forced to learn to combat him. In addition, the story of the Joestar bloodline and their battles against super-powered villains is what makes JoJo so unique.

4. One-Punch Man Isn’t Just A Single Gag But Has An Entire Universe Of Cool Characters

Having a fighter who can end any fight with one punch is sometimes all that’s required. One-Punch Man, a show about a man who trained for a year to become the strongest man in the universe, is based on this notion.

He wants nothing more than to catch grocery sales and have a good fight, but that’s impossible when he’s more powerful than any other creature on the planet. It’s a must-watch for anime aficionados because of the stunning animation and the charming protagonist.

5. Naruto Is Still The High Bar For Ninja Action

Naruto Shippuden (2007)

Anime aficionados of the late 2000s will always remember this as a seminal work. In the United States, it was one of the so-called “Big Three” anime. Naruto aspires to be the village’s most powerful ninja, the Hokage, but he faces numerous obstacles.

The nine-tailed fox, an entity that was nearly responsible for the village’s destruction, resides inside of him. Two, he’s not a very good ninja at all. In order to succeed, Naruto must put in the time and effort to become the best he can be, as well as have a huge cast of characters centered around a story about the horrors of war.

6. Hunter x Hunter Follows One Boy’s Attempt To Find His Father

Hunter x Hunter defies the expectations of many anime viewers. No matter how much he trains, the show’s main protagonist is never the strongest person in the room.

Because of this, he is unable to perform quick transformations at will. Gon, on the other hand, is focused on becoming a Hunter so that he can meet his father and discover why he fled. Because it’s so inspiring, viewers root for him to succeed in his goal.

7. Attack on Titan Is A Modern Classic In The Making

Attack On Titan

Most anime aficionados see Attack on Titan as a must-see, making it one of the first classics of the decade.

The series is based on one of the most popular mangas ever, and it takes place in a world where civilization has been wiped out by huge, human-eating creatures known as Titans. When Eren Yeager loses his city and family to them, he goes out of his way to seek revenge on them all.

8. One Piece Is One Of The Oldest Currently Running Anime, But Still Maintains Its Quality

An intriguing aspect of the One Piece series is that while it was always huge in Japan, only recently has its cult following grown in the West. It’s notable since it began in the late 1990s as a manga, yet it has lasted longer than Naruto and Bleach, the so-called “Big Three” of shonen in the United States.

As Oda describes this huge universe in ways most anime never even thought to attempt, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have encountered the authorities, other pirates, and more. The world-building and character development of One Piece ensure that it will remain popular for as long as it is on the air.

9. Yu Yu Hakusho Is A Must-Watch For Shonen Anime Fans

Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files

A perfect shonen series may be found in Yu Yu Hakusho. Even though it’s a big show, it doesn’t drag, and it boasts some of the most endearing characters in anime history.

In spite of the fact that Yoshihiro Togashi didn’t complete all of the series’ arcs, the tale remains compelling: Yusuke and his friends’ struggle to survive and maintain order in a world divided into three: human, spirit, and demonic.

10. Cowboy Bebop Is Available For The Few Who Haven’t Seen It, & The Many Who’d Love To Rewatch It

Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet is missing out. Even if they have, a second viewing is still recommended. Cowboy Bebop, developed by Shinichiro Watanabe, is a unique blend of science fiction and jazz that can be both gloomy and poignant and frenzied and exhilarating at the same time.

Spike Spiegel and his fellow bounty hunters aren’t for everyone, but everyone should at least give it a shot to determine if they’re a good fit for the show.