10 Best Anime Like Hajimete No Gal That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Hajimete No Gal

Last season’s Hajimete no Gal was a personal favorite of ours. This comedy-drama about a virgin man who sets out to end his virginity but instead falls in love with the sweetest woman on the planet received high marks for its use of fan service and for the way it handled it. When it comes to the funniest and most inventive methods of censorship in anime, Hajimete no Gal is a solid contender.

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In this list, MANGA.TOKYO suggests ten shows that are somewhat reminiscent of Hajimete no Gal.

These 10 titles are a fantastic place to start, even if we don’t like categorizing anime in tags, because they have a certain style.

1. B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time

B Gata H Kei – Yamada’s First Time

B Gata H Keii’s protagonist Yamada is the most oversexed and lustful virgin I’ve ever seen in anime. Compared to her Fall 2017 counterpart, she is even more licentious. Shobitch is my girlfriend. While still in high school, she hopes to have sex with one hundred different boys. That’s a good objective, and she could have easily attained it if she wasn’t self-conscious about the fact that she is a virgin. What are your options for moving on from something like that? In order to get a virgin, you must first find him. Kosuda Takashi is the target of the arrow.

This romantic comedy, likeHajimete no Gal, employs a fan-servicy premise to deliver a proper romance.. Yame and Juunichi fell in love, and the same is occurring to Yamada and Takashi, but it’s taking a little longer. If you like Hajimete no Gal, you should start here.

2. Prison School

My word is my bond: If J.C.Staff doesn’t get us aPrison School Season 2 soon, I’ll crowdfund it myself. In the event that you need a hand raising money for an anime season because you don’t have any past expertise producing anime, I can help you raise money by traveling to their offices. MANGA.TOKYO has just published its second “10 Anime You May Like” post, and I find myself once again mentioningPrison School.

Why Attend Prison? It’s hilarious. There are a LOT of ecchi sequences in this movie. It’s quite amusing, actually. Buxom women abuse our characters in this story. It’s hilarious. Prison School was the subject of fan service. The whole thing is hilarious, don’t forget that. Glued to the screen is just as ludicrous. There is a live-action version of the show if you think one season is not enough. What’s the holdup? The story, of course.

Since its inception, Hachimitsu Academy has only accepted female pupils. First impressions are that the five intruders have a one-way ticket to their own personal harem at the hands of the school administration. They’re locked up in the school’s penitentiary after getting caught peeping into the girls’ changing rooms.

3. Peach Girl

Peach Girl (2005)

Gals are a stereotype that is often misunderstood. They are viewed as sluts and easygoing due to their tanned skin and provocative clothing choices. Due to her involvement in the swim team, Momo does not fit the stereotype of a conventional female. Toji, her dream guy, isn’t a fan of girls. How is she going to break the stereotype of her and earn Toji’s affection?

Are there any other feelings as swoon-worthy as these two? I don’t know what to tell you about it. Love anime isn’t my thing. Peach Girl, on the other hand, is a charming story about a young girl who must establish that there is no elephant in the room. There is no fan service like inHajimete no Gal, but all of the gals are present.

4. Rosario + Vampire

fan service in the official dub trailer includes a portion labeled “Fan Service” with clips of women busting out of their underwear. Tsukune Aono is enrolled in a school where all of the pupils are monsters who are trying to blend in as normal students. Isn’t it always a school, isn’t it? A gorgeous vampire girl named Moka would have already killed him had his blood not been so sweet to lure her. As a result, he gets to spend two seasons surrounded by gorgeous women, reluctantly squeezing boobs, getting a shot of too many underpants, and your traditional romance plot that needs to be in an otherwise filthy situation.

5. Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

Short comedy anime is something I rarely endorse, but Please Tell Me! In its own sweet and perverse manner, Galko-chanis is unique. Like Yuna inHajimete no Gal, the protagonist is a very naïve and insecure young woman, despite her name and appearance being that of a gal. Otako, a friend of hers, is an otaku. To fuel the semi-lewd humor in this short animation, which relies more on individual gags than a plot (there isn’t any, in fact. It’s just a bunch of hot chicks having fun. Ojou, one of her classmates, is both pleasant and a bit of an idiot (ojou – rich girl – hello).

A general rule of thumb is to not expect much fan service, but expect a ton of attractive w6. So, I Can’t Play H! (Dakara Boku Wa, H ga Dekinai)

The story of Ryosuke Kaga, a boy who is a little too eager to say yes to a smoky beautiful beauty he just met, is a mixture of clichéd teenage troubles and otherworldly elements. Shimigami goddess of death Lisara progressively drains Ryosuke’s teenage essence, which means that he can enjoy all of the normal teenager’s pleasures, such as boobs and gorgeous females, the most important things. In order to help Lisara, Ryosuke is forced to join her.

7. Maken-ki!

The manga series from which Maken-ki! is adapted is called Hiromitsu Takeda. Takeru Ohyama, a typical perverse protagonist, stars in this romantic comedy (as does most of this list). Now that his new school is co-ed, Takeru has visions of a steamy adolescence. However, the school has a problem, just like in supernatural romantic comedies. Students engage in combat with the aid of a magic artefact known as Maken. Takeru is faced with two challenges: locating his own Maken and dealing with the seemingly endless stream of breast issues that seem to follow him around.

8. High School DxD

High School DxD

High School DxD, another supernatural sexfest, gives protagonist Issei Hyodo’s yearning to create his own harem. Of course, this isn’t how Issei envisioned his harem to look. After being killed by a fallen angel, Rias Gremory, one of the most famous waifus in anime fandom, raises him from the dead and adopts him. The Occult Research Club at his school has designated him as a servant. In order to get a better idea of the club members, I’d like you to guess their appearances. There are plenty of obscene and fan service moments throughout Issei’s training so he can battle with his new companions for three seasons (and a fourth in the works).

9. Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru (Oresura)

Eita Kodou, the main character, has had enough of love. Because he has no interest in it, his primary goal is to become a doctor. As it turns out, he is far from the only one who believes that love has no meaning. Masuzu, another one of his classmates, feels the same way, but she finds it galling that everyone else appears so preoccupied with romance. Having a phony boyfriend, she believes, is the only way to put an end to any romantic feelings. There is no better candidate than Eita

10. Heaven’s Lost Property (Sora no Otoshimono)

Heaven’s Lost Property (Sora no Otoshimono)

It’s a good idea to keep this program in mind when you’re looking for comedy shows that are comparable toHajimete no Gal. When it comes to proper fan service, Heaven’s Lost Propertyis no exception.

For as long as he can remember, Tomoki Sakurai has had a recurring dream: he dreams of an angel. Of course, Mitsuki, a female childhood friend, is worried about him and turns to the New World Discovery Club for assistance (where do they find all these names). You may not want to know this, but Tomoki does find the angel who moonlights as a genie since she can grant his desires. Is there anything else he could have asked for? Everything goes awry in anime, of course.