Five Nights At Freddy’s: Top 10 Anime Characters Who Could Survive Update 05/2024

five nights in anime characters

This game’s evil animatronics pose a serious threat, yet some anime characters have the stamina to last the entire five nights.

Iconic indie game Five Nights at Freddy’s centres around a security guard’s attempt to avoid being murdered by possessed animatronics. Because of the limited battery life of the neighboring doors, he must creatively use them to protect himself if he wants to make it through five nights of midnight to six o’clock in the morning without being suffocated.

Fnaf’s possessed animatronics might be dangerous, yet some anime characters can withstand the entire five nights of terror.

1. Meleoron Can Strategically Hold His Breath To Turn Invisible (Hunter X Hunter)

Meleoron (Hunter X Hunter)

In Hunter X Hunter, chimera ants Meleoron and Meleoron’s ability to turn invisible is useful. When faced with a mob of Five Nights at Freddy’s possessed animatronics, being invisible can be a lifesaver.

To be undetected, Meleoron will have to think strategically about how long he can hold his breath. A feature like this would allow him to conserve battery power while also making up for his lack of situational awareness.

2. Kon Will Be Mistaken For Freddy Merchandise (Bleach)

The animatronics will have a huge disadvantage because of Kon’s adorable appearance in Bleach. Because the facial sensors on the animatronics are seeking for a (mostly) humanoid target, even if Kon started moving around, they would not view him as a threat. Because he’s a Modified Soul, putting him in an empty suit wouldn’t be harmful if they found him.

He’d be mistaken for one of the many Freddy dolls littering the eatery, according to the animatronics. If Kon had to defend himself from behind the doors of the security office, he would be doomed. His appearance is fortunate.

3. Jiro Will Be Able To Hear Animatronics Long Before They Get Close (My Hero Academia)

Jiro (My Hero Academia)

In My Hero Academia, Jiro’s Quirk allows her to amplify her hearing significantly by burying her earplug in the soil. Aside from viewing the animatronics on security cameras, she will be able to have a greater understanding of their positions as a result.

Jiro has the intelligence and talent to last the entire five nights if she constantly uses her Quirk to aid her, given that she does relatively well on hero tests and against villains.

4. Armin Is A Skilled Tactician With Strong Judgment Skills (Attack On Titan)

Armin can’t use his powers against the animatronics because transforming into the Colossal Titan will destroy the restaurant and the surrounding area. Because he didn’t need them, he was fortunate.

Armin has shown that he has an excellent sense of judgment and situational awareness by exposing Reiner at Shiganshina or predicting Annie’s next movements in the forest in Attack on Titan.

As a security guard, he’ll be able to keep his calm and carry out his responsibilities by getting inside the heads of the animatronics and predicting their next move before they act.

5. There’s Nothing The Animatronics Could Do To Hurt Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins)

He may not be able to stop the animatronics for the entire five nights, but Seven Deadly Sins’ Ban might. Even if the animatronics jammed him into a deadly suit, he could easily wriggle out of it at the conclusion of the shift because of his endless regenerative capacity. Because of Ban’s everlasting physique, nothing Freddy or his pals could do would have any permanent effect on him or them. As a result, the spooky atmosphere would devolve into a lighthearted one.

6. Akira Can Use His Stand To Power The Doors (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Akira’s Position Five Nights at Freddy’s would benefit greatly by the unbreakable qualities of diamond and red hot chili pepper. He has a plethora of alternatives for ensuring his own safety because to his Stand’s ability to take possession of anything powered by electricity.

In order to avoid damaging the animatronics’ wiring, Akiracould should utilize his Stand to power the doors instead.

He will be able to sleep soundly for the duration of the five nights that Freddy’s henchmen pound on the barrier.

7. Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Can Provide An Essential Last Resort (Naruto)

Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru, the Leaf Village’s most skilled tactician, is capable of surviving all five nights. Since his Shadow Possession can stop the animatronics without harming them, his jutsu is a necessary preventive step

His ability to concurrently use his method on many targets is most astounding of all. Since Foxy is so aggressive and unpredictable, he’d have to watch out for the only other animatronic he’d have to pay attention to. Shikamaru is safe as long as he maintains a steady flow of chakra and power.

8. Doctor Londes Can Control Nearby Electric Systems (Cowboy Bebop)

When it comes to security measures and technology, Dr. Londes from Cowboy Bebop has the upper hand on the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s. Faced with Spike Spiegel, he almost improvised a triumph by using the neighboring gadgets against him.

In order to protect himself from Freddy and his comrades, Londes may only need to push the massive metal doors shut. Also, he wouldn’t get bored of his job because he’d be fascinated by the animatronics. In this way, Londes may be seen as a kind of primitive bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

9. Luffy’s Body Can Protect Him From The Animatronics’ Attacks (One Piece)

Monkey D.Luffy

While Luffy’s knowledge and patience are clearly lacking, he probably wouldn’t need them to survive a six-hour duty as an animatronic security guard. No one, not even an animatronic costume, could ever get near him thanks to his Gum-Gum Balloon method.

When captured, Luffy’s rubberized body will keep him safe from the horrifying gears that would otherwise crush him to death. The Straw Hat captain would find it more entertaining than scary if his robotic opponents tried to kill him.

10.  Light Is Intelligent Enough To Survive The Nights Normally (Death Note)

To put it another way, the Death Note’s Light Yagami has a significant disadvantage because the animatronics can’t be destroyed by the Death Note. Rather of defining his strength, Light has demonstrated over and over again that his notebook merely enhances it.

First night, Light listened to the phone person carefully and experimented with door thresholds so he could take advantage of the animatronics’ idleness and come up with a method of protecting himself. Foxy would never be able to make a quick run to the office because of his fastidious attention to detail.