13 Best Anime Like Black Clover That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Like Black Clover

There is a lot of magic in the action/comedy series, “Black Clover”. The series began airing in 2017 and is currently on its third season. On the same day at a church, two little boys were abandoned. This is their story. Their friendship blossoms into an agreement that they will battle it out for the title of “Wizard King,” which denotes the world’s greatest magician. The aesthetics are decent and the show is a little fun. So, if you’re a fan of this show and want to keep up with it while you wait for the next episode, you may check out this list of series that are comparable. Make sure to leave your favorite choice in the comments section.

13. UQ Holder! (2017)

UQ Holder! (2017)

To get things started, here’s a magical-themed anime. In ‘UQ Holder!’, the structure is similar to ‘Black Clover,’ which is a popular anime series. The series’ protagonist is Touta Konoe. He’s a recluse who stays apart from the rest of civilization because he lives in a little village. Everything in the world changes when a person discovers magic. But the change isn’t always beneficial, and the balance of the world is thrown off. Touta has no idea what’s going on because he lives in the woods with his female instructor, who has the ability to perform magic, and a small group of buddies. No one can live a life of oblivion in a society where everything is constantly interrupted. Touta is killed by a bounty hunter who came to attack his teacher. He survives and discovers that he is now a vampire, which he accepts. Now, he must embark on a journey to rectify the wrongs of the past.

12. Konjiki no Gash Bell!! (2003)

Check out “Konjiki no Gash Bell!!” if you liked “Black Clover” and want to see something comparable to devote your time in. There are 150 episodes in all, so it’s a lot of fun. The sheer number of information is nothing to be alarmed about, since it can be rather entertaining at times and worth your time. However, there are a few filler episodes that are tedious and may be skipped if you don’t like them. Devils must seek out human masters and fight other demons until only one is left standing in the universe of ‘Konjiki no Gash Bell!!’ A person who doesn’t give a damn about the world, Takamine Kiyomaro, must learn the value of friendship and care for his new master, Gash, as the latter goes on a series of adventures.

11. Magi The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)

Magi The Labyrinth of Magic (2012)

‘Magi Action and adventure anime ‘The Labyrinth of Magic’ focuses on magic. The Arabian Nights collection of stories serves as an inspiration for the anime’s storyline. Labyrinths are enigmatic areas where wealth is hidden. One can amass all the money they desire if they can go to and conquer one. Magicians who create labyrinths are known as the Magi. They’ve been known to lead people to these locations and assist them in building their kingdoms. The labyrinths are ruled by djinns, and those who defeat them gain access to the djinns’ incredible powers.

With the help of his flute, Aladdin has the capacity to conjure a djinn. During his travels, he meets Alibaba and falls in love with her. This is the beginning of their journey inside the labyrinth after an event.

10. Ao no Exorcist (2011)

Do you like anime that deals with the supernatural? Anime like “Black Clover” that also has a satisfying supernatural concept is what you’re looking for. Consider checking out ‘Ao no Exorcist’ if that’s what you’re looking for. Demons are allowed to enter the human realm only if they are possessed by a human, which is the case in this anime. The demon king, on the other hand, necessitates a formidable vessel, which is why he makes it a point to have a family.

After being besieged by a horde of demons, Rin Okumura discovers that he is the prodigal son of Satan. Rin resolves to become an exorcist when his adoptive father is killed while protecting him, so that he may battle Satan rather than join him.

9. Boku no Hero Academia (2017)

Boku no Hero Academia (2017)

‘Black Clover’ has a formulaic plot, which is why there are so many identical anime in other genres. Fortunately, this means that we won’t grow bored by viewing the same type of show over and over again. The superhero anime ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ is one of many. Humans have evolved a unique set of skills known as quirks over the course of millions of years of evolution. They endow humanity with superhuman traits. Nowadays, it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have some sort of quirk. Midoriya Izuku, on the other hand, is a quirkless individual, making it impossible for him to become a superhero like All Might. Nonetheless, he discovers that his idol’s peculiarity can be passed on after a fortuitous encounter. In order to earn a quirk and join the hero academy, UA High, Midoriya begins training.

8. Soul Eater (2008)

The following anime on my list, ‘Soul Eater,’ returns us to the supernatural. All together there are 51 episodes with a total running time of around twenty four minutes for each of them. The students of the Death Meister Academy are the focus of this anime. When it comes to fighting evil, the shinigami use the academy’s death scythes, which the academy works to produce at a high level of quality. The scythes, on the other hand, aren’t formed of metal or comparable materials; rather, they’re created of unique humans who can convert into weapons by consuming the souls of 99 wicked creatures and a witch’s. Follow the daily activities of a group of academy students, one of them is the son of Lord Death.

7. Fairy Tail (2019)

Fairy Tail (2019)

“Fairy Tail” is an excellent choice if you are looking for a long shounen fantasy anime similar to “Black Clover.” As one of the best fantasy anime series dealing with a lot of magic, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. Every aspect of the anime takes place in the land of Fiore, where magic is prevalent and pervasive. Mage guilds are formed by a group of mages who pool their resources and work together. Fairy Tail is a well-known guild known for its close-knit community and outstanding mages.

As a young magician, Lucy Heartfilia dreams of becoming a member of the Fairy Tail Guild. But she is kidnapped by a man who tricks her following an encounter with him. An apprentice wizard, Natsu Dragneel belongs to the fairy tail guild. After saving Lucy, he invites her to join his guild. The beginning of her journey with the guild is marked by this event.

6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007)

Let’s have a look at a mecha anime now. Mecha anime “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” is one of the best. Story, characters and visuals are all top-notch in this game. Earth’s surface is now habitable. Because of this, people began to settle beneath it and construct underground settlements. A lot of what we hear about our planet’s surface is just a myth these days. It’s no secret that Simon and Kamina are daring kids. In their minds, they’d like to explore the surface of the planet. They come across an antique mecha while excavating and name it Lagann.

Because of this mecha, they’re able to defend themselves against a surprise assault from the ground level. Because of the occurrence, the Earth’s surface is now visible to the two adventurers and a female gunman.

5. Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter is one of the best action/adventure anime series out there right now. The anime is a lot of fun and will keep you engaged until the end. It’s one of the most well-known and well regarded anime series ever, therefore I strongly advise you to give it a look. In the universe of ‘Hunter x Hunter,’ the job of hunter is highly regarded and well-paid. Hunter Gon’s father left his son to chase his goals. Gon, inspired by his father’s life as a hunter, chooses to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a hunter himself. But finding a professional hunter is difficult, and becoming a hunter isn’t simple either. He must pass a rigorous exam. When he goes on his adventures, he meets many people, including a little lad by the name of Killua, a skilled assassin who comes from a family of assassins.

4. Naruto (2002)

As a lover of Japanese anime, you’ve probably heard of “Naruto,” even if you haven’t seen it yet. However, many individuals are put off by the length of the series. Including ‘Naruto: Shippuden,’ there are more than 400 episodes in the entire series. However, I can assure you that it is time well spent. You’ll understand why anime is so popular once you’ve finished the whole thing (you can skip most of the fillers, though). ‘Naruto’ is a narrative about ninjas. Naruto is the show’s protagonist and its mascot. I don’t know what to make of him; he’s a bumbling brat who keeps getting into mischief. However, his ambitions are lofty, since he aspires to be one of the finest ninjas and the Hokage of his village.

His town was invaded by the nine-tailed fox demon when he was just a few days old. The fourth Hokage did this to protect the village by enshrouding the demon in the infant Naruto. Even though the Hokage wanted Naruto to be recognized as a hero, people tend to avoid and insult him. He goes from being a troublemaker to being the greatest hero of his generation as the story progresses.

3. Bleach (2004)

Bleach (2004)

Let’s take a look at a shounen anime with a similar framework and a similar heroine, ‘Black Clover.’ ‘Bleach’ has around 300+ episodes spanning across multiple arcs. The otherworldly themes and cool, badass shinigami make this an extremely popular anime. “Bleach” tells the narrative of a teenage boy named Ichigo, who has the power to see ghosts and demons. This may appear to be a strange skill, but it will have a major impact in the future. Having a high level of spiritual energy, Ichigo can do the above feat.

During one of his many battles with monsters, including the Hollow, he is injured while helping a Shinigami take on a large foe. Ichigo accepts the shinigami’s offer to use her talents to battle the Hollow in order to protect his family. Shinigami Rukia Kuchiki, who has lost her power and therefore cannot perform her duties, remains with Ichigo to teach and train him in order to battle these spirit-eating creatures.

2. Nanatsu no Taizai (2014)

The following anime on our list, ‘Nanatsu no Taizai,’ returns us to the fantasy and magic genres. It is the Holy Knights of Britannia who, in this anime, wield incredible powers to keep the empire and its kingdoms safe from harm. However, it appears that a group of these knights, known as the Seven Deadly Sins, has decided to turn on the Knights and attempt to overthrow the king of Liones. But the Holy Knights defeat them, despite rumors of their existence. It was several years later that they overthrew the monarch and took control of Liones themselves.

Princess Elizabeth, the country’s third princess, decides to go on a sin-hunt in order to reclaim her kingdom from the Holy Knights’ oppressive rule.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

Fullmetal Alchemist

In terms of anime, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ is right up there with the finest. Before watching any other anime, make sure you see this one first. Two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, are alchemists and the focus of the story. They hope to resurrect their mum using this method. Nonetheless, human transformation is strictly prohibited in alchemy for good cause. Even still, the lads persist in their behavior, and they eventually discover why it is prohibited. Both Alphonse and Edward lose their right hands and their entire bodies in the attack. A coat of armor for Edward’s brother’s soul can only be created via the sacrifice of his right leg.

A quest for the legendary philosopher’s stone, which will allow them to accomplish human transmutation without causing any adverse effects, was undertaken by the brothers in the wake of the occurrence. When they locate it, will they still be human?