10 Best Shows Like Ajin That You Need Watching Update 07/2024

Shows Like Ajin

Ajin tells the story of Kei Nagai, a high school student with a mysterious past. After getting into a car accident, he discovers that he can’t die anymore! Only one thing is clear from this: he’s an Ajin. Kei is an immortal being endowed with extraordinary abilities. As a result, Kei is now on the run from the government, who want to use Ajin as guinea pigs. If he’s discovered, he’ll only face misery and isolation.

The fact that you’ve found your way to this page implies that you’re looking for more manga and anime similar to Ajin. There are a slew of similar anime series available to watch. After watching Ajin, you might enjoy these other programs.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

In recent years, Tokyo has evolved into a dangerous city! Ghouls, monstrous monsters that prey on humans, emerge at night to feed on their flesh. Despite their existence, no one knows what they are or how they got there. Ghouls have only one well-known trait: they are extremely dangerous.

Kaneki Ken, a young man, suffers a terrible fate one day. What he took to be a lovely young lady turned out to be a ghoulish creature! Fortunately for him, he made it out of the encounter unscathed, but not without a price. Doctors were forced to use the female ghoul’s organs to save his life because of his severe injuries and race against time. After a few days, things begin to change. He’s transformed into a ghoul with a ravenous appetite for human flesh!

This four-season anime features a blend of action and horror tropes. It began life as a manga and has since been adapted for the big screen and into a light novel. Before you watch this, be aware that it has a dark tone.

2. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim-)

Izumi Shinichi had just finished a long day of work and was about to retire for the night. After a series of unfortunate events, he no longer qualifies as a normal human being. To survive, he must coexist with an alien organism invading his right arm and explore new territory.

While dealing with the sentient being he’s dubbed “Migi,” Shinchi must also figure out what’s going on. Other aliens, such as Migi, have proven to be extremely dangerous and a danger to all life on Earth. Shinichi must live in harmony with Migi while also waging a personal battle for his life.

This anime is an adaptation of a classic sci-fi manga set in the present day. The animation and pacing of the show were key factors in its success. When you watch this movie, you should expect a lot of blood and gore.

3. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Kabane, zombie-like creatures with iron-caged hearts, have taken over the world, and everyone is fleeing! Living has become a difficult task in a world of fortified cities and heavily armored trains. We live in a world where widespread anxiety, frightful danger, and stressful concerns are part of our daily lives.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows Ikoma that he despises the Kabane and has spent his entire life preparing to take them on. He created weapons and countermeasures to ensure his own survival in the future. His preparation will pay off in the end. Ikoma engages in direct combat with a Kabane as they lay siege to the fortress. Ikoma is bitten and infected by the Kabane after the encounter, but he has a plan B. He put a device on himself and was able to contain the virus! His human form has vanished, however. Ikoma is now a Kabaneri, a hybrid between a human and a Kabane.

A lot of Attack on Titan elements can be found in this series. They even worked with the same studio on both. Even though it only has 12 episodes, this anime is jam-packed with action.

4. Zankyou no Terror (Terror in Resonance)

Terrorism is about to strike the country of Japan. Everyone in Japan, including the police, is befuddled when two teenage boys who go by the moniker “Sphinx” make their debut. Sphinx is a unique kind of terrorist organization. They don’t know why they’re doing it, and they don’t intend to hurt anyone, but their actions have a significant symbolic significance.

“Sphinx” is comprised of two teenage boys named Nine and Twelve, two boys who shouldn’t exist. The two of them may be unknown, but they have a tale to tell. Is that the case? Is there something significant that they’re trying to hide? Whatever they’re aiming for, it’s going to be a seismic event for the entire country!

Shinichiro Watanabe, who directed Cowboy Bebop, directs this suspense thriller. This show’s excellent animation and soundtrack more than compensate for the weak plot and characters. This is a depressing series with bleak protagonists. Some of the political commentary in the anime is quite poignant.

5. Psycho-Pass


Japan will be able to eliminate humans in the future thanks to a technology known as the Sibyl System. Psycho-Pass readers can now be used to assess the threat levels of people. Emotions, quirks, and psychological states are now clearly definable. Crimes can now be stopped in their tracks before they happen.

With all of this high-tech ease, however, comes a slew of problems. Can we trust the Sibyl System and the Psycho-Pass? Can these tools really influence the course of justice? What are the ramifications and costs of this decision? Even the concept of justice itself is a difficult one to grasp. With the Sibyl System and Psycho-Pass added, things might get even more complicated!

Gen Urobuchi, the author of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, returns with a post-cyberpunk anime. This ominous show has echoes of Minority Report. The show explores the philosophical question of whether or not a system like the Sibyl System can be used to keep the streets safe. In a dystopian world, the anime features memorable characters.

6. Deadman Wonderland

When the “Red Man” attacks and massacres all of Igarashi Ganta’s classmates, he finds himself in a terrible situation. Only he was able to escape, and now he’s in even more danger as a result of being implicated in the killings. In the end, he finds himself in Deadman Wonderland, a prison disguised as a wonderland but hiding a bloody secret beneath its surface.

Prisoners, particularly those referred to as “Deadman,” are treated with brutality deep beneath Deadman Wonderland. They’re in for a lot more pain now! Ganta is now a member of this group, and he has mysterious blood powers at his disposal to help him survive.

It’s not the deepest anime, and it only has 12 episodes, but it’s still a lot of fun while it’s on. It’s never boring to watch the inmates fight each other. Given that the protagonist’s power is derived from blood, there is a fair amount of gore in the film.

7. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Lucy, the diclonii queen who escaped, is about to unleash her fury on the world! Having been born as a “Diclonius,” Lucy possesses deadly psychic abilities. She can wreak havoc on anything with her vectors, which are like invisible hands that can interact with objects at the atomic level. It’s game over for her now that she’s made it out of the research facility.

Lucy, like the majority of diclonii, has endured a harrowing existence. As a result, she’s on a mission of vengeance! She despises humanity on a par with her own depravity. Everyone should be on the lookout for her because she’s a danger. An unprecedented threat is about to be unleashed on the world.

This was a very popular anime series in the early to mid-2000s. There is a lot of blood and violence in this cult classic. Despite Lucy’s heinous deeds, a large portion of the audience sympathizes with her. Even though the characters aren’t particularly memorable, the anime as a whole is. If you enjoyed this show, see if any of these others are your cup of tea.

8. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

The health of the God of Space and Time is failing, and he requires a replacement. Everything will be a shambles if he is not succeeded by someone else. The announcement of a brutal survival game follows suit. In order to become the new God of Space and Time, 12 “Future Diary Holders” will have to battle it out for their lives!

As one of the selected participants, Amano Yukiteru is one to watch. He learns that the future can be predicted using his phone diary. A survival game ensues, in which he is pitted against others who have their own set of problems and reasons for wanting to survive. It’s hard for Yukiteru, but he has to do it now. The battle for survival, which will determine the course of history, has already begun.

One of the main characters, Yuno Gasai, was well-received, which helped make this thriller series popular. This show is comparable to Danganronpa in that both feature a battle royale format. Although the show has a tendency to be depressing, it has some standout action sequences.

9. Big Order

Big Order

Eiji Hoshimiya, aka Hoshi, is the most vilified individual in history. Almost everything had been destroyed ten years prior due to his actions. Now he has the ability to defeat anything in his path! While he may have stayed out of sight for the past ten years, the fate of Order users is far from sealed.

Eiji’s fight is just beginning as he faces assassins and a mysterious group that wants to recruit him. His greatness has the potential to make him a world conqueror. He possesses the authority to reveal the mystery surrounding everything that has occurred and will occur in the future!

Future Diary’s creator is behind this new show. This anime could be compared to that series’ more gory episodes. The same suspenseful plot turns can be expected.

10. Death Note

Youngster Yagami Light has discovered the ultimate power. Death Note—a notebook that can kill anyone who sees their name written in it—has fallen into his hands. As a result of Light’s ideals and his own interpretation of justice, he begins the purging of the world’s criminals!

Light makes his first appearance as Kira, and he’s on a mission to bring justice to the world. He’ll do anything to achieve his goal of eradicating evil, even if it means becoming far more evil than he was before.

This is one of the most well-known anime series of the new millennium, and for good reason. The rivalry between Kira and detective L is widely regarded as one of anime’s most intellectual. Your suspense will be piqued as you try to find Kira and bring the story to a close.