10 Best Anime Entrances That You Should Know Update 03/2024

Best Anime Entrances

When the heroes eventually arrive and take their place in the action, the anime becomes truly legendary.

The best anime sequences don’t begin with the protagonists already present. As tensions and stakes grow, the hero makes an appearance and captivates everyone with a gesture, remark or even an immediate action at the perfect point in time. The most effective entrances add a touch of drama without taking away from the action of the scene or episode. The audience should be on the edge of their seats as the hero makes his or her way into the action.

Whether the character’s appearance is long-anticipated or serves as their introduction, a solid introduction should establish the tone for the scene or possibly the rest of the series. When it comes to character introductions in anime, there are few that stand out above the rest.

1. Hak Shows Up Just In Time (Yona Of The Dawn)


Hak, a character in Yona of the Dawn, is renowned for his quick-thinking and dependability in combat. In the first episode, Yona sees her childhood friend and love interest Soo-Won murder her father. When the guards surround her with the intent to kill, she does not resist. Ironically, she is calling out for Soo-Won.

Hak appears just as one of the guards is about to bring his sword down on Yona, stopping him. Even though Hak’s entrance is modest, he always manages to look confident and strong on film. He annihilates the guards in a matter of seconds, setting the tone for his character’s motivation throughout the rest of the series.

2. L Casually Reveals His Identity (Death Note)

That L meets Light Yagami face to face is one of the show’s best moments may have something to do with Death Note portraying its drama more in a psychological sense or because of the show’s ambiguous hero position. Achieving one’s goals in life depends on having one’s friends and adversaries in one’s corner at all times.

Both men are aware of their respective positions in the struggle for “justice,” but they continue to act as if this is a casual conversation.

The spectator, on the other hand, is aware of the significance of L revealing who he is to Light, and the dramatic music and color shifts in the animation emphasize this.

3. Kaneki Saves The Day In His New Look (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki Saves The Day In His New Look (Tokyo Ghoul)

In Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki is a character who constantly changes his appearance, although his debut appearance with white hair is one of the best. Kaneki is no longer the innocent child he was in this scene. As a result, he’s now prepared to get his hands filthy in order to protect his allies.

Kaneki saves Touka just as Ayato is going to become an only child. The audience is riveted, whether it’s due to the fact that this is the first time Kaneki’s friends have seen him in his new look or to the way Kaneki ensures the wind catches his hair for dramatic effect.

4. Mugen Helps Fuu In Exchange For Dumplings (Samurai Champloo)

At the beginning ofSamurai Champloothat, the three protagonists don’t seem to care for one another, at least not romantically. Angry client threatens to hack off Fuu’s fingers as Mugen sits in the corner of the tea house. In fact, he doesn’t intervene until Fuu says she’ll give Mugen 100 dumplings if he saves her life.

Mugen’s entrance into the anime does a lot in expressing how casual his motives are as well as how skillful he is with a blade. the unpleasant customers’ group, the audience is made aware that Mugen doesn’t think in the same way that most heroes do.

5. Saki Impulsively Enters The Scene (Zombieland Saga)

Saki Impulsively Enters The Scene (Zombieland Saga)

In Zombie Land Saga, Saki, Zombie Number Two, makes the most spectacular entrances, even though the events aren’t as dramatic as they would be in a shonen. Saki notices that the local female gangs are doomed to repeat the mistakes that led to her death after she introduces herself to them by throwing herself out of a moving vehicle.

Saki swoops in just in time to provide some advice before to the girls’ chicken race on the cliff. During her entrance, she rides a cheap bicycle so fast that she knocks down a row of motorcycles. She then gives what appears to be an ominous speech that alludes to her own demise.

6. Saitama’s Entrance Is Predictable But Epic (One-Punch Man)

In One-Punch Man, Saitama’s role is a cliche. One punch is all it takes for him to save the day. Saitama’s heroics are always welcomed by fans, despite the show’s regularity. When Bakuzan brutally beats Suiryu, he cries out for help, but the heroes are scattered and injured as they rush to his aid.

In response to Suiryu’s call, Saitama responds that he is here because he is a hero. It’s hard to get tired of watching Saitama charge into a battle and dispatch his opponents in a matter of minutes after he’s arrived.

7. Shanks’ Call To End The War Is Chilling (One Piece)

Shanks' Call To End The War Is Chilling (One Piece)

If you’re a fan of One Piece, you already know that Luffy was driven to this road by the pirate Shanks, aka Red Hair. The anticipation surrounding him is confirmed the moment he appears on the battlefield, emanating an unstoppable force. He issues a warning to the other pirates in the area, urging them to stop fighting or he will deal with them personally.

Even more intimidating is the fact that Shanks is accompanied by a posse of men, each one appearing more menacing than the last. Even though the odds are stacked against him, Shanks is confident in the strength of his team. This explains why he is so confident.

8. All Might Demonstrates His Reliability (My Hero Academia)

In the early episodes of My Hero Academia, the new heroes are shown to be inexperienced and unprepared. In spite of the fact that they’re brave and give their all, they aren’t yet ready to take on the big-league villains.

As soon as All Might enters the stage and declares, “I am here,” the crowd is filled with joy. After all, the number one hero, All Might, is the only one who can consistently save the day. There are few things more exciting than seeing him flash a confident and slightly menacing smile before an epic fight.

9. Roy Mustang Outsmarts Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Roy Mustang Outsmarts Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

When Lust delivers the news that Roy Mustang isn’t dead in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the majority of viewers are able to make the same deduction. Despite knowing this, his arrival in this sequence is one of the most raw on the show even with that knowledge. Mustang arrives at the right time, as Alphonse and Hawkeye are both out of the picture.

There are signs that the colonel may be able to bring down this eternal being with the transmutation circle cut into his hand, his wounds healed and vengeance engraved in his eyes. All things considered, this scene does not lack for fire.

10. Naruto Appears For The Battle Against Pain In Sage Mode (Naruto: Shippuden)

Fans ofNaruto: Shippuden agree that Naruto’s entry during his fight with Pain is one of the greatest anime entrances ever. Naruto emerges just in time to save the day when the village is on the brink of total destruction and many people’s lives are at stake.

Naruto’s face is slowly revealed to the spectator, but the wait is well worth it because Naruto’s eyes exude their trademark determination.

Naruto’s look in Sage Mode not only reveals how much he has matured since the start of the series, but it also resembles his father, as many fans have noted.