22 Best Movies Like Aquamarine That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Movies Like Aquamarine

1. The Last Song (2010)

The Last Song (2010)

The parents are divorced from Ronnie (Miley Cyrus) and her younger brother, Jonah’s. They live with their mother until this summer when they are sent to live in a little town on the beach with their father (Greg Kinnear). Ronnie resents her father and does not intend to be friendly or even to talk to him throughout the summer. But after meeting a beautiful man and falling in love, Ronnie rediscovers her musical love, which she shares with her father. Reconnecting with music revitalizes a parenthood with her dad, which turns to be her most significant relationship.

2. Wild Child (2008)

Since Malibu’s mother died, brat, she shamelessly pushed her affluent, usually absent father Gerry. When he’s patient, she’s taken to Abbey Mount, her mother’s former English girls boarding school. In her first day she made enemies of the vast majority of dormant mates, especially the leading lacrozer Harriet and the principal of the school, Mrs. Kingsley. Unwilling to accept the harsh rule, she chooses to be wrong and to blame all until she’s dismissed. Kingsley’s kid, Freddie, is the only appealing feature of the institution. When the dream prince moves his favor from ambitious, uptight Harriet to upsetting Poppy, all this changes.

3. Splash (1984)

Allen Bauer is rescued from drowning by a young mermaid as a small boy off Cape Cod. Years later he goes to the same spot and again succeeds in falling into the sea and the jerk is saved once more (Allen isn’t sure what he saw or what he imagined). Using blueprints from a lost vessel, the mermaid in New York City begins to look for Allen, her legs germinate as her tail dries. When they find Allen they’re in love, but she has a secret that won’t be a secret if she gets her legs wet.

4. Nim’s Island (2008)

Nim's Island (2008)

Nim Rusoe is a girl who, in researching marine life on the island, accompanies his father, a biologist. It’s the two of them, but she spends time with friends, chatting on the computer and reading Alex Rover’s adventure books. When her father makes some study, but when a storm hits the island he doesn’t return back, she’s scared and afraid. She then e-mails Alex Rover hoping he will come, but Alex Rover is agoraphobic and germaphobic, she doesn’t know. But life comes to her creation and encourages her to depart. Unfortunately she has never been here before and the Customs Officer at the airport denies her requirements such as her sanitary gel. Meanwhile, Nim is trying to stay strong while awaiting the arrival of Alex. (Please read more)

5. Safe Haven (2013)

When in the little North Carolina town of Southport a mystery young woman named Katie enters, her sudden appearance raises doubts about her history. Beautiful, but self-extinguished, Katie seems resolved to avoid human connections until a few incidents force her into two hesitant contacts: one with Alex, a kind-hearted widowed store owner and two young kids; and one with her plain-spirited single neighbour, Jo. Despite her doubts, Katie is beginning to drop her guard, to take root in the small community and to become more and more devoted to Alex and his family. But while Katie begins to love, she battles with the dark secret that still bothers her a history that puts her on a frightening, shattering journey over the country to Southport’s sanctuary. With Jo’s compassionate and reluctant assistance, Katie soon recognizes that she has to choose between a life of temporary security and a life of riskier rewards; love is the only truly safe harbor in the darkest hour.

6. Crossroads (2002)

Crossroads (2002)

Three best friends meet and bury a box and make a deal to open it at midnight at high school. Things will soon alter in the small town in Georgia in which they live. One is not perfect, one is a committed queen of the prom and the other is a pregnant offspring. On the night of their graduation, they open the box and talk. Suddenly, the subject of her visit to Los Angeles for an audition of a record contract. They all decide to go and leave together. They set sail with a little money and a man named Ben. If one of them tells the other a rumor that he can be a murderous maniac, they are all afraid of him. When they reach Los Angeles, Lucy (Britney Spears) gets in love with Ben, she stays and she goes to the audition against the desires of her dad.

7. She’s The Man (2006)

This is the thing! Here is the thing! Viola’s Cornwall soccer squad is cut. She wants to join a team of lads, but they don’t permit girls. She thinks, therefore, “If you can’t join them, beat them.” So she does! So she does! She disguises herself as Sebastian her twin brother and goes to and does Illyria, a boys’ football squad, the rival’s school. Sadly, she didn’t plan to fall in love with her roommate Duke. But Duke has Olivia’s eyes. What makes things worse is that for Sebastian Olivia begins to fall because he/she has a sensitive side. If things can’t be more problem-free, the genuine Sebastian (who worked on his song in London) arrives home early. He arrives on campus and has no indication that his twin sister has substituted him.

8. Magic Mike (2012)

Mike Lane is 30 years old and lives in Florida, Tampa. At night he works as a roofer as Magic Mike is a star of a group of male strippers, the Kings of Tampa. He wants to secretly promote a planned furniture company; however, his credit rating excludes a bank loan for this, despite large funds. One night, Adam, Mike’s teenage workman, follows him to the club and when one of the acts cannot go on, he is forced to strike and become a big hit. But success comes from his mind and his dumb deeds not only threaten to endanger Mike’s relations with his sister Brooke, but also Mike’s objectives.

9. Arthur And The Invisibles (2006)

Arthur And The Invisibles (2006)

A spirited ten-year-old, Arthur has parents away who look for work, have missed an eccentric grandfather for several years, who lives in a country house with his grandmother who is repossessed, torn and turned into an apartment block in two days unless Arthur’s grandfather returns to subscribe papers to pay the family debt. Arthur realizes that his personal slide into Minimoys, beings that were not larger than a tooth that his grandfather contributed to relocating in their garden, is the key to success. Somewhere there is also a pile of rubies buried. Can Arthur save the day with a sturdy heart? Romantic attractions, while a villain lurks.

10. The Princess Diaries (2001)

Mia Thermopolis is the normal teen, sweet, a little geeky, and quite invisible to everybody except her mother, Lilly’s closest friend, and Michael’s elder brother Lilly. Mia is facing a challenge in higher school without tossing it up, but it’s not a good news when her eccentric grandma appears from the blue and calmly informs her that she’s indeed the successor to the throne of the European country, Genovia. Suddenly the life of Mia is overloaded. In order to become a perfect princess, she is taught scarves, waves and pears and she receives a makeover and is a tough yet sweet bodyguard driver named Joe. The media catches wind of the story and immediately Mia receives the focus both in the newspapers and in school. In addition, Mia has an option to make. She must decide by the Day of Independence Ball of Genovia whether her father and grandmother choose to give up her claim to the throne, or become Princess and heir to the throne.

11. Some Like It Hot (1959)

When Joe and Jerry, two Chicago musicians, witness the slaughter of St. Valentine’s Day, they desire to walk away with Spats Colombo, the responsible gangster. They are keen to have a gig out of the city but only in an all-girl band to Florida are they familiar. They are… like Josephine and Daphne, the substitute saxophone and bass players, on the train station. Sugar Kane Kowalczyk, who sings and plays ukulele, obviously enjoys being among the girls Jerry/Daphne is wooed by a wealthy, Osgood Fielding III in particular. Mayhem followed as the two men tried to keep their true identities disguised, while Spats Colombo and his crew met several other lords of the crime.

12. A Goofy Movie (1995)

A Goofy Movie (1995)

It’s the last day of school and Max wants to capture Roxanne’s eye, one of school’s most attractive girls. But how cool can you be when Goofy’s your father? Stage an unforeseen concert at the final assembly, this is how! Or it sounded good at least till Principal Mazer discovered it. Goofy discovers the (kind of) antiquities of his son and decides to go fishing, as his dad took it on, is the solution. Naturally, he doesn’t know that Max finally landed a Roxanne date for a Valedictory class party. Through the film, Goofy tries to take Max out of his shell, while Max resents the journey to ly to Roxanne (he tells her he & his dad will be appearing on TV at the PowerLine concert in LA). Is Max going to sink or swim? Is Goofy going to botch up his son’s first romantic shot? Is Bigfoot going to step back? And what about the nuns? What about them?

13. Juno (2007)

A four-season story that begins in the autumn, when Juno, a 16-year old Junior high school in Minnesota, discovers that she is pregnant with her closest buddy Bleeker after a chair event. The eccentric whip-sharp Juno chooses to give birth in the award room of an abortion clinic and place… the child with an adoptive couple. She finds one in PennySaver, calls them, notifies her father and step-mother, and goes to school. The chosen parents, top-notch yuppies (one cool and sleepy, the other fastidious and uptight), meet Juno, sign the documents and the year goes on. Will Juno work out the strategy, can she improvise, and what about Bleeker?

14. Big (1988)

Josh Baskin would do something major to hang out at the carnival with his crush. He finds a machine Zoltar and wants to get gigantic. Josh finds that after Zoltar assures him that “his wish is granted” the machine is disconnected. He wakes up in the body of an adult the next morning but still has the same…onality. With the assistance of his best buddy, Billy, Josh learns how to act as an adult. But he doesn’t want to be a child again, since he obtains a girlfriend and a fascinating work. Is Josh going to stay huge or become another 13 year old kid?

15. Titanic (1997)

Titanic (1997)

84 years on a ship called Titanic when young Rose boards the departure ship with the top-class passagers and her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater and their fiance, Caledon Hockley, 84 years later, Rose DeWitt Bukater tells stories to her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert, Brock Lovett, Lewis Bodine, Bobby Buell, and anatoly Mikavich on the Keldysh of her life set on April 10th 1912. Meanwhile, Jack Dawson and his closest buddy Fabrizio De Rossi have been selected a drifter and artist and have won 3-class tickets to the boat in a game. She narrates the entire tale on her first and final journey April 15, 1912, at 2:20 in the morning from the departure till the death of Titanic.

16. The Notebook (2004)

Resident Duke narrates a story of romance in a nursing home for an elderly woman with senile dementia with memory loss. Allie Hamilton, a rich 17-year-old, spends a summer holiday in Seabrook in the late 1930s. Local laborer Noah Calhoun meets Allie at a fair and soon they fall in love. One day, Noah takes Allie to an old house that he dreams of buying and restoring and they try to make love but they are disrupted by their friend. Allie’s parents do not accept their romance because Noah belongs to another socioeconomic class and they relocate with her to New York. Noah writes to Allie 365 letters (A Year), but Anne Hamilton’s mother does not hand them to her daughter. Three years later, the United States joined World War II and Noah, and his best friend Fin joined the service. In the infirmary, she encounters wounded soldier Lon Hammond. After the war, they meet again on dates and eventually Lon, who is rich and beautiful, offers. Noah buys the ancient house and restores it, although many people want to buy it. When Allie accidently discovers a newspaper’s picture of Noah and his house, she feels split between her initial love and her devotion to Lon. Duke stops reading the old lady while his children visit him in the kindergarten.

17. The Perfect Man (2005)

Teenager Holly Hamilton is tired of moving each time that her mother Jean has another emotional crisis with another high-ranking male. Holly designs the perfect plan for the perfect human person to distract her mother from her latest maladministration. An fictitious secret admirer who will romance Jean a… and strengthen her shaky self-esteem. As the virtual relationship begins, Holly finds herself facing the e-mails, notes, and gifts with the charming and lovely Uncle Ben of her buddy. Holly needs to take increasingly desperate actions to keep the ruse alive and protect her mother’s new happiness, the true perfect man almost missing when he comes.

18. Alice In Wonderland (1951)

Alice is a young girl dreaming. She finds poems studying and reading boring. She prefers photographic stories and her imagination to live within. One day she spotted a big white rabbit, clad in a jacket and carrying a large watch, just as a poet was reading. H… he scurries off, for a highly important date he’s late. Through the jungle, she follows him. Then he vanishes down a rabbit hole. Alice follows and leads her to discoveries, characters and experiences of many kinds.

19. Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)

Bathsheba Everdene (‘Carey Mulligan’ (qv)), an independent, beautiful and headstarted person, who attracted three very distinct followers: Gabriel Oak (‘Matthias Schoenaerts’ (qv)), a shepherd who captivated by her willfulness to catch her; Frank Troy (‘Tom Sturridge’ (qv)), a handsome and reckeless Serg…eant; and William Boldwood (‘Michael Sheen (I)’ (qv)), a prosperous and matured bachelor. This timeless story of the choices and passions of Bathsheba examines the nature and the capacity of man to overcome difficulties by tenacity and endurance.

20. Whale Rider (2002)

The Whangara people believe they are present on the east coast of New Zealand dates from thousands of years or more ago to one single ancestor, Paikea, who had escaped death when his canoe was chopped down on the shore of a whale. From then on, the Whangara leaders have always been the first-born, always male,… direct descendants of Paikea. Pai, an eleven year old girl in a New Zealand patriarchal tribe, feels she is destined to become the new head. However, her grandpa Koro is traditionally compelled to choose a male leader. Pai loves Koro more than anyone else in the world, but she must fight him and have a thousand years of tradition to accomplish her fate.

21. Sex And The City 2 (2010)

Two years have passed since Carrie Bradshaw finally bagged the man she intended to be with, John “Mr. Big.” Just as his friend, Charlotte, has to deal with the “terrible two’s” of her little kid, Carrie needs to take a worsening turn in her relationship – Big wants to watch the old b…black-white films in TV and eat food, preventing Carrie from feeling like the girl she used to be. In the meantime Miranda copes with a new employer who can’t manage an intellectual and forceful woman, and Samantha works with a relationship that leads a trendy foursome to Abu Dhabi for an all-paying trip.

22. Rushmore (1998)

Max Fischer is a precocious 15-year-old whose reason to live is to attend Rushmore, a private school where he does not work well in one class, but where he’s the king of extracurricular activities – from being part of beekeeping societies to writing and performing plays, after school he’s not doing very much. However, his life begins to change when he discovers that he is on probation and when he gets in love with Miss Cross, a beautiful elementary school teacher at Rushmore. His friendship with Herman Blume is added to the mix, a rich industrialist and father of the boys who go to school and are likewise fascinated by Miss Cross. Max’s destiny is bound inexorably to this strange love triangle, and how he determines to resolve it is the tale of the film.