7 Best Shows Like The Umbrella Academy On Netflix Update 04/2024

Shows Like The Umbrella Academy On Netflix

The Academy of Umbrellas

We haven’t had new episodes ofThe Umbrella Academy in over a year, if you can believe it. To make the wait between seasons even more agonizing is the series’ right amount of wacky energy, which follows seven orphans who reunite to save their world after the death of their eccentric millionaire adoptive father. Even while Season 3 is in the works, there’s no telling when we’ll be able to see it on television.

Season 2 fans who’ve moved on to the Sparrow Academy will have to wait until the third season for more Umbrella Academy. Some shows that have similar characteristics may be a good substitute while you’re waiting for “The Walking Dead.” This is a list that The Umbrella Academy fans will enjoy, and spoiler alert, a lot of them contain young kids with unusual powers.

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1. Deadly Class

Deadly Class

In a second comic book adaption featuring disturbed young people with unique powers, Deadly Class follows a street punk named Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth) as he enrolls at King’s Dominion, an elite boarding school for the children of the world’s leading crime families. It has a sleek shine to its horror and violence that is rooted in ’80s nostalgia. Lana Condor, from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, plays Saya Kuroki, a sword-slinging, deeply tattooed yakuza scion, in this very different character. She’s got a wide range. One season of the show was all it had to offer, but it was short and sweet. -Liam Mathews – Keep an eye on Peacock.

2. Misfits


Robert Sheehan appears in Misfits, which follows a group of young adults with unique and unusual skills, so if you’re searching for something similar to The Umbrella Academy, this British dramedy should be your first choice. This is how it works: An electrical storm on their first day of community service causes a group of teenagers to develop unusual talents that match their personalities after being sentenced to community service for a variety of misdeeds (Sheehan,Antonia Thomas,Iwan Rheon,Lauren Socha, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett). For a short while, they were strangers, but they soon became close friends because of their shared experiences and numerous secrets. After the third season, there was a lot of cast turnover, but Joseph Gilgun (Preacher, Brassic) was the star who truly made the final three seasons stand out. -Kaitlin Thomas. On Hulu, [Watch]

3. The Magicians

The Magicians

Wave your magic wand (remote control) to summon The Magicians, a show about young adults with unique capabilities who attend an actual academy to improve their abilities (turn on Netflix). Magic is real, and those who have an affinity for it are encouraged to attend Brakebill’s University for Magical Pedagogy in Syfy’s adaptation of the novel series, which some have described as “Harry Potter for adults,” by You’s Sera Gamble. These kids, on the other hand, aren’t going to magically produce endless handkerchiefs from their sleeves or convert your ears into change dispensers while you’re doing it. The series involves one of television’s most stunning deaths in recent memory, as these students are involved in some pretty dark, apocalyptic arts.

4. Sense8


They were joined by Miguel Silvestre and Bae Doona, as well as Jamie Clayton and Max Riemelt and Brian J. Smith and Tuppance Middleton of the band Sense8.

The characters in The Umbrella Academy have a strong sense of kinship, unlike most other superhero team-ups. Whatever the reason, it’s possible that they’ve formed a dysfunctional family with the common thread of their powers… or something more ethereal. Lana and Lilly Wachowski, creators of The Matrix and the Netflix series Sense8, explore the concept of a unique connection between people with exceptional skills in a small group of people from all over the world. While they don’t have any traditional superpowers, they can share a consciousness, which also means that they can share any abilities they have learned. There is a good kickboxer in the group, which is fortunate. Even though the characters are spread out around the world, they still perform a fan-favorite dance and song. Netflix [Streaming]

5. Marvel’s Runaways

Marvel's Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways is the only show on this list that has a young adult with a telepathic connection to a genetically produced dinosaur, and there’s more than enough reason to tune in. Hulu’s Pride, a three-season series that follows a group of adolescents from all backgrounds who team together to take on Pride, an evil organization that includes all of their parents, is the show’s plot. Although not all the characters have what you’d term “superpowers,” they all have distinct characteristics that make them important members of the team, so it’s a fun variation on the superhero genre. -Kaitlin Thomas. On Hulu, [Watch]

6. Titans


However, despite its many young characters, The Umbrella Academy is not a show geared toward children. Although the most of the shows on this list keep it relatively mild when it comes to putting bad guys down, Titans has no such filter when it comes to its outrageous, over-the-top violence. Based on the Teen Titans comic book series, the show was previously a DC Universe streaming service exclusive until transferring to HBO Max for its second season. The show follows the young superheroes as they try to figure out who they are. The technique appears to include stabbing them in the face and then setting them on fire. You may see this on HBO Max.

7. The Gifted

The Gifted

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be treated to one final program featuring young individuals who possess superhuman abilities. Sorry! You can’t miss it! However, this Fox sitcom, which aired for two seasons from 2017 to 2019, exploited it to great effect. On top of that, it’s the only show on this list that is officially linked to the X-Men universe, so you know what the plot will be: This is the plot of every X-Men movie ever, as young mutants are rejected by society and flee from a government that wants to put mutants in cages. Nevertheless, the aspect of parents safeguarding their superpowered children, which includes young versions of Blink, Thunderbird, and Blink, gives it a slightly new twist and ties it to The Umbrella Academy.