10 Best Anime About Witches That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime About Witches

Cauldrons, wands, and pointed caps are all part of the wizarding world. Some of the best and most powerful anime witches, for both adults and children.

Twice as much trouble—witch characters can be as sweet or as naughty as you like. Witches can be both good and evil, depending on how powerful their spells are or how much knowledge they possess. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what alignment a witch has—what matters is how excellent she is as a witch and as a person.

Some of the best features of a character are those that remain in the thoughts and hearts of fans after the series is over. From the most sinister to the most pious, these are the best anime witches.

1. Izetta (Izetta: The Last Witch)

Izetta (Izetta The Last Witch)

Izetta is the last surviving member of the Weisse Hexe family of Eylstadt, whose identity was kept a secret at the outset of the anime series.

They were childhood friends, and because of this, she loves deeply about Ortfiné Fredericka. She also has the ability to use magic to move and enhance the abilities of various items.

2. Maria (Maria The Virgin Witch)

“Maria the Virgin Witch” is about a strong witch in France during the Hundred Years’ War, and she is also an anti-war protester who opposes violence.

Maria, on the other hand, will lose all of her supernatural abilities if she loses her virginity. As a result of her desire to end wars, Maria is a popular character. Her plight is understandable, as are her own.

3. Makoto Kowata (Flying Witch)

Makoto Kowata (Flying Witch)

As soon as they age 15, witches are expected to be self-sufficient and begin formal study of their art. To Makoto Kowata’s dismay, she isn’t all that talented as a witch.

Despite her occasionally hysterical demeanor, Makoto always manages to have a positive attitude. She learns witchcraft, spends time with her friends, and adapts to her new life in Aomori, Japan, all while maintaining her sanity.

4. Ririka Moriya (Nurse Angel Ririka SOS)

Ririka Moriya, formerly of Nurse Angel But even though Ririka SOS isn’t exactly a household name in the world of witchcraft, she shouldn’t be overlooked. Ririka’s demeanor as a child is upbeat and gregarious.

When she grows up, she hopes to be a nurse, but she doesn’t have to wait long, because all she has to do is chant to become Nurse Angel. Ririka’s personality alters when she becomes Nurse Angel, although she still manages to be likable during that period.

5. Blair (Soul Eater)

Blair (Soul Eater)

She may appear to be a witch, but Blair fromSoul Eater isn’t. As a Bakeneko, or Monster Cat, she enjoys changing her appearance to resemble one.

Without getting caught up in the minutiae, Blair is surprisingly helpful and enjoys stepping in to help others in need. She’s also a member of the Cat Witch race, which means she’s extremely playful and enjoys having a good time. Maka Albarn also benefits greatly from her assistance.

6. Chocolat Meilleure (Sugar Sugar Rune)

In order to determine who would be the Future Queen of the Magical World, Chocolat Meilleure wants to battle against her best friend Vanilla Mieux. Their goal is to collect the hearts of boys who are in love with them in order to accomplish their task.

Despite most boys going for Vanilla, as they seem to prefer her cute and demure personality, Chocolat refuses to give up. Chocolat has a caring, enthusiastic, and powerful attitude that attracts others to her as an individual.

7. Echidna (Re:Zero)

Echidna (Re Zero)

One of the main enemies of Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World is Echidna, the witch of greed. She has a keen interest in Subaru’s abilities because she can learn a lot from seeing him in action.

She is more intelligent than the average human being, yet she also has a vicious streak, which she utilizes to terrorize everyone around her. Fans of Re:Zero adore Echidna, despite the fact that she is an adversary.

8. Robin (Witch Hunter ROBIN)

As a witch hunter, I am called upon The darker tone of Robin sets it apart from the vast majority of anime. When it comes to fighting witches for their use of magic, Robin Sena, the protagonist, acts like a witch in her own right.

Despite her early age, she is a talented pyrokinetic who can light anything he desires ablaze.

9. Atsuko Kagari (Little With Academia)

Atsuko Kagari (Little With Academia)

Little Witch Academia’s central character is Atsuko Kagari, better known as Akko.

Atsuko is a good witch because she works hard, is attractive, and is generally a pleasant person.

She looks up to Shiny Chariot and can be a bit impulsive. Atsuko, on the other hand, is determined to make her ambitions a reality.

10. Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

may be 20 years old, but the film is still adored. “” Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki’s adaptation of the Eiko Kadono novel, which was animated by the latter and directed by Miyazaki, has captivated fans.

Despite her early age, Kiki is fairly capable of fending for herself. Along with being a bit naive, Kiki embodies the idea of a playful young witch perfectly, which is why she is still such a beloved character to this day.