8 Best Anime Like In Another World With My Smartphone Update 04/2024

Anime Like In Another World With My Smartphone

‘Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni,’ also known as ‘In Another World With My Smartphone,’ is yet another classic Isekai show. It features the most stereotypical characters and a storyline that is incredibly formulaic. In the unlikely event that you’ve never seen an Isekai anime, this one has much to offer. This one, though, offers nothing really fresh for those who are already familiar with the sub-genre.

Despite the fact that it was developed by a lesser-known studio, the visuals aren’t anything special, and the audio isn’t much better either.

Watching ‘In Another World With My Smartphone’ with no expectations is the best way to pass the time. In spite of its ridiculous Harem shows and fan service it can be pleasant. ‘You’ll be astonished at how upbeat it can be.’ Please check out these other titles if you love the concept of characters being summoned to another realm. Here are our picks for the best anime that may be compared to ‘In Another World With My Smartphone.’ On Netflix, Crunchyroll, or Hulu, you can find anime like ‘In Another World With My Smartphone’ to watch on your computer or television.

8. Re: ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (2016-)

Re ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (2016-)

Natsuki Subaru, a little boy, is kidnapped and sent to another world in the sci-fi film ‘Re: Zero’. In order to compensate her, he decides to help her discover a stolen item that she’s hunting for in return for her help. But things don’t go as planned, as both of them are slain in the process of searching for the object. Fortunately for Subaru, he is able to start over from scratch and correct all of the mistakes he made on the first try. In this weird new world, he uses this power to save the lives of not just the magical girl, but also countless other innocents.

Touya and Subaru, the protagonists of both episodes, find themselves in new and unfamiliar places in both shows. Despite their apparent dominance in the new world, the guys aren’t content to focus on a single aim. Touya, the protagonist of “In Another World With My Smartphone,” uses his newly acquired powers to aid as many people as possible. He also has a lot of courage and tries to acquire the greatest potential result from all of his acts. A time-loop animation that harkens back to the likes of Groundhog Day and Source Code should absolutely be on your list of things to watch.

7. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016-)

Typical of the NEET population, Satou Kazuma never ventures outside of his house and has no formal schooling. Even so, when the time comes to save the life of a stranger, he doesn’t hold back. He just does it. To make matters even more difficult for him, the girl he tried to save wasn’t actually in any kind of danger, and he ended up dying in the process. Afterward, Aqua, a goddess of mercy, gives him a second opportunity because of his plight. To return to his previous existence, she informs him, he must kill the Demon Lord here in this new planet. As a bonus, she gives him the choice to employ any one of his abilities in order to complete this assignment. Instead of asking for a weapon or ability, he begs for the Goddess’s help instead, in a state of terror and frustration. Her scheme backfires on her, and she is obliged to accompany him on his little journey. His misery is compounded when two more irritating chicks join him.

“KonoSuba” and “In Another Realm With My Smartphone” are two Isekai that illustrate the involvement of a divine figure when their protagonists are transplanted to a new world.. It’s also a shame that the two characters learn their talents so soon, and instead of panicking in their new environments, they actually begin well. KonoSuba is more of an Ecchi and as such the protagonist is frequently in hot water for his naughty antics. This is the Isekai to watch if you’re searching for a show with a lot of amusing fanservice.

6. No Game No Life (2014)

No Game No Life (2014)

The Otaku siblings Sora and Shiru spend their days playing video games on their computers. The two recluses, known online as “Blank,” have become legendary figures in the gaming community. They now fear playing against their own expertise in practically every game. In the meantime, they receive an e-mail from Yet, the God of Games, which causes them to be whisked away to an other realm. Eventually, the God of Games wants them to square off in a chess match with all of the world’s races.

To be true to the title of the film, the protagonist of “Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni” always has his phone on him, even when he’s transported to a whole new universe. As in ‘No Game, No Life,’ the two siblings tote a variety of technology aids, including mobile phones. Both shows have underlined the repercussions of modern comforts.

5. Sword Art Online (2012-)

It was ‘Sword Art Online’, a beloved Isekai series, that established gaming anime as a new subgenre. There have been several attempts to replicate it since it was first released, but none have been able to meet its high standards. The story centres around a teenage gamer named Kirito, who lives in the near future. He is one of a select group of ten thousand children who will be able to participate in the next generation of virtual gaming. In the end, the kids realize that they’re trapped in a virtual environment known as “Nerve Gear,” and they’ll have to learn how to survive if they ever hope to get out of it.

The characters in ‘Sword Art Online,’ in contrast to ‘In Another Realm With My Smartphone,’ are not actually present in their new world. Death is a real threat in both programs, and every wrong decision a character takes might have serious repercussions. It’s also worth noting that both shows’ heroes take on every task that is thrown at them. In addition to the Ecchi, ‘SOA’ contains a few other cameos that help to lighten the mood.

4. Dog Days (2011)

Dog Days (2011)

Izumi Cinque is a typical high school student who enjoys playing video games. Princess Millhiore of Biscotti kingdom is compelled to summon Izumi from the human world when the inhabitants of a fantastical world begin waging war through games. Although he takes some time to become used to the new species of animal-eared humans in this new world, he eventually proves that he is a heroic figure.

Instead of running away from their new position out of fear, the main protagonists in both anime series, Touya and Cinque, decide to make the most of it. Other than their appearance, these odd animal humans distinguish out due of their newly acquired powers. Doggy Days is a humorous animation that is sure to put a smile on your face, just like ‘In Another World With My Smartphone’.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (2018-)

Middle-aged Satoru Mikami doesn’t despise his repetitive existence, but he’s also not happy with it either. His life is turned upside down, though, when he is attacked in the street one day. In his final moments, he hears voices and, upon opening his eyes, he finds himself in a weird new environment resembling slime. After that, he learns that he can eat anything and change his appearance to match the one he’s eating. After realizing he had the capacity to change the world, he decided to use it for the betterment of this new one.

That time when I was a slime is another well-known Isekai story. As in the last novel, ‘In Another World With My Smartphone,’ this one has a more comical tone and features a very distinct protagonist who is motivated by his strong sense of purpose. Both characters are content in their new worlds and have no desire to return to the old one. Another fantasy comedy, ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,’ is overhyped but nonetheless rather enjoyable.

2. Outbreak Company (2013)

Outbreak Company (2013)

It revolves around Kanou Shinichi, who somehow manages to get the nerve to propose to his longtime crush. Unfortunately for him, he is turned down, leaving him broken-hearted and dejected. He stumbles upon an odd but intriguing job posting while job-hunting online for an Otaku. A committed Otaku like him chooses to try out for the interview and does so with ease. The government expects him to disseminate Otaku culture in this parallel planet, which he is transported to by magic. This man takes the challenge and embarks on a mission to promote the one thing that he’s truly enthusiastic about

“Outbreak Company,” like “In Another World With My Smartphone,” is ultimately a harem comedy in the making. Instead of criticizing, the main protagonists in both shows become thrilled by their new realities. After being summoned, they feel a tremendous sense of purpose because they are viewed as heroes in the real world. There are numerous cultural allusions can be found in each of these works, if you look closely enough.

1. Trinity Seven (2014-)

In Trinity Seven, a character named Kasuga Arata takes the stage. Similarly to Touya from ‘In Another World With My Smartphone,’ Arata has a remarkable ability to handle his newfound powers. Touya has fewer women in his harem than Arata, but he is no less of a ladies’ man for it. ‘Trinity Seven’ is not an Isekai, although it shares many of the same characteristics as the others on this list. It contains a typical complicated magical system and a lot of fan service. In spite of its high school setting and hackneyed Ecchi gags, what makes it genuinely interesting is its unique quirky characters that bring in some refreshingly new Ecchi gags. For fans of “In Another World With My Smartphone,” this is a must-see.