10 Best Anime Shy Girl And Popular Boy That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Shy Girl And Popular Boy

Hello Anime Lovers, Greetings! Welcome to another post on the finest series to watch if you’re looking for a popular, badass guy or boy who falls in love with a shy, unpopular, and sweet girl. ”

Romance anime is a certain topic for our list, and we’ve included the best animated series you’ll enjoy as well.

This is the beginning of a countdown of the most popular anime boys that love a shy anime female. So Let’s Get Started:

10. Net juu no Susume

Net juu no Susume

Romance, Comedy, Slice of life

It’s a yes! Moriko Morioka, a 30-year-old single NEET woman who is unemployed, is the protagonist of this excellent anime series.

In her abundance of leisure time, she began to play online games.

In the MMO Fruits de Mer, she transforms herself into “Hayashi,” a gorgeous and sexy masculine hero.

Lily, a sweet and adorable healer, greets her as she begins her journey as a novice.

Their relationship grows more closer, and Moriko herself gets ever more immersed in her role as The Hero Game “Hayashi” and its accompanying lifestyles.

Yuuta Sakurai, a corporate worker from the opposite side of town, has also logged on to Fruits de Mer without Moriko’s knowledge.

In a random encounter in a supermarket, they both dismiss their meeting as just another unpleasant encounter with a complete stranger.

Even so, fate has plans for them that they didn’t even know they had!

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9. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

Romantic comedy

To gain the admiration of her new pals, Erika Shinohara has been fabricating stories about her love life.

In response to their request, she quickly snaps a picture of an attractive bad boy, whom her friends recognize as the popular and kind-hearted Kyouya Sata.

Erika explains her dilemma to Kyouya as she urgently tries to escape being humiliated.

Pretending to be her boyfriend, she hopes he will be.

Kyouya, a dangerous manipulator who will only hush Erika’s lies if she becomes his slave, then traps her.

The more she falls for him, the more she wonders if he would ever feel the same. What will happen to Erika when Kyouya finally transforms her into a real woman?

8. Watashi Ga Motete

Watashi Ga Motete

Drama, Harem, and Romantic Comedy

As a second-year high school student and an anime fanatic, Kae Serinuma is a wonderful person.

For several days, she refuses to leave her room, much alone go to school after the death of one of her most cherished characters.

Upon her return to her old high school, she discovers that she has drastically changed her appearance and is now incredibly gorgeous! Her surprising popularity will result from this.

There are four boys at her school whom she’s known since she was a child. She wishes to spend time with them, but she prefers them to spend time falling in love. Serinuma’s BL-obsessed self is being pursued by four boys.

7. Kamigami no Asobi

Novels in the following subgenres: Visual, Harem, Romance, and Occult Fiction

Yui Kusanagi, a human, is suddenly transported to another world to teach the young lords of the holy realm about what it means to be a human being.

These young lords have lost their ability to relate to or understand humans through time.

However, her difficulty is that she must complete her task within a year, or all of them will be stranded in this dimension for the rest of their days.

Hence, Yui faces a growing conflict as a result of the willingness of a number of lords to participate in this compassion endeavor.

In the end, will they all learn a lesson in humanity or will they all be stuck together for the rest of their days?

6. Kotoura-san


Supernatural, Romantic Comedy, and Dramatic Comedy.

Kotoura Haruka, a 15-year-old girl with psychic powers, is the protagonist of a school fantasy-comedy anime series.

The ability to read minds led to her parent’s divorce, and now she’s dealing with the ramifications of that.

She later moves to a new high school in order to begin a new life, but she still attempts to avoid her old classmates.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in a relationship with a popular high school student who accepts your unique abilities, gets to know you and falls in love with you, Kotoura-san is the anime for you.

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5. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Romantic comedy is the genre.

Yuuta’s story revolves around Chuunibyou, a condition in which the protagonist creates a fictional life and separates himself from the rest of the world, believing himself to be an awe-inspiring celebrity who is blessed with magical powers.

Despite this, Yuuta strives to start anew in high school, ashamed of her background.

In reality, he went to a new high school where he was completely unknown, and he made friends right away.

In his class, Takanashi Rikka, a student who still suffers greatly from Chuunibyou, is introduced to him.

Discovering her past, she plans to entice her into her fantasy world.

4. Itazura na kiss!

Itazura na kiss

Romance is a subgenre

This manga depicts the narrative of Aihara Kotoko, a clumsy high school student who struggles academically.

Despite having an IQ of 200, Irie Naoki, who is extremely popular and has a huge following, rejected her.

Irie Naoki’s parents’ childhood friends are hosting her and her father after their house was destroyed by an earthquake. It’s going to be a wild ride!

3. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo:

Romantic comedy is the genre.

Sorata Kanda, a second-year high school student from Sakurasou, is the central character of this romantic comedy set in a school.

Mashiro Shiina, a well-known artist, moves into the building one day and is immediately adored by everyone.

Mashiro, despite her practically ideal appearance, has a serious problem: She has no idea how to care for the girl.

She has a room in shambles and no idea where she’s going. In other words, it is not self-sufficient in any way.

Mashiro’s classmates designate Sorata as Mashiro’s mentor in this manner. First, the two characters will form a “Master and Pet” relationship.

2. Sukitte Ii na yo

Sukitte Ii na yo

Romantic fiction

It was 16 years before Tachibana Mei had any boyfriends or pals.

The loss of a class pet has resulted in her receiving a lot of negative attention. As a result, she has begun to avoid interacting with others in order to avoid being harmed again.

An error in judgment in high school prompts Mei to encounter popular boy Yamato Kurosawa, whose life is turned upside down.

Despite Mei’s reluctance, Yamato continues to pursue her friendship, despite Mei’s reluctance and aversion to him.

Mei and Yamato’s friendship progresses despite misunderstandings about their new connection, each other, and the attentions of other girls.

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1. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke

Slice of life, youth novel, Shjo manga

In Kimi Ni Todoke, Sawako Kuronuma’s narrative is told. She promises to make friends when she enters the Lycée. Things, however, will not go as planned, and many difficulties stand in the way of her reuniting with her fellow soldiers.

Sawako does indeed have a peculiar physical appearance that has everyone puzzled. It is Sawako’s pale skin and long black hair that make her the object of scorn and ridicule.

Due to reports that Sawako would be able to communicate with spirits, her fellow soldiers dubbed her “Sawako,” which means “ghost speaker.” Even if persistence is an asset, the shyness and reservedness with which it approaches others does not help it connect with them.

Everything changes for Sawako the day he starts talking to the most beautiful and popular boy in the class. Every morning, Kazehaya greets her and proves that one should not condemn a person just based on their appearance.