24 Best Anime Girl Dying In Boy’s Arms That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Anime Girl Dying In Boy's Arms

It’s impossible for anime to be happy-go-lucky all the time.

As a result, it provides an extra degree of suspense.

It creates the impression that a character could vanish at any time during the play. It’s hard to watch our favorite characters die, but it makes us appreciate them much more in the long run.

Anime is littered with tragic deaths, but which are the best? Certainly, I’ll be putting them in order here.

As a last word of warning, the following entire list contains major plot spoilers.

24. Bam

Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)

Tokyo Ghoul (Anime)

If we are honest, this is a strange choice because Bam has clearly survived.

As a result, his innocence was shattered in the final scene depicting his death.

His true colors are shown when he enters the Tower to find Rachel, giving everything he has to defend and be with her. Prior to winning, the woman he cared about the most pushed him to his demise.

The goal was, at least, that.

The sight on his face as he fell, looking at the lady he loved in amazement, was absolutely worth mentioning here.

23. Leone

In the anime Akame ga Kill!

Half the list might be devoted to it. By the end, everyone and their mother are dead.

The saddest death is a matter of personal preference.

Sheele, a sweetheart who became dog food, Tatsumi, a hero, or Bulat, a big brother.

However, it was Leone’s passing that brought the most tears to my eyes.

Why? Because they all died protecting their buddies and there were tears all around them.

Leone, on the other hand, was a person of the people.

She knew her time was over, so she took one more stroll around the markets to take in the bustle before passing out in peace and quiet in an alleyway. This list is already striking hard, damn it!

22. Byakuya Ishigami

Byakuya Ishigami

Dr. Stone in the animated series

There were only a few tears shed in this one, unlike the others.

The man of science that Senku is appeared unfazed. In spite of this, the message was crystal obvious.

His father, who had passed away thousands of years earlier, had faith in him.

He had faith in Senku’s ability to restore order to the planet and ensure that the future was bright.

No matter how silly his father was, Senku’s father always had his son’s best interest in heart. And it was clear that their feelings were reciprocated.

As a result, seeing Senku display his emotions, even for a brief moment, was a joy. But it’s all so tragic.

21. Shirou Fujimoto

It’s a Japanese anime called Ao no Exorcist.

The combination of sadness and guilt in this one really sank in, making it difficult to bear.

To have Shirou’s final moments be a struggle between him and Rin was heartbreaking; he was a good father figure.

Shirou, now possessed by Satan, examines the hand with which he hit Rin. He is blaming himself for his failures.

Both Yukio and Rin blame Rin, believing that their fight with Shirou made her weak. To express exactly how much he cared for his father, Rin called out “Dad” for the first time while urgently trying to help him.

The OST alone is enough to make you cry, but the full package is just too much for one person.

20. Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye

Boku no Hero Academia is a popular anime series that you may enjoy.

When Nighteye observed Allmight’s sad end in the future, he decided to do everything in his power to prevent it from happening again.

Before he died he called Deku, who had transformed his own future and demonstrated that there is still hope in the world.

It was a comfort to his students to see him in his hospital bed. His message was simple: Smiling will brighten the world for him, and everyone else.

Deku begged him to battle on, Mirio thanked him for making him strong, and Allmight broke down in sadness for not talking to a person he held so dear… Allmight’s heart was broken. Sir Nighteye died with a smile on his face.

19. Ayumi Otosaka

Charlotte the Anime

After Ayumi’s death, the show’s atmosphere took a huge turn.

Irritating and depressing events rapidly turned a happy-go-lucky program about superpowered kids into a dark and disturbing one.

Ayumi was forced into a corner with a box cutter by her own irrational jealously of her big sister. The structure fell and crushed her, and she was unable to resist the force of the collapse.

Seeing Yuu, a shattered man, sifting through the ruins in search of her was the most jarring sight.

After that, the loss of his sense of purpose in life was devastating.

Even though she is eventually brought back to life, this particular scene still left me in tears.

18. Akira Fudou

Akira Fudou

Cartoon: Devilman Crybaby

After Akira’s death, everyone but Satan/Ryo died in the series.

With Akira, Ryo reflects on their past together, recalling how Ryo never felt sorry for anyone and how Akira was quick to mourn the loss of loved ones.

‘You’re sobbing too, Ryo,’ someone had said to him.

Now that Ryo has seen Akira’s body cut in half, he now understands what it is to lose a close friend or family member.

During the lightening of the Earth, he cries as he holds Akira’s corpse.

It was a beautiful story with a tragic climax.

17. Tahoumaru

Dororo is an anime series.

A lot happened in the last episode of Dororo. Despite this, there is still a gloomy feeling.

Tahoumaru is left to die in his flaming castle after his final battle with his brother Hyakkikaru.

Finally, he hears what he has longed for all his life: that his mother is there for him and will never abandon him.

He was willing to give up his own brother in order to ensure the prosperity of his kingdom. Despite the fact that he and his sibling shared the same condition: broken.

However, Hyakkimaru was able to observe the misery and suffering all around him after he recovered his body.

In the end, there was no true triumph. There’s no happy ending here.

16. Meruem


Hunter x Hunter is an anime series that I enjoy (2011)

On the record, I can state that I’ve never been more heartbroken about the loss of an opponent than I am now.

After fully understanding what it is to be alive, Meruem is forced out of this planet.

In his final moments, he spends them with Komugi, the girl who gave him all these lessons. Frustrated at her Gungi prowess.

While playing in the pitch black Meruem, he frequently inquires about Komugi’s whereabouts, worried more for her than his own.

The last thing he asks Komugi for is to call him by his name, to acknowledge him as a person.

15. Neji Hyuga

Shippuden, the Naruto series

There were many sad deaths in Naruto. You name them: Jiraya, Minato and Kushina, Itachi, and so on..

Neji’s death, on the other hand, had a different impact on me.

One of these people is the one who disparaged the geniuses of Hinata and Naruto for rejecting the fate that had been laid out for them.

In order to save those two, he was now willing to give up his own life for them.

Obito’s remarks to Naruto, questioning if he could claim to have protected his teammates once more as numerous dead lay unmoving beside him, were the most painful of all.

Naruto was taken aback by the harsh reality of his situation. Because of Neji’s dying expression and the wonderful soundtrack, this was the saddest death of the series for me so far.

14. Ebisu


Noragami is an anime series.

Ebisu’s personality changed dramatically in a short period of time.

At first glance, he seemed a stereotypical nasty man, but he grew on me and his death brought tears to my eyes.

Because Yato was finally acknowledged and wanted, his conversation with her was very heartwarming. Ebisu, on the other hand, had rediscovered the meaning of his own existence.

Rather than simply die and be reborn, Ebisu had an actual desire to live this time around. He aspired to be the person he was right now. It was all because of Yato, of course.

When we later saw Yato and Ebisu together, it was almost as melancholy as when he was explaining to Ebisu the significance of his previous reincarnation.

13. Tomomi Masaoka

Animotion’s Psycho-Pass

It was heartwarming to see Tomomi’s bond with his son Ginoza develop over the course of the play.

Ginoza was originally uninterested in Tomomi. He just described him as a potential felon, someone to be avoided.

But as time goes on, he begins to gain a better understanding of his grandfather.

Ginoza, on the other hand, realized too late that he had made a mistake.

Tomomi gives his life to save his son, despite the fact that doing so would have meant failing the mission. Watching his father die in front of him, Ginoza is overcome with grief like he has never known.

12. Erwin Smith

Erwin Smith

In the anime series “Attack on Titan”

Erwin was a superb leader, even though he was a slave to his curiosity.

He decides to risk his life in the face of the Beast Titan and a boulder rain that has killed so many others, Erwin.

Using a suicidal charge, he explains how the living provide meaning to the deceased and allows Levi to sneak up on the adversary.

Even in the face of certain death, he continued to press forward, unafraid.

Erwin kept asking questions till the end of his life, and he was never pleased with the answers this cruel world provided him.

If nothing else, you can’t help but cry when you see a guy of such stature go down.

11. Rintarou Okabe

Load Region for Déjà Vu: Steins;Gate: The Movie

While the movie depicts Okabe as having died, in reality his memory has been wiped clean… at least temporarily.

This was even more shocking than a typical death scene. Kurisu is the only one who remembers the existence of Okabe because no one else does.

Kurisu mimics Hououin Kyouma’s heartbreaking scenario as she suffers alone.

Her companions are struck with a sense of deja vu. As a result of her loss, she is left to deal with her grief on her own.

This was the most unusually sorrowful anime moment I’ve ever seen. It’s a no-brainer to include it on this list.

10. Kamina


In the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:

Kamina was a true hero in this story.

Everyone attracted toward him because he was the loud-mouthed kind-hearted man who wasn’t afraid of anything and radiated so much positivity.

On his deathbed, he gave his all and fought with Simon to achieve the victory for those he cared about.

After all, they had lost the man who started it all, so the triumph didn’t mean anything.

a member of the group whose spirit was greater than the rest of them.

Because of Kamina’s belief in him, Simon was able to finally believe in himself, and not because Kamina had faith in him.

9. Askeladd

Vinland Saga: The Animated Series

Assuming he was the villain at first glance, but instead turning out to be a hero.

In the end, he fought to the death, killing all those who stood in his way. He gave up his own life to save Canute and Wales, allowing the prince to stab him in the process.

He also left behind a youngster who was dejected.

Thorfinn was a young man who had lost his purpose in life.

He ultimately gave him the all-clear, urging him to move on with his life and forget about him. To become a great warrior, he would have to travel to regions that his father had never set foot on.

Then all of the favors had been repaid, and he was done.

8. L

L-Death Note

Death Note: The Anime

On so many levels, L’s death was twisted.

L collapses to the ground once he finally begins to seal up the perimeter around Light.

Finally, the light had done it. Rather than outsmarting L, it was more a case of him being far more twisted than his adversary. So he tricked Rem into doing the deed by using Misa as a go-between.

That Light embraced L in his death moments, still pretending to care for him, was the most upsetting part. And with a smirk on his face, he looked into his eyes triumphantly.

His killer’s visage in his mind’s eye… At least L was able to go on.

Finally, he realized that he had always been correct.

7. Setsuko

Grave Of The Fireflies

The most heartbreaking aspect about Setsuko’s death was that it was so realistic.

There were no demons or a fantastical world. Just a hungry young child.

Her loving brother is just instructed to feed her during a visit to the doctor. Despite the fact that money is tight.

This is the only thing he’s capable of getting for her. He resorts to theft in order to do it.

His innocent little sister died while he was gone looking for more food.

It’s not a fantasy, either.

The harsh reality of the world’s treatment of individuals whom society has given up on is all that has to be said.

6. Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar

The Bizarre Adventures of JoJo

The JoJo franchise isn’t generally associated with sadness.

However, the death of Joestar the original was genuinely devastating.

In order to save Erina, he gives up his life in the fight with Dio.

Despite the fact that he had no ill will towards Dio, this is the most tragic portion. In spite of all that had happened, he still thought of him as one of his own family members.

When it came to himself, he couldn’t even detest his own murderer since he was so kind-hearted.

Those feelings were also reciprocated by Dio, who was saddened by the news.

Dio lost his last sliver of humanity as he was held by his dying brother in the midst of a raging inferno.

5. Koro-Sensei

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese anime series that follows a high school student’s journey to ass

Even though the entire show revolves around the assassination of this particular character, his demise came as a complete shock to me.

Having trained his killers to live, fight, and be nice people in general is a testament to his abilities as a trainer.

It was time to say farewell to each of my students after I had helped them conquer their greatest obstacles in life.

They were all on top of him as he shouted his farewell words and it still brings tears to my eyes now.

For the first time in history, that world may never see a guy like him again.

4. Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace

One Piece is a popular anime.

It’s depressing when One Peace decides to make you feel unhappy.

On many levels, the battle for Ace’s return was dramatic.

It was a long journey from Whitebard’s tender embrace to his reunion with Luffy.

Ace, on the other hand, sacrificed himself at the very end. And he stabbed the boy he loved like a brother in the chest with a magma arm.

Luffy screams for help, but it’s too late; Ace is already dead.

He thanked his commander, his teammates, and his friends for their love as he took his last breath. However, even though he was a demon. Ace’s final goodbye came with a heartfelt “thank you.”

3. Sohryu Asuka Langley

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a popular anime.

Even though Evangelion is a tragic story, it’s still enjoyable. However, the way Asuka died was possibly the most shocking.

Having now realized how much her mother loved her, Asuka takes on many Evas in a solo battle.

As her strength begins to dwindle, she is able to take out more and more enemies at a rapid pace.

But in the end, it wasn’t enough for me.

When she is stabbed in the head, the Evas that are left feast on Nigoki, tearing it apart like a vulture.

However, despite this, Asuka raises her palm to the sky and vows to destroy all those who stand in her way.

Because of this, her promise was broken before she could take another step.

2. Maes Hughes

Maes Hughes

In the anime Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood,

Jealousy of humanity’s ability to love inspires this feeling of resentment.

And Hughes, a man who loved to the fullest extent he was capable of.

This time around, justice was not served.

Envy ambushes Hughes as he is unraveling Father’s schemes and pierces his shoulders.

Escaped into a phone booth, where he was shot just a few minutes later.

The worst thing is that as his wife squeezed the trigger, Envy took on the form of his wife.

Hughes could only apologize to his wife and daughter as his heart ceased beating. Then he would tell them how much he cared about them.

1. Lelouch Lamperouge

It’s an animated series called Code Geass

To achieve his dream of a world without conflicts or discrimination, Lelouch paid the greatest price.

He decided to be the target of the wrath of the people around him.

He wants to annihilate everything and start over.

Tributes to his best friend and little sister wounded him in the heart as they held him in their arms and wept. And the crowd roared with joy because the monster had been defeated.

As a result, he had a smile on his face. As a result of his efforts, the world has evolved and improved greatly.

It was an honorable sacrifice in his eyes.

When a new person took on the moniker of Zero, we couldn’t help but cry.