15 Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

If you liked Tokyo Ghoul, you’ll appreciate these other similar shows.

One of anime’s most popular series is Tokyo Ghoul. The tragic story of the young, innocent Ken Kaneki drew a lot of people in, while its promise and delivery of gory battles and cruel images drew a lot of other people in, as well.

This fight between humans and ghouls has been well-received, as seen by the number of zipper masks seen at anime conventions, season orders, and large manga sales. Tokyo Ghoul fans may have to wait a bit for a new chapter, season order, or even a solid adaptation, but there are still plenty of other anime to satisfy their cravings.

Sean Cubillas has added a September 11, 2020, update: If you’re a fan of the darker side of anime, Tokyo Ghoul is an excellent place to start. For as long as the Ghouls have been there, there has been enough of animation to satisfy the bloodlust of fans. But now that Toky Ghoul:re has ended and fans are still waiting to see if another series is on the way, watchlists are getting thin. In the aftermath of Kaneki Ken, here are a few more gothic shows to keep an eye out for in October.

15 Inuyashiki


With ties to Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyashiki is a grim narrative from the same mind behind Gantz about two generations of people coping with the weight of their obligations and the advances of technology. An old man and a teenager are both revived in Inuyashiki after a horrible accident with mechanical bodies that can both cure and destroy people. This power can be used to save lives, either as a police officer or a doctor.

Those who hold power in the hands of the other are known to abuse it carelessly and relish the act of mutilating their victims. A simple recommendation is Tokyo Ghoul, if you’re seeking for a serious moral exploration with plenty of brutality.

14 Another

Fans of horror were drawn to Tokyo Ghoul even though it had a lot of action. Tokyo Ghoul’s gory and horrifying adversaries added a unique flavor to the action genre, which is universally adored. Another is one of the best horror animes out there if you’re seeking for a good scare and a dark mood.

Rather of learning new names or adapting to new restaurants, the new kid on the block must overcome a decades-long curse that threatens to destroy his classroom. His new town’s dark past and customs are revealed to him as he attempts to make friends with the one outcast student in his class.

13 Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

It’s likely that everyone who ever called for Tokyo Ghoul to be more Shonen-influenced should take a look at the Shonen phenomenon that had anime fans roaring in 2019 and smashed manga sales records far into 2020. Tokyo Ghoul. A demon onslaught has left Tanjiro Kamado’s family dead, and now his own sister is transforming into a vengeful monster.

Even when he learns more about the demon world, Tanjiro refuses to give up on protecting the remaining member of his family, his sister. A demon slayer, Tanjiro sets out on a journey to either avenge his family or save his sister, who was kidnapped by a demon.

12 Psycho-Pass

In the early years of Tokyo Ghoul, the idea of a Ghoul-powered police force was already being discussed. Tokyo Ghoul:re is the first series to fully realize this concept as it evolves from a detective/thriller to a crime drama. As far as new police gimmicks go, Psycho-Pass is an excellent choice for people who are looking for something a little different.

“crime coefficients” are now used by governments in a cyberpunk world where technology has transformed human civilization in a very invasive way. Criminals who are granted special government licenses will have to operate alongside law enforcement officers in the future.

11 Parasyte – the maxim

Parasyte - the maxim

Kaneki Ken and Shinichi Izumi would have a great time together. So not only because they were formerly shy students, but also because they were forced to deal with monster bodies that possessed both power and danger. Unlike Ghouls, the monsters of Parasyte can conjure their own blades and limbs to use in fight.

As a side effect, they get to see their bodies twisted into whatever shape possible. Fans of Tokyo Ghoul will like Parasyte’s more condensed narrative.

10 Attack on Titan

When it comes to ongoing human-vs.-monster conflict, Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan are a good match. Do not allow this, however, interfere with your ability to observe.

Japanese manga series Tokyo Ghoul and Japanese anime series Attack on Titan have quite different approaches to the same subject matter. Let this advice not be based on their similarities, but rather on the shift in perspective. Attack on Titan is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-octane, gory, and political thriller all at the same time.

9 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is well worth your time if you’ve been drawn to anime by Kaneki’s vulnerability and the concepts of societal conflict producing psychological turmoil, to put it another way. Both Ken Kaneki and Shinji Ikari are thrown into the deadly conflicts of their worlds with significant strain on their shoulders to serve as protector and leader, and there are many parallels.

Much of Shinji’s behavior is the result of a combination of neglect by his parents, sexual confusion, and exposure to war and violence as a child. Like Kaneki, the audience is merely seeing his gradual demise in a dramatic, allegorical manner throughout the series.

8 Death Parade

Death Parade

It’s not a bad idea to let the ghostly bar hosts of the Quindecim Bar entertain you when you’re on the hunt for the supernatural and its intrigue. Purgatory world bartenders in Death Parade are hired to test and decide the fates of newly deceased souls by playing gruesome death games like darts, air hockey, or skeeball. (It’s worse than it appears.)

People who view judges and jurors as mere viewers rather than objective observers live in an intriguing world of their own. The supernatural has a humanity and fragility that is similar to the ghoulish cafe of another story.

7 From the New World

When watching Tokyo Ghoul, viewers are asked to evaluate their own identities and places in the world, as well as questions regarding who actually deserves to live or die and who the ruling society favors. From the New World is an excellent choice if you’re itching to delve more into the tragedy and politics of it all.

An alternate reality where humans have developed psychic talents that are linked to their mental state is explored in this sci-fi series that explores conspiracy theories, betrayal, and horrific experiments that are at the forefront of society’s “evolution.”

6 Deadman Wonderland

Attack on Titan’s idea of the main character channeling an enormous, new gift to the military-industrial complex is echoed in Deadman Wonderland. At one end of the spectrum, this series boasts a level of profanity and gore that rivals or even surpasses that of Tokyo Ghoul’s English version (which is saying something).

With a variety of blood-themed spells that are unique to their wielder and always hazardous to their targets, a high schooler faces off against a bevy of tougher, older foes in some thrilling confrontations.

5 Future Diary

Future Diary

Given that Tokyo Ghoul’s angst and drama are over the top, Future Diary is a series that might be compared to Tokyo Ghoul in terms of over-the-top fantasy and action.

The plot revolves around a death match to determine who will be the next global god, in which everyone involved, including the main character, gains the ability to see into the future. Some of the most bizarre scenes in anime will be depicted in the next series, which is an examination of today’s modern macabre.

4 Beyond the Boundary

From a distance, Beyond the Boundary offers a stunningly different perspective on the complexities of being different. It’s set in a fantasy world where one of the last Spirit Warriors, Mirai Kuriyama, is on a mission to eliminate a youmu, Akihito Kanbara, by killing him.

Akihito brings Mirai into his world of friends and the Literary Club, while a battle for humanity looms in the backdrop, and it’s a strangely uplifting narrative. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, this series explores themes of self-identity and responsibility, but in a way that only Kyoto Animation can.

3 Akame ga Kill!

In Akame ga Kill!, a motley ensemble of characters battle an oppressive, conspiratorial environment, and this list returns to its cold, edgy roots. Those searching for gruesome conflicts and high stakes will be pleased to find that this series offers a lot of them.

Style-wise, this program features a wide range of dark abilities, fascinating weapons, scary monsters, and a slew of unique character designs and personalities that only serve to exacerbate the sorrow of the show’s tragic deaths.

2 Gantz


Finally, the king of all edgy anime is ready to join the ranks of this list. It was already mentioned that Gantz is your older brother’s proposal for an anime that is both gory and edgy in order to be a critical examination and deconstruction of everything that’s both gory and edgy.

One high school student is revived after death to participate in the most insane and terrifying monsters ever seen in anime or manga. The story examines the violence and terror that exists in society, as well as the human heart, through the eyes of the protagonist, who is given alien technology in exchange for his participation in a crazy death game.

1 March Comes in Like a Lion

Lastly, one of Tokyo Ghoul’s greatest assets is the fan’s constant concern for the mental and physical well-being of the sad main character, a figure that defines what it means to be “the innocent.” As a result, if you’re drawn to Tokyo Ghoul for this reason, don’t miss March Comes in Like a Lion, which is like someone finally giving Kaneki a hug in anime form.

It also deals with sadness and societal constraints, but it does so through a tonal roller coaster, where its emotional tensions compress the heart and the warmth and genuineness of its characters bring new levels of relief at the other end. It is a far more grounded yet ever stylistic series. In the midst of the gloom and frigidity, I crave a warm glass of liquid comfort.