25 Best Quotes From Movies About Life Update 04/2024

quotes from movies about life

Movie Quotes That Will Inspire You To Live a More Meaningful Life

At Lifehack, Anna serves as the site’s Chief Editor and Content Strategist. Additionally, she’s a motivational speaker who provides advice on how to improve your relationships.

For me, movies are a major source of inspiration. When things get tough, I turn to motivational films for inspiration.

A collection of 25 life-changing movie quotes has been compiled for your perusal.

1. Be determined. Instead of intending to just try, do it.


Do or don’t. There’s no “trying.” in the words of Star Wars’ Yoda

2. Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.

A place where love doesn’t exist cannot be found, and a place where love does exist cannot be hidden.

“Kissing a Fool” by David Schwimmer –

3. Your past experiences are valuable lessons to you now, learn from them.


No doubt about it, the past can be a stinger. However, you may either run away from it, or you can use it to your advantage. In the words of Rafiki, the Lion King

4. Just be yourself because you’re unique and you’ll shine.

Instead than attempting to blend in, why not embrace your uniqueness?

in the book, What a Girl Wants,

5. Life’s too short to miss out anything, try to take it slowly.

The pace of life might be a little overwhelming at times. You might miss it if you don’t take a few moments to look around every now and again. In Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris Bueller’s son says:

6. You should love and take care of yourself because after all, it’s your own life.

There is no use in living your life to please others. Even if it causes pain to others you care about, you must do what is best for you. [quote]—from the film The Notebook

Each individual has the freedom to make their own decisions. You have complete control over the course of your life.

7. Everyone has a choice. You can choose your own path in life.


Green Goblin, from Spider-Man

8. You deserve what you want when you’re trying your best to fight for it, no one can take that right from you.

Never allow someone to convince you that you do not deserve what you desire.

9. There’s no perfect time for anything, do it now or you’ll regret later.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done, but the ones I didn’t do….

 Empire Records (introduced)

10. You don’t need to hide yourself because you’re afraid of what others think of you. You have the choice to live your own life.


It is not our abilities that reveal who we really are; rather, it is the choices we make that do.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Dumbledore

11. Just keep going, you’ll make it one day.

To Forrest: “Run, Forrest, run!”

— Forrest Gump, the film

12. The least expected things happen at your least expected time in life.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” my mother constantly told me. The Forrest Gump quote

13. Never give up on your dream, fight your hardest for it.

Nobody, not even myself, should ever be able to tell you that you can’t do something. Alright? If you have a dream, you must guard it jealously. They want to tell you that you can’t accomplish anything because they themselves can’t. Get what you want if you want it. Period. A quote from The Pursuit of Happiness by Chris Gardner:

14. Don’t stuck in your own little world because the purpose of life is to explore and experience.


“To see the world, things that are dangerous to approach, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel,” says the poet. “That is what life is all about.” — from Walter Mitty’s Secret Life

15. Stop trying to please everyone because it’s impossible. Do what makes you comfortable.

You can’t live your life for the sake of other people. It’s up to you to make a decision. (Alice in Wonderland) — White Queen

16. Believe in yourself. Your confidence will lead you to success and happiness.

Eventually, you come to accept the names people call you for who you really are and stop caring what others think of you.

–Shrek the Third

17. In order to achieve your dreams and goals, you’ll go through tough times for sure but hold on!


Do your best, and don’t give up until you’ve tried everything. Otherwise, there’s no use in starting at all. This could lead to the loss of significant others, such as wives, mothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and coworkers. Perhaps even your own mind. A three- or four-day fast could be required. It may be sitting on a park bench in the cold. It might land you in jail. It’s possible that this expression conveys mockery. Isolation or mocking could be a possible meaning. The benefit of being alone is its solitary nature. All the rest are a test of your stamina. Of the extent to which you truly desire to do so. And you’ll do it, even if the odds are stacked against you. And it’ll be better than you could have ever hoped for. According to Factotum

18. Make every moment count, enjoy your life time and don’t waste it.

Just what we do with the time we have is entirely up to us.

This quotation is taken from The Fellowship of the Ring: The Return of the King.

19. The little things you do today could make a great difference in future.

That which you do today is what matters.

—from “Blackhawk Down”

20. Don’t take missing any opportunities as a bad thing, you never know what life is trying to teach you.

Even if we miss out on an opportunity, it shapes our lives.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button —

21. Achieving greatness is all about how much effort you make throughout the time.


To become great, one must work at it.–Mario Puzo, from The Godfather.–

22. Instead of seeking for happiness, live the moment and that’s where happiness exists.

Paradise still holds a place in my heart. But at least now I know that it’s not something you can search for because it’s not somewhere you go. You can’t forget how you felt when you were a part of something, and once you do, you’ll never forget it. — from The Seaside

23. If you wait for others to complete you, you’ll never be able to have peace in your mind whenever you’re alone.

To truly connect with people, you must first discover peace in your own heart.

The following comes fromBefore Sunrise:

24. Always have hope. Be optimistic for your future.

I know what I need to do now: I must continue to breathe, since the sun will rise tomorrow. There’s no telling what the current will bring. Cast Away –

It’s always best to know why you’re doing anything before you start. The reason why you’re going to do what you’re going to do is critical.

25. Before you do anything, be clear of why you want to do it. The purpose is an important reason to support what you’ll do.


All of the King’s Men

There are a number of movie quotes that have had an impact on my life. Let us know what you’ve got to say!