20 Best Shows Like Money Heist On Netflix Update 07/2024

Shows Like Money Heist On Netflix

The Spanish-language Netflix series Money Heist is an engrossing story that has viewers glued to their screens. In case you were a fan, here are a few recommendations:

Netflix’s Money Heist will release its final episodes on 3 December 2021. Fans are anticipating and dreading the event, as it will bring an end to an incredible saga while also likely leaving a void in their lives. Heist movies and TV shows are plentiful, which is fortunate because they can help dull the pain of being without them.

1. Heat (1995)

Heat (1995)


Money Heist is a Netflix hit for a reason: it’s filled with action, drama, and plot twists throughout. As for binge-worthy crime shows, there are plenty on the streaming service, not to mention classic heist films that have influenced the genre. Fans who subscribe to other major streaming services should also check out their selection of heist movies, which are available on those services.

2. Inside Man (2006)

Heist movie history was made when Al Pacino and Robert De Niro finally faced off in a film for the first time after working together on The Godfather Part II but not meeting on-screen.

With its striking visual style and infamously intense shootouts, Heatfast set the standard for all subsequent heist thrillers.

Money Heist fans who want to learn more about the evolution of the heist genre on screen should make it a point to watch.

3. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Catch Me If You Can (2002)


Other films, such as Inside Man, show two sides of the same crime, with one being the police and the other being the thieves. In this case, the thieves take hostages, and Denzel Washington’s negotiator steps in to try to mediate.

Along with the plot’s surprising twist, fans of Money Heist will enjoy the drama provided by the ensemble cast’s tremendous talent, as well as the intertwining stories of their characters and the fascinating history that drives some of them. The way in which the hostages are handled is a theme that runs throughout the first half of the story of Money Heist.

4. White Lines (2020)

Audiences will learn the fundamentals of con artistry and criminal planning from this Spielberg classic. While the biographical film about conman Frank Abagnale entertains, it also immerses viewers in his world.

In this film, the audience is never sure what will happen next. Those who enjoyed Money Heist’s clever undermining of authority will enjoy Catch Me If You Can’s fraud and embezzlement storyline.

5. The A-Team (2010)

The A-Team (2010)


White Lines, like Money Heist, was produced by lex Pina, ensuring that the series as a whole is of the highest caliber. Although White Lines is a relatively new Netflix original series, it has already received a flurry of glowing reviews.

The story revolves around Zoe’s quest to discover the truth about her brother’s mysterious disappearance twenty years prior. Fans of Money Heist will appreciate how seamlessly the show transitions between the past and present, especially given how engrossing and painstakingly detailed the story is on its own.

6. Logan Lucky (2017)

The A-Team follows the lives of a group of former US Special Forces members who are accused of a crime they did not commit and is based on the classic action-adventure TV show. They’re convicted and sent to prison, but they later free themselves and clear their names in ways that aren’t entirely legal.

The A-Teamis an unusually large blockbuster centered around heists and evading the law, with plenty of strategizing, misdirection, and elaborate prison breakouts.

7. Breaking Bad (2008–2013)

Breaking Bad (2008–2013)


Fans of Money Heist who want a heist film with a lighter tone should consider Logan Lucky. It’s a good choice if you’re still emotional from watching the Money Heist finale.

The plot revolves around two brothers who decide to rob the local speedway, an ambitious task for two would-be criminals who don’t want to resort to violence in order to get what they want, but are willing to go to prison in order to free Daniel Craig’s explosives specialist. They bring out the best in Money Heist’s characters, especially their rebellious natures, with their hilarious ensemble.

8. Tower Heist (2011)

Few modern crime dramas have achieved the level of popularity and acclaim thatBreaking Bad has, which shows how far lies and criminal scheming can go when a mild-mannered chemistry teacher decides to dabble in the illegal world of methamphetamine production.

It’s no secret that Breaking Bad is beloved for its gripping storyline, but it’s equally beloved for its compelling protagonist, Walter White, a regular guy who becomes a drug lord.

While the plot of the show does not always revolve around heists, there are many similarities between Walter White and The Professor, so fans of the show can anticipate the same sort of thrills that they got from Money Heist.

‘The Tower’ is a posh New York City apartment complex managed by Josh Kovacs, played by Ben Stiller. The actions of one of The Tower’s wealthiest investors defraud Kovacs and the other Tower employees despite their hard work and loyalty.

It is up to Kovacs and the other employees to take matters into their own hands by planning a burglary at the investors’ apartment, while also taking the audience on thrilling comedic rides towards vengeance and justice. This 2011 heist comedy is a must-see for fans of Money Heist’s more lighthearted excitements.

9. Evil Genius (2018)

There is a big difference between Money Heist and Evil Genius because Evil Genius is a true crime documentary that looks at the murder of Brian Wells. For the first time, we get a look at what goes on behind the scenes of a bank heist.

The ‘Collar Bomb Case’ is the focus of this four-part documentary, and while it isn’t a polished drama, Money Heistfans should find the subject matter fascinating.

10. Wrath of Man (2021)

Wrath of Man (2021)


This methodical heist/revenge film, starring a mysterious figure who has infiltrated an armored car company to wait for the hijackers who wronged him, is a must-see for fans of Money Heist’s darker side.

Director Guy Ritchie’s latest film marks Jason Statham’s return to the big screen after an absence of more than 15 years, and since Cash Truck was originally released in 2004 in France, the movie retains an air of European gritty grit in its proceedings.

11. Den of Thieves (2018)

While Den of Thieves takes a fairly conventional ‘cops and robbers’ approach to the story of highly-trained armored car thieves, it hits all the right notes for a character-driven heist story that aims to leave an impression. Den of Thieves is another outstandingly gritty crime film from recent years.

Throughout the film, Gerard Butler gets to show off both his dramatic and action-actor skills, and fans of Money Heistwill no doubt enjoy the film’s final twist, which will make them go back and look for details they missed the first time.

12. Dirty Money (2018– )

This anthology series, like Evil Genius, is based on true stories, but it examines something new every time. There are a lot of stories out there about how easy it is for money to get dirty; whether it’s through fraud or corruption, each one shows just how easy it is.

But unlike Money Heist, everything in this series is completely real. Because it’s not fiction, each episode is just as engrossing as it would be in a more dramatic setting.

13. Inception (2010)

Inception (2010)


Because of its unique blend of science-fiction and crime thriller elements, Inception has become as unpredictable as a show like Money Heist thanks to its many twists and turns caused by secrecy and unverifiable accounts of what happened.

So instead of going for the easy target, the team behind “inception” must successfully hijack the mind of their victim, implanting a thought into their subconscious through a carefully crafted dream narrative. It’s a heist film with a twist that’s equal parts bizarre and brilliant. The Matrix and the heat

14. Ozark (2017– )

Money heist fans will be interested in Ozark because of the high levels of suspense created by the underlying themes of tension, deceit, backstabbing, gang warfare, and casinos. This show, which can be found on Netflix, will soon be entering its final season.

The show has a great family dynamic, with plenty of conflict between the main characters’ relatives. As a result, there are a lot of political maneuvers and mind games going on, and the stakes are extremely high because of this.

15. Uncut Gems (2019)

The audience is thrust into the chaotic life of Howard Ratner, a New York City jeweler and gambler, in this deliriously entertaining thriller starring Adam Sandler.

Ratner is portrayed by Sandler as a gullible businessman who is struggling to make ends meet while simultaneously plotting a series of interconnected schemes to amass an unbelievable fortune.

Uncut Gemscreates a sense of suspense similar to Money Heist as Ratner is relentlessly pursued to make good on his debt.

16. Prison Break (2005–2017)

Prison Break (2005–2017)


Money Heist follows The Professor and his heist team as they infiltrate a variety of targets, whereas Prison Break goes in the exact opposite direction. Fox River Penitentiary escapees Michael Schofield and Lincoln Burrows are the focus of the first episode.

Throughout the course of the series, the goals and responsibilities of the main characters become more complex, with plots involving political espionage and government cover-ups.

17. Triple Frontier (2019)

The story follows a group of ex-Special Forces soldiers who band together to steal millions of dollars in cartel cash from a drug lord’s lair in this stylish Netflix thriller. Money Heist fans will particularly enjoy the fact that things don’t go as planned in this fast-paced story full of action and strategy.

When Money Heist fans are done with the show, they should switch over to Netflix’s Money Heist: The Series for some big surprises and a shocking twist that changes the tone of the entire story.

18. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Originally based on a TV series of the same name, Tom Cruise’s long-running spy movie series has always included risky and complex heists, and the fourth film in the series, Ghost Protocol, pushed the series to new heights.

In addition to making headlines around the world, Cruise’s daring stunts on the Burj Khalifa are just one of many exciting scenes in this high-octane action film. The stakes may be higher than on a show like Money Heist, but anyone who enjoys planning elaborate heists knows that nobody does them better than the International Monetary Fund.

19. Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me (2013)


You’ve now been made aware of my existence.

infused the heist genre with a magical twist. The Four Horsemen are a group of magicians who plan and carry out bank robberies and break-ins using psychological manipulation and illusionist tricks.

It’s a pity, because the movie has an air of realism about it thanks to the way their magical deeds are always revealed and the constant twists and turns that keepMoney Heistfans engaged.

20. Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Rat Pack classic The Big Lebowski was not just a cheap cash-in, it was the definitive version that quickly overtook and became the yardstick by which all modern heist movies are measured.

While the stakes in Ocean’s Eleven are lower than in Money Heist because the heist crew is robbing a casino, the drama and comedy are always top-shelf, especially thanks to the chemistry between George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon as the three main actors.

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