10 Best Anime Like Noblesse That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Anime Like Noblesse

If it is a manhwa/anime, Rai’s version of the action-packed journey will come out. There’s no doubt that the anime didn’t measure up to the manga. However, for those who were only interested in the overpowering MC, it’s a worthwhile watch.

If you enjoyed Noblesse, don’t let your enjoyment of the series come to an end. If you like Noblesse, you’ll like these other anime/manhwa/webtoon titles as well. So, whether you’ve stumbled upon this page by accident or on purpose, be sure to read the entire article.

Manhwa like Noblesse!

1. Black Haze

Black Haze

Rood, despite his youth, is an incredible magician (possibly the strongest). Known as “Blow” to the outside world, he is summoned to a well-known magic school when a mission fails.

During his time at the school, he makes a new buddy and discovers something strange about it. Now Rood must protect his new buddies while also keeping his true identity a secret.

I’m not sure why, but the name Op MC always brings to mind Blow from Black Haze to me. He resembles Rai from Noblesse in certain ways.

The plot is different, but if you enjoyed Noblesse, you’ll love this great manhwa just as much for its impossible lead character.

2. Lessa

Lessa follows a demon hunter named Rano, who has little recollection of his history other than the fact that he is searching for his younger sister. He encounters a demon who is unaffected by sunlight while on his quest.

Lessa is this person’s name, and he seems to recall Rano’s identity, but Rano has no idea who he is either. What could be the motivation of this individual? As for Rano’s sister, might he be related in any way?

It’s a lot closer to the concept of Noblesse in Lessa manhwa when you look at the characters’ depiction in the manga. In Noblesse, you’ll discover vampires, but here, you’ll encounter demons.

Consider reading Noblesse, because you’re looking for a manga like this one. If you’re looking for something that will keep you occupied for a lengthy period of time, this is it.

3. Trace


Troubles, a species that has invaded the Earth and wreaked havoc, is the setting for Trace. People with amazing powers suddenly come with no warning.

In contrast toSah Gang-kwon, the fate of the world rests on the shoulders of these individuals. What’s going to happen after that?

It’s okay if this manga seems a little blah at first, but hang in there. You’re going to love it once it’s on the track. When I think of the world-setting, I think of Noblesse manhwa.

Despite its length, the plot only gets better and better, keeping you on the edge of your seat and enthralled throughout. Trace, like Noblesse, is a manga that you should read.

4. Monster Child

a monster child keeps tabs on two individuals

Charlotte and Charlie get caught up in a shady situation. Other people’s attempts to ruin their lives are making things much more difficult for the two of them now.

Charlie is no longer who he used to be, and Charlotte is getting more and more powerful. Is there anything that can be done to save these two?

I’m not sure if this counts as a manhwa in the same sense as Noblesse, but I felt compelled to include it. There aren’t many parallels between this and Rai in terms of plot or characters, but the amount of action ensures that you’ll be entertained all the way through.

Consider this one instead of Noblesse as a possible alternative. It takes a new method and has a different theme, but it’s still an enjoyable read.

5. Crepuscule


Lark was born with a disability, and when he was taken in by his family, he was bullied by everyone. When the news spreads that his mother is a vampire, his family decides to place him in an orphanage.

As Lark makes his way out of the house, he encounters Setz, a vampire noble. If you want to live in a true vampire world, Setz invites you. What changes might he expect to see in his future?

If you enjoyed Noblesse, you can read Crepuscule, a vampire manhwa. The protagonist is fantastic, and the story is well-written as well.

In other words, if you enjoyed Noblesse and want to read something similar, this is a good choice. Not quite on the same level, but still one of the best vampire manhwas available.

Anime like Noblesse!

6. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Humans and demons fought for 2000 years, and the result was unseen mayhem throughout the universe. Anos Voldigoad gave up his life in order to prevent it, hoping to be reborn in a tranquil household.

To find out that all of his hard work from 2000 years ago was in vain, he now has a peaceful family life and enrolls in the Demon King Academy. Is he capable of making things right again?

RiasandAnos Voldigoad are two of Op’s most compelling protagonists, and you can almost detect a spark between them. While the plot does not revolve around vampires, the overall premise is somewhat reminiscent of Noblesse.

There is no other anime like Noblesse, therefore don’t miss out on watching this fantastic show. There are more shows like The Misfit of Demon King Academy here>>

7. Hellsing Ultimate


An organization known as Hellsing has been founded in a world where mythological animals prey on humanity in the dark, and this is the setting for Hellsing Ultimate. Integra Fairbook Wingates Hellsing is the organization’s chief executive officer.

A powerful force that can even subdue an independent nation isn’t her most potent weapon. She has a vampire ally named Alucrad, whose entire purpose in life is to exterminate the things who threaten her family and the world she lives in.

Hellsing Ultimate, like Noblesse, is a vampire anime, and both of its protagonists are Op as hell. In my opinion, this anime is even better than the previous “Nousesse” series, which I found to be one of the best.

The best anime to replace Noblesse has been found for you here. So, now is the time to put this one on your list.

8. Castlevania

When the people of Wallachia burn his wife, suspecting her of witchcraft, Dracula goes on a retribution journey in Castlevania. Vampire Dracula has vowed to revenge her and raise demon legions as a result of this occurrence.

People are fleeing out of panic after these armies took over the country. What chance does he have of being stopped? I’m sure you’ll find out when you’ve seen this fantastic animation.

However, due to the fact that it was written by a Westerner, Castlevania may not be suitable for all Otakus. However, if you’re seeking for a show like Noblesse, this is the one.

The main character is fantastic, and the story itself is well-written. The Japanese subs are fine, but we prefer the English dub.

9. Vassalord


A cyborg vampire and a playboy are the main characters in this narrative. Charles serves as Johnny’s subordinate and performs all of the Vatican’s dirty labor. As a result, it has been dubbed “The Valiant.”

Charles, on the other hand, must rely on his willpower if he is to avoid succumbing to his bloodlust.

Take a look at how these two go up against different sides.

Vassalord is one of those anime programs that you can watch again and again because of the superb adaption. Even though it only covers one chapter of the OVA, you can clearly tell how good it is.

So, if you’re seeking for an anime like Noblesse, you might as well watch it right now..

10. Tower of God

People are selected and grouped into “Regulars” in a Tower. According to one’s goals, some are given capabilities that allow them to amass great fortune as well as remarkable magical abilities.

A boy seeks for Rachel, who wandered off to see the stars, in this God-owned tower. Is he able to locate her? In particular, when he has to deal with too many hurdles.

Despite some problems, the 2019 version of Tower of God is one of the best manhwa out there. The concept is akin to that of Noblesse. Both anime series share the same level of world-building and character growth for their central characters.

It’s a good option if you’re looking for more anime like Noblesse. Manhwa-based stories like Noblesse and Tower of God are bound to share elements.