10 Best Action Anime That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Action Anime

There’s no denying that the year 2021 was a terrific year for anime in general. Some of the year’s best anime standouts have been consistently popular with fans of the medium on a weekly basis. It has been a great year for anime fans of all kinds, but action anime enthusiasts have been particularly pleased.

In addition to the action sequences, the well-crafted storytelling aspects create some genuinely distinctive and remarkable pieces of art in this film. This year has seen a number of fantastic action anime, with more to come later in the year. There is, however, one thing that is undeniable: they are all worthy of celebration.

1. Kemono Jihen Was The Darkhorse Of Anime This Year

Kemono Jihen

There were a few surprises in the Winter anime season, but Kemono Jihen was one of them. It wasn’t widely known, which is a shame considering the anime featured an excellent balance of suspense and violence. Although its audience was modest, it should not be neglected because of this. This anime has a lot going for it, and it stays true to the source material despite the fact that it has been adapted for the screen. There’s no misunderstanding here. Even though Kimono Jihen isn’t a household name, it’s a jewel worth discovering.

2. A Hilarious Tale Of Villains In Combatants Will Be Dispatched

Combatants, by the same author of the legendaryKonosuba series, tells the story of a dark organization bent on destroying the entire planet. In this anime, the main characters are able to transfer weaponry from Earth out of thin air, which may oftentimes change the course of a battle in a matter of seconds. Punchy dialogue and great on-screen chemistry are the hallmarks of this film. Fans of Konosuba will recognize a lot of the parallels between this show and that one. There are plenty of exciting sequences and hysterical one-liners to keep viewers entertained all the way to the end credits.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Season 2 Keeps Expanding To New Heights

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Since this anime debuted in 2018, many people were surprised to learn that the first season’s premise of a man who was slain and resurrected as a slime had been done before. However, this show quickly gained a devoted following because to its endearing cast and imaginative worldbuilding. With a focus on everything from politics and economics to making friends and foes, the anime was able to hold the attention of viewers throughout its runtime.

Those themes have been further developed in Season 2 of Slime, and as Rimuru Tempest’s might has increased, so too have his opponents. It’s not merely for the sake of entertainment that this anime has action sequences; they frequently serve as a commentary on international relations and the ramifications of those interactions.

4. Eighty-Six Is A Tragic Military Drama With Great Action

Though it doesn’t have the most memorable or descriptive name of the year, this anime is nonetheless worth checking out. An continuing fight and the sacrifices that come with it are shown in this heartbreaking story. Human survival and what it means to fight for one’s right to life are also themes in this novel. In contrast, the story of86 is surprisingly human, interspersing actual emotions between the ferocity. This is a thought-provoking and heartbreaking tale that will captivate audiences for a long time.

5. Sk8 The Infinity Is One Of The Most Unique Anime Of The Year

Sk8 The Infinity

An animation about skateboarders had never been made prior to the production of this show. It’s odd to hear this, considering how well skateboarding works in animated form. Studio Bones has come up with an intriguing notion of a clandestine skateboarding competition that is both visually arresting and thought-provoking. Furthermore, learning about real skating skills and tricks provides some of the most exhilarating action sequences that have been released in 2014. Fans of action and sports anime will not want to miss this one, which radiates style and enthusiasm throughout.

6. So I’m a Spider, So What? Has Charmed Isekai Fans

Fans of isekai anime should be familiar with this new anime RPG, which debuted earlier this year and focuses on spiders. It was not only adorable but also interesting to watch a distinct species’ struggle for survival in an unfamiliar habitat.

Unlike the previousSlime anime, this program is mechanically identical but has an entirely distinct story and execution. In a matter of minutes, it achieves all of the tasks it sets out to do. Even though the anime community didn’t expect to be swayed by an enthusiastic spider, it’s a pleasant surprise.

7. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation Is Fantasy Anime Like Never Before

Mushoku Tensei Jobless Reincarnation

To say that there has been a lot of fantasy anime recently is not an understatement. So it makes sense to continue adapting fantasy comics and light novels, both in Japan and the West. It’s possible, however, that the show will be forgotten after one season if it adopts a bland or forgettable premise. Jobless Reincarnation has been upgraded to a polished and attractive level of production and planning, making it far from forgettable.

As the conflicts progress, it can be difficult to tell that this is an anime. Any frame that has the set pieces or magic systems is sure to delight onlookers. This is a work of art.

8. Tokyo Revengers Is One Of The Most Gripping Anime Of The Year

This was by far one of the more unexpected anime releases of the year. Due to its execution, not because it has broken any new ground or revolutionized anything. A week at a time, Takemichi, the protagonist, travels back in time and forth between the past and the present in order to prevent his former girlfriend from being caught up in gang violence. The program does an outstanding job of keeping viewers wondering week after week with its many twists and turns. It’s gritty, dark, and engrossing in equal measure, making it one of the year’s best action/drama shows.

9. Nomad: Megalobox 2 Has Some Of The Best Writing In Recent Memory

Nomad Megalobox 2

The announcement of a second season for a show that had already come to a conclusion, let alone an original series that completed in 2018, was entirely unexpected. Is there anything further that could be said or investigated? TMS Entertainment had a lot more in mind for Gearless Joe than first thought. Megalobox’s second season delves deeper into Joe’s struggles with addiction, grief, and finding meaning in his life. It’s important to note that Nomad, at its foundation, is one of the most sincere shows ever written, not just in the last year but in recent memory. There’s never a dull moment on this show, whether it’s filled with action or poignant drama.

10. Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song- Has Swept The Anime Community By Storm

People have no idea what to expect from anime originals because of this. There is a risk that the experience will be radically inconsistent if there is no source material to follow. In contrast, when Vivy debuted in April, it stunned spectators with its stunning animation, stirring soundtrack, and thought-provoking plot about an AI revolt. While juggling all of these factors, Vivy also manages to weave in some of the best action sequences in anime this year. Animes like this one, which are the product of a dedicated fan’s hard work and dedication, will live on in pop culture for years to come.