10 Best Movies About Unrequited Love That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Unrequited Love

Unrequited love stories are universally appealing to moviegoers, regardless of the film’s genre. Rotten Tomatoes has compiled a list of the finest such films now available on Netflix.

More than only romantic feelings are involved in unrequited love. One-sided relationships are often the result of a lack of open acknowledgment or labeling of the relationship. If someone rejects your love, it can cause a great deal of grief and struggle, which makes for a great film. Dramatic and romantic stories are built on the foundation of conflict.

Despite the fact that these stories aren’t enjoyable for the protagonists, they can be some of the most heartfelt for viewers. When it comes to love stories, tragic or rocky love stories are among the most popular sub-genres in cinema. Many of the most popular unrequited love stories may be found on Netflix, as well as some of the more artistic and lesser-known ones.

Svetlana Sterlin updated the article on June 12th, 2021: A rotating selection of movies keeps Netflix’s collection current and interesting. Despite this, the topic of unrequited love remains a popular one. According to Rotten Tomatoes critics, these are some of the best romantic comedies and other romantic movies out there. Films like these can still be viewed objectively as some of the best of their sort, even if fans’ judgments differ from critics’

1. About Time (2013) – 69%

About Time (2013)

Time travel is a genetic trait passed down from generation to generation in Tim’s family. Rather than taking itself too seriously, the film makes light of the basic concept of time travel, which Tim is both awestruck by and frequently jokes about.

When he first sees Mary, he’s instantly smitten. Even though they have a natural affinity for one another, they squander the chance to build a deep connection. The instant they parted ways, Tim chooses to go back in time and relive the experience. However, in this version of events, he discovers that Mary has no idea who he is and is not romantically interested in him.

2. Les Misérables (2012) – 70%

If you’re looking for the most popular film adaptation of the famous novel Les Misérables, go no further than this musical version of Victor Hugo’s work from 2012.

Jean Valjean’s release from jail and subsequent search for a new beginning form the core of the film’s narrative. Marius, a rebel and the son of a nobleman, falls in love with Cosette, the daughter of Jean Valjean. Eponine, a street urchin, falls head over heels for him. A sad ballad about her unrequited love is all she can do to express her sorrow.

3. Lovesong (2016) – 83%

Lovesong (2016)

Two childhood best friends reunite in their adulthood to discover that they have both grown greatly since their last meeting…. Her husband has neglected her and she enjoys Mindy’s company now that she’s alone with her daughter.

There is a subtle strain on their connection due to Mindy’s impending marriage. Their dynamic changes as they spend more time together, allowing Sarah to remember how things were before their separation.

4. The Breaker Upperers (2018) – 87%

Jen and Mel, closest friends since childhood, form an agency to break up couples in unexpected ways. Their outrageous plans, while amusing, are more a reflection of their own issues and pasts than anything else.

Jen is left out and hurt when Mel establishes a connection with one of their clients. As Mel moves on with her life, Jen tries to reunite with her ex, whom she still loves, despite the fact that he cheated.

5. A Ghost Story (2017) – 91%

A Ghost Story (2017)

Unlike other romances, this one is not. The house where the main character’s ghost resides is haunted by his ex-wife. After his death, he is compelled to watch as his wife mourns him and then continues on with her life, which he is forced to witness.

The ghost, who is unable to talk or do anything, is stuck in the space-time continuum and can only be seen by other ghosts. Slow and steady is the name of the game in this beautifully shot film about bereavement and one-sided love.

6. The Squid And The Whale (2005) – 92%

The Berkman family is depicted in great detail in this film, which is named after an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. Both Frank and Walt had to deal with the consequences of their parents’ divorce, as well as the ups and downs of adolescence.

This family’s life appears to be going well from the outside, with both parents doing well and their children pursuing their own dreams. It’s possible Joan and Bernard are actually more like the namesake squid and whale, and their children will have to accept that their parents’ love was never intended to continue.

7. Marriage Story (2019) – 94%

Marriage Story (2019)

Marriage Story, a film by Noah Baumbach, likewise deals with a lengthy divorce process. In spite of the seemingly paradoxical name, the author and subject of this book reflect on their happier times together even as they endure a long and trying separation.

In addition to Charlie and Nicole, they have a small kid, who is also affected by his parents’ difficulties.

Even if they’ve decided to split, it often appears that one of them feels more deeply about the relationship than the other.

8. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) – 96%

Many typical romantic comedy and coming-of-age storylines are used in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but with a new twist. With her father and two sisters, Lara Jean is a high school student. Lara Jean is dealing with the loss of her mother, who passed away not long ago. She enjoys writing letters to boys she’s had crushes on as one of her many hobbies and distractions.

Among these young men is Peter, a friend she made in high school. As a prank, her younger sister sends him Lara Jean’s old letters. As a way to make his ex-girlfriend jealous, Peter gets Lara Jean to pretend to be his girlfriend. That doesn’t mean that Lara Jean doesn’t still harbor romantic sentiments for him. Despite the fact that the plot isn’t original, the film’s overall tone is. In this trilogy, the cinematography and production design are a joy to watch.

9. The Half Of It (2020) – 97%

The Half Of It (2020)

In The Half Of It, a Netflix original, the concept of human souls and their other parts is examined. Until Paul Munsky approaches Ellie Chu for help composing a love letter, Ellie is unsure of her own feelings about love.

Aster Flores, one of the most sought-after females in the school, is the object of his love. Ellie develops affections for Aster, but Paul is unaware of this.

10. Lady Bird (2017) – 99%

Rather than a romantic bond, Lady Bird depicts a mother-daughter dynamic. Her mother Marion and Christine “Lady Bird” don’t always get along. When Lady Bird expresses her desire to attend college in New York, Marion says that they can’t afford it.

Rejected by her mother, Lady Bird ignores her and does what she pleases. Unrequited love is explored through her early romantic and friendship experiences, although these aren’t the most significant connections in the film or in Lady Bird’s life.. Most of the unrequited love in this story isn’t romantic; instead, it’s family.