Top 10 Anime Characters With Unbelievable Appetites Update 05/2024

Anime Characters Eating

These anime stars can’t get enough food down their throats, whether they’re exercising hard or just wanting to satisfy their tummies.

Working with two-dimensional figures means that catering expenditures are generally limited, which is a significant benefit to working in the anime industry. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule in the anime community, though. Even the most austere and charming characters can be seen stuffing their lips with all manner of meats and ramen, according to the popular anime cliche of the heavy eater and the insatiable desire.

Anime is known for its ability to make even the most disgusting foods look appetizing. Is there anyone left who can be upset about this cast of characters? It’s possible that I was envious. Isn’t he crazy? Yes, but only somewhat. With the help of this list, we’ll be performing one of the most deadly eating contests ever seen in anime.

1. Hawk (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Hawk (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The fact that the other members of this list are ranked alongside a genuine pig should tell us a lot about their quality. Hawk, despite his moniker, is a slow-witted bird.

In Meliodas’s solo travels after the Sins’ breakup, he is Meliodas’s faithful travel companion and the Boar Hat’s trash disposal dump. Hawk must have a cast-iron stomach to manage all the food he’s eaten, both delicious and produced by Meliodas, given the quality of Meliodas’ cuisine.

2. No-Face (Spirited Away)

To the young children who believed watching this Japanese cartoon would be fun, No-Face was the best contrast to Chihiro’s innocence. It would be disgusting and horrifying to watch him fight for attention and then succumb to tremendous greed.

Gluttonous and boisterous, No-Face became a gluttonous creature that spent a lot of magical, fool’s gold in the bathhouse after swallowing an evil cloud that happened to be lurking there late at night.

3. Sasha Braus (Attack on Titan)

Sasha Braus

After viewing what the Attack on Titan fans have witnessed, it takes a special kind of person to still have a hunger for food. In addition to being one of the team’s most skilled combatants, Sasha Braus also happens to be one of its most troublesome and heaviest eaters.

Sasha’s ravenous appetite is only surpassed by the monstrously insatiable gluttons known as Titans who threaten her land, who manage to eat nonstop even while exercising.

4. Kagura (Gintama)

Kagura was not a wealthy girl. She was reared by her alien bounty hunter father and then by Sakata Gintoki’s household, which was much more impoverished than her father’s. Despite her circumstances, she became an even more spoilt youngster as a result of it all. Aside from eating excessive amounts of seaweed, Kagura can be found at Odd Jobs spending resources on her own hunger, either preparing egg rice or vying for a rare treat with her coworkers.

There are times when she will take full advantage of having access to an abundance of food. One example of this is in Madao’s tragic ex-restaurant, when she will happily eat anything and anything, including a gigantic piece of sushi.

5. C.C. (Code Geass)

C.C. (Code Geass)

That pizza chain could only dream of hiring C.C. Lelouch’s trusted confidante and custodian of an ancient power, C.C. is human like the rest of us and enjoys a hot slice of pizza from time to time.

However, thanks to Lelouch’s great financial means, she is able to surround herself with an endless supply of mouthwatering pizza. But seriously, Pizza Hut, consider hiring her. She’s well worth the upheaval.

6. Gluttony (Fullmetal Alchemist)

People on this list need to take a hard look at themselves when they are competing with pigs and the actual manifestation of gluttony.

The Sin of Gluttony is precisely what it says on the tin. If you can’t get enough of him, you’ll never be able to get enough of his razor-sharp mouth and his enormous, bloody stomach. As one of the series’ most harrowing characters, he is frequently seen chomping down on everything from food to adversaries.

7. Toriko (Toriko)

Toriko (Toriko)

Toriko’s gluttony gets a pass because his employment requires him to eat a lot. Seeking his “Full Course Meal,” Toriko’s work as a Gourmet Hunter requires him to scour the globe for the world’s rarest and tastiest flavors. In order to obtain the most delicious food, he must brave perilous terrain and risk his life in order to cut through vines and dig through the dirt.

Indulge in the richness of it all, savoring the flavors and craving more. Toriko’s jaw is a weapon of mass devastation, a threat to both his favorite restaurants and his most appetizing adversaries.

8. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Shounen protagonist Monkey D Luffy is a heavy eater by nature. Due to the Gum Gum Fruit’s abilities, his stomach is able to withstand meals of unimaginable sizes.

This is understandable, given that One Piece’s nature is full of gigantic beasts, fish, and birds. To his cook, Luffy is far more of a threat than any other pirate or Marine.

9. Choji Akimichi (Naruto)

Choji Akimichi (Naruto)

Choji Akimichi, a magical ninja, has devoted a significant percentage of his skill set to the act of ingestion and stomach expansion. What a living legend you are. Naruto Uzumaki’s renowned relationship with ramen should have easily landed him on this list, but Choji manages to steal the slot by eating Naruto under the table on multiple occasions and stealing his chips.

He has a stomach that can easily protect itself from anyone who dare to call him “fat” or a pig.

10. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)


Son Goku deserves a place on this list because he has nearly defined the over-eating, Shounen protagonist look. This adorable orange-haired child has been devouring friends’ wallets and restaurant kitchens for decades with his literally out-of-this-world hunger.

His Saiyan hunger has been put to the test by eating both rice and meat at the same time, which has proven to be a challenge for Goku. This man is a hero, but he should not be rewarded with an unlimited supply of food. He intends to accept the deal.