10 Best Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend Anime Update 06/2024

Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend Anime

Love that isn’t allowed can be excruciatingly painful and difficult to deal with. Choosing to love someone when you know that they will cause anguish and tears is difficult. It doesn’t have any mystical properties. In the end, your efforts will be for naught. One thing you must remember: Love has no bounds. The world of romance has a lot more to offer you while you’re still young. Don’t be in a hurry. Don’t waste your time looking for the best love story out there. It’s impossible to be flawless in love. Take what you’ve learned from your failures and mistakes and use them to your advantage. Anime has a long history of stories like this.

The novel Domestic Girlfriend (which we reviewed here) delves into the complexities of love, the agony of unrequited affection, and the plight of young people trying to make the most of their life. Natsuo Fujii is infatuated with Hina Tachibana, his teacher. After meeting her at a mixer party and developing affections for her, the man loses his virginity to another woman he met there. As Natsuo’s father is preparing to remarry, it is revealed that his father’s future wife will have two daughters: Hina and Rui Tachibana, the girl he had sex with. Eventually, they’re forced to share a house under the same roof with each other, where they learn to treat each other like genuine siblings.

As the anime progresses, the love triangle becomes more intricate. For those who enjoy the bittersweet combination of romance and drama, the following anime will allow you to delve further into the conflicted yet passionate storylines of their protagonists.

1. Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai)

In Scum’s Wish, the love polygon is the most difficult puzzle. There are multiple sexual relationships in the anime, which means you can expect a lot of sexy and dramatic sequences. There’s no denying that Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka make a lovely couple. People around them are enamored with them. Although they’re just pretending to be together to alleviate their feelings of loneliness after an unsuccessful love affair.

It’s the characters’ attempts to fill out their roles in both Domestic Girlfriend and Scum’s Wish that really stand out, even if their love triangles are so different. Their progress is believable. Both stories have a lot in common with the lives of teenagers and young adults. There are a lot of similarities between Scum’s Wish and Domestic Girlfriend when it comes to mature themes like forbidden love and teacher-student relationships.

2. Golden Time

Golden Time is an anime centered on love and romance. Banri Tada, a high school grad who lost all of his memories after a car accident, is the protagonist of the story. Mitsuo Yanagisawa, a fellow freshman, becomes his best buddy when he joins college. Beautiful Koko Kaga has been smitten with Mitsuo since they were children. Mitsuo, on the other hand, has a crush on a girl named Chinami. Banri is all Koko has, and they end up falling for each other. However, Linda is the one who keeps Banri’s memories alive.

Golden Time begins as a lighthearted affair, but as movie progresses, it becomes more serious, and you’ll start to shudder. A lot less mature thanDomestic Girlfriend, despite the fact that the main protagonists are already college students and expected to act appropriately. When it comes to moving from a light to a dark ambiance and the depth of its narrative, both anime have a same feel to them.

3. Please Twins (Onegai☆Twins )

Please Twins (Onegai☆Twins )

The life of Maiku Kamishiro is shrouded in secrecy. Miina Miyafuji and Karen Onodera, two adorably lovely girls, appear in front of his house one day and claim that one of them is his sibling, holding a photograph of a boy and a girl in it. The fact that all three of them have the same unusually blue eyes makes it even more difficult to identify. Every day, these two young people grow closer, and their affection for one another becomes more profound than that which exists between siblings.

The three main protagonists in this anime, like those in Domestic Girlfriend, end up having a sibling-like connection, but Please Twins! is less serious and takes place in a more cheerful milieu. The engaging interplay between the characters in Please Twins! is what brings it closer to the vibes of Domestic Girlfriend and draws you into the refreshing moments of their strange but joyful connection. Domestic Girlfriend also has its share of light humor, ecchi content, and dramatic elements to it..

4. Love and Lies (Koi to Uso)

One of the more complicated plots in the romantic anime genre, Love and Lies is another example. In the near future, Japan’s government will assign each 16-year-old a compatible marriage mate. People won’t have to waste time and effort trying to discover the best system. Misaki Takasaki has admitted his affections for Yukari Nejima, but Ririna Sanada is the one to whom Yukari was given the task of confessing his feelings for her.

Unique and sophisticated in subject, the anime is a standout. Despite the fact that the plot is chock-full of tension, it defies expectations by not including the stereotypical clichéd coupling. Some of the concerns raised by unrequited love are also addressed in this film, as they were in Domestic Girlfriend. It is aimed towards teenagers, however there are several situations that are just as intimate as the kissing scenes in Domestic Girlfriend. As a fan of Domestic Girlfriend’s tangled relationship, you’ll love Love and Lies.

5. KimiKiss: Pure Rouge

KimiKiss Pure Rouge

Based on a PlayStation 2 dating simulation game It has been a long time since Mao Mizusawa has returned to Japan after residing in France for a few years. Reunited with her childhood pal, Kouichi Sanada. Kouchi and Mao’s friendship deepens when Kouchi’s mother allows Mao to live with the family while her parents are still abroad. Both of them are struggling with the difficulties of adolescent romance while they attend the same high school. This isn’t the conclusion of the story. The novel contains a romantic polygon that is sure to excite and enthrall you.

Even though KimiKiss: Pure Rouge is a lighter (as opposed to Domestic Girlfriend) take on the crucial stage of high school romance, what makes them deliver the same kind of feeling is how the main characters end up living under the same roof, having the most exciting school life, finding romance, and going through transformations together. In spite of the fact that the plot is quite standard for a story about teenage love, the plot’s complexity will make you think of Domestic Girlfriend.

6. A Town Where You Live (Kimi no Iru Machi)

Those looking for a more in-depth narrative experience should steer clear of A Town Where You Live due to its somber tone. In contrast to this, the anime depicts the difficulties of romance, such as a long-distance relationship, in a realistic manner. While Haruto and Yuzuki’s romance falters, they also find happiness and solace in other individuals who are close to their hearts. This is a story of their journey.

Domestic Girlfriend’s storyline isn’t exactly the same as this anime’s, but the peaceful environment and intensity of the struggle make it feel like you’re seeing the same show. You’ll be gripped by the tragic moments and the classic love story circumstances in this film.

7. Kiss×sis


Keita Suminoe’s tumultuous existence with his two gorgeous stepsisters is the focus of Kissis, an ecchi-filled romantic comedy that is lots of fun and chaos. As these two girls develop romantic feelings for Keita, their relationship looks to be more than just a brotherly affection. They are quite close to Keita, and they make fun of him.

While this anime focuses more on comedy than Domestic Girlfriend, the lovely bonding between the siblings provides the same moments as how Natsuo cherishes her stepsisters in Domestic Girlfriend. The ecchi is a treat for those who want excessive fan service, despite the lack of romance in the tale.

8. Marmalade Boy

Fans of Marmalade Boy were delighted by the popular romantic comedy series that aired in the 1990s. Miki Koishikawa meets Yuu Matsura, a gorgeous young man who becomes her stepbrother when her parents split. While their relationship grows, romance begins to sprout, but it turns out to be a little more tricky than it first appears.

Despite the fact that this is a high school romantic comedy, it differs significantly from Domestic Girlfriend’s tale of mature characters. This is exactly how Domestic Girlfriend depicts a problematic romance when it comes to its main characters, who have a close blood link, developing affections for one another.

A live-action Marmalade Boy movie is in the works. Ryo Yoshizawa will play Yuu, while Hinako Sakurai will take on the role of Miki.

9. Nisekoi


Nisekoi, which translates to “False Love” in Japanese, is a romantic comedy anime with a twist. By mistake, Chitoge Kirisaki knees Raku on the face after she jumps over a wall, and Raku loses his childhood love’s locket, which was given to him by Shuei-leader Gumi’s Raku Ichijo. The feud between Shuei-Gumi and the other gang was resolved by the agreement that their children would be paired together. Chitoge turns out to be the daughter of a rival gang, which is shocking to say the least. Raku and Chitoge are forced to put on a happy face despite their acrimonious feelings for one another. Kosaki Onodera, who Raku has a thing on, complicates the situation even further. During Raku’s search for a locket key, he discovers that both girls have their own.

Romance and humour are perfectly balanced in this series. It’s certain to bring back all the exhilaration of adolescent passion. You won’t get bored watching the love triangle. There is some similarity in the development of romance between characters in this lighthearted anime and Domestic Girlfriend, despite it being a comedy. Both anime are sure to pique your interest and keep you on the edge of your seat.

10. True Tears

Shinichiro Nakagami, a high school student who lives with his parents, and Hiromi Yuasa, a fellow student who ended up living with Shinichiro’s family after the death of her father. Shinichiro develops a love interest in Hiromi as they enjoy their adolescent years and sibling-like closeness. Noe Isurugi is the weird girl that develops love for Shinichiro, and even goes out with him at one point. Aiko Ando, on the other hand, has a crush on Shinichiro but ends up going out with Miyokichi Nobuse instead.

It’s a love polygon that focuses on the adolescent’s struggles in life. In contrast to an usual cheerful young romance, most of the moments in this film are emotional and somber. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re seeing a sophisticated romantic relationship unfold in the comfort of your own home, then this film is for you.