15 Best Anime Like Erased That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Erased

Whether it’s in a film, a TV show, or an anime, the idea of time travel never fails to astonish its audience. The same themes are explored in the recently released mystery anime ERASED (also known as Boku dake ga Inai Machi). In order to avert a tragedy, twenty-nine-year-old Saturo Fujinuma goes back in time (exactly eighteen years). An adaptation of the manga, which also has its own Netflix series, was released in the same year as the anime, like most anime. In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of recommended anime that are comparable to Erased. Several of these anime, such as Boku dake ga Inai Machi, are available on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

15. Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World

I was reminded of Groundhog Day by the plot (1993). To Subaru’s shock, he awoke from the dead to the exact moment when he first encountered Satella in the fantasy world that he had just entered. In other words, they are experiencing the same day over and over again. In total, there are 25 episodes in the series.

14. ReLIFE


Kaizaki Arata is a twenty-seven-year-old who has been unsuccessful in finding a new work since he left his previous one. ReLIFE institute member Ryou Yoake offers him a medicine that makes him appear to be seventeen years old. To avoid making the same mistakes in high school that have plagued him since the introduction of new laws 10 years ago, he soon discovers that he is the subject of an experiment. There are a total of 13 episodes in this series.

13. Orange

If only you could go back and undo the mistakes you made in the past, would you ever be happy? The story revolves on this. To avoid her “worst regrets,” future self Naho Takimiya sends a letter 10 years in the future. There are a total of 13 episodes in this series.

12. When They Cry : Kai

When They Cry Kai

When Rika Furude’s last-ditch efforts to save her companions from an awful fate are constantly thwarted, she gives up hope. 24-episode Anime adaptation of visual book of the same name There was a 26-episode anime called When They Cry that before it. Both anime have received high praise from critics.

11. Case Closed

This one brings back memories for me. Back when I was a youngster, I remember watching it on TV. Shinchi Kudo is an expert in homicide investigations. One day, he gets captured by the police while following two crooks and is given an antidote that makes him shrink to the size of a seven-year-old. He then assumes the alias of Conan Edogawa to hide his true identity and goes about solving crimes on behalf of Senior Mouri while simultaneously looking into the organization that is responsible for shrinking him. For this one, I’m not going to speculate on the amount of episodes.

10. From the New World

From the New World

In the future, only 0.3% of people have the ability to move objects with their minds. Everything is tranquil until a large number of people decide to abuse their powers and conduct terrible crimes. Yusuke Kishi’s novel of the same name is the inspiration for this film. There are a total of twenty-five episodes.

9. Future Diary

It took me a while to get my bearings on this show’s plot. High school kid receives a diary that contains entries regarding the future. This forces him into an 11-man war for godhood in which he must slay 11 others who have similar future diaries. There is a lot of breasts and buttocks on display in this video. This anime’s nastiness is inversely proportional to the number of unexpected turns it takes. One OVA is included in the 26-episode run.

8. Zetsu no Tempest

Zetsu no Tempest

Fuwa Mahiro and Takigawa Yoshino, two of the best friends in the world, set out to solve the murder of Aika, who was both Mahiro’s younger sister and Yoshino’s long-time secret love interest. A Shakespearean flavor is added to the spooky components. You’re drawn in by the song’s gloomy mood. Don’t miss it if you’re a fan of the tragedy genre.

7. Death Parade

It is possible for a person’s soul to either reincarnate or be banished. For the spirits of the deceased, a series of games must be played at the Quindecim bar (where those who died at the same time are sent). Decim, the mysterious bartender, hosts these games. This is the shortest anime on the list at just 12 episodes.

6. Steins; Gate

It’s an anime that blurs the barrier between the past and the present; time travel is involved. Rintarou Okabe, a self-proclaimed scientist, is searching for a scientific breakthrough until he stumbles into the intriguing concept of time travel by mistake while on a quest for knowledge. The series has been widely praised. This is a sci-fi (or thriller) anime that goes above and beyond your expectations and has you hooked from the very first episode. In April 2018, a prequel to Steins;Gate 0 began broadcasting, and it was well appreciated by viewers.

5. Naruto Shippuden (2007)

Naruto Shippuden (2007)

Watching “Naruto Shippuden” was a great experience for me. The show is a continuation of the hugely successful ‘Naruto’ anime series. This story’s arc is straightforward. Even at his most heroic, we can tell that Naruto is working hard with Jiraya to become something truly unique and strong by the end of the Naruto series. Season 2 picks up two years after the events of series 1. Naruto has completed his training and returned to Kono na, where he lives with his family. He’s gotten a little taller, and his demeanor appears to have gotten a little more steadfast and honorable. But hold on a second. If this is the case, it’s time for him to pass on his new and improved sexual jutsu to his students. As far as I can tell, Naruto is exactly the same as before. Naruto will be put to the ultimate test in this series, which is jam-packed with fantastic and deadly foes. Isn’t that going to make things even more enjoyable for us?

4. Ao no Exorcist (2011)

An Exorcist is a character in “Ao no Exorcist.” Despite the fact that the plot is completely different, it follows the same pattern as ‘ERASED’ It’s about a youngster who, at first, is feared because of his strength, but who, as his personality develops, gradually wins people over to his side. Humans and Demons live side by side in a planet depicted in the anime. Only by taking possession of a human can demons enter our planet. Demon ruler Satan wants to take over the human world, but he requires an ideal vessel that he can take possession of and use to invade the human realm. Rin Okumura, it turns out, is the devil’s own son. At first, he has no idea and goes about his daily routine as usual. However, one day he is attacked by a demon, and everything changes. But after learning the truth about himself, Rin still has no intention of joining with Satan. As a result, he chooses to enroll in an exorcist training program in order to defend his world and vanquish Satan.

3. Death Note (2006)

Death Note (2006)

‘Death Note,’ yet another example of anime’s brilliance, attempts to answer the question: What happens if a human has Godlike abilities? Follow the adventures of Light Yagami, a man who discovers a Shinigami death note, a diary in which the killers scribbled the names of the victims they intended to kill. A few crooks at first, but he soon becomes overwhelmed by this energy and begins killing anybody who gets in his way. When a clever investigator by the name of L begins to investigate the case and begins to have concerns about Light, his woes worsen. This is a series that keeps you on your toes, and the soundtrack and images make for a truly immersive and enjoyable experience.

2. One Piece (1999)

Next up comes ‘One Piece,’ an action/adventure anime with a pirate premise. The length of this anime is a bit of a shock. As of this writing, there are more than two decades of content available. Even if I’m still in the middle of things (hope to reach the end soon). Monkey D. Luffy is the show’s main character. Gol D. Roger, who was the former pirate king, left behind a hidden treasure known as One Piece, which he intends to claim as his own. In spite of his notoriety, Gol D. Roger was arrested and imprisoned by the authorities. He divulged the location of this hidden wealth just days before he passed away. Devil fruits are a unique type of fruit featured in the series, and they provide their users amazing powers. After consuming one of the devil fruits, Monkey D. Luffy has gained bizarre new abilities. Longer distances can be reached using his arms and legs. Battles could not be won without this capacity of his. Come along for the ride as the Straw Hats crew sets sail for exciting new horizons.

1. One Punch Man (2015)

One Punch Man

As a fan of the superhero genre, I was blown away by “One Punch Man.” Aside from the fact that it’s hilarious and chock-full of outrageous action moments, it also makes fun of itself, which adds to the overall enjoyment factor. In my opinion, “One Punch Man” is an excellent spoof. Saitama, the protagonist of this anime, is a normal person who, after a year of training, developed superhuman skills. He is now so powerful that he can defeat any adversary with a single swing of his weapon. Even a single punch is too much for this guy. That should be obvious if you’ve seen the show. His attack vaporizes his opponent, causing them to fade into obscurity. This irritates him greatly because he is unable to fight to the best of his abilities. Saitama had always aspired to be a superhero. He runs into Genos, a man eager to learn from him. They take the superhero exam as a group. Genos is supposed to be a S class hero, whereas Saitama is a C class hero, therefore the results are shocking.