Top 10 Anime Characters Like Levi Ackerman Update 06/2024

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The character of Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan is one of the most recognizable in anime history. However, he isn’t alone in being a terrific character.

While the popularity of anime has progressively increased in recent decades, it still requires a certain kind of show to be recognized on sight even by individuals who aren’t even fans of the medium. Levi Ackerman, the protagonist ofAttack On Titan, is the most recognizable character in the series.

Despite his near-impossibility to be defeated, Levi is a multifaceted figure in terms of both his actions and his intentions. There are many interesting and complex characters in anime, and it’s fortunate that he isn’t the only one of his kind.

1. Shinomori Aoshi

Shinomori Aoshi

This character, Aoshi, is essentially Levi if he had gone back to his criminal lifestyle after serving in the military for so long. On the surface, he is cool, shrewd, and capable, making him appear nearly inhuman.

The two men have an intense attachment to individuals they care about, and they take the loss of their friends extremely personally. Similarly to Levi, Aoshi has only ever done what he thought was right, yet his opinions were finally swayed by new information.

2. Satoshi Batista

In the same vein, had Levi never left his criminal roots, he would almost certainly have followed Satoshi Batista’s path. Satoshi is a ruthless and vicious character in Michiko To Hatchin, and he’ll do anything to attain his ambitions.

Because of his upbringing, Satoshi was raised to be distrustful of others, but this wasn’t always the case. If Levi’s friends had betrayed him like Satoshi’s did, perhaps he would have reached the same conclusion.

3. Ginko

Ginko (Mushishi)

There is also Ginko fromMushishi, who is both charming and modest on the other end of the spectrum from these two baddies. Mushi are odd beings who appear from the earth’s most primordial source of energy. Ginko is an enigma that goes from village to village helping those in need.

Both Ginko and Levi have a strong sense of purpose in their lives and don’t often reevaluate their choices. They don’t make a big deal out of the decisions they’ve made and are comfortable with them. In the end, they are both mature men who are confident in their abilities and have a strong sense of self-worth.

4. Near

When it comes to Death Note characters, some would compare L to Levi, but it would be overlooking how low the investigator is willing to go in order to achieve his goals. To be more dignified and in control, Levi ends up emulating Near, L’s unnervingly quiet protégé.

In contrast to L, Near is usually chilly and detached, assuming an unearthly demeanor and isolating himself from the antics of others around him. It’s not uncommon for people to have their own peculiarities in private, just like Levi did, and he was no exception.

5. Hijikata Toshiro

Hijikata Toshiro

Suppose Levi was a huge dork beneath his haughty facade. There is the possibility of him breaking down and making an absolute fool of himself. There’s no denying that he and Gintama’s Hijikata would be identical if he were the same guy. Hijikata stands out for several reasons, not the least of which is because he is a product of Studio Sunrise’s most notable endeavor.

Both are military faction leaders that care about their subordinates, but are severe with the regulations and tend to hold themselves to a higher level than their subordinates. On the other hand, Levi sticks to his guns, whereas Toshi is the kind of guy who likes to play cat and mouse with mayonnaise.

6. Riza Hawkeye

Roy Mustang’s lieutenant, Levi, is a lot like Levi in terms of FMA characters, despite the fact that Roy Mustang is a fan favorite. Riza Hawkeye has a calm demeanor and a tough-love outlook on life that make her appear cruel. She has a cold and direct demeanor.

As a “protector,” she cares very much about her duty and the people around her, which is why she’s so abrasive. Like Levi, she doesn’t necessarily enjoy working for the military, but she simply believes that her position is essential, and she’s always torn over her history and how it shapes her present.

7. Re-L Mayer

Re-L Mayer, Ergo Proxy

ERGO Proxy’s Re-L is very much like Levi when he was a kid.

Almost everyone she encounters is impressed by her, and she exudes an air of self-assurance that is contagious.

However, her need to be in charge can lead to her downfall..

But she also has Levi’s scorn for the rules, which he exhibited as an adult. When it comes to Levi’s order, he only respects it for what it signifies to him and what he feels for his band and Commander Erwin personally. On the other hand, he’s just like Re-L in that he doesn’t care about the law at all, even going so far as to openly insult it.

8. Jin

Jin is the “cool” one in Samurai Champloo because he is one of the main characters. He appears to be calm and composed, with an air of dignity that masks his turbulent past. Nevertheless, despite his samurai garb, he is a ronin, acting according to his own moral code, just like Levi.

It’s also worth noting that both men are incredibly skilled fighters and have extensive training in their respective fields. With their calm confidence, they both know they’re in a class by themselves when it comes to handling themselves.

9. Anna Kyoyama

Anna Kyoyama

In order to obtain what she wants, Thisitako doesn’t shy away from getting a little rough around the edges, even if it means getting a little punched. She and Levi are same in this regard: they want the best of their students and will not put up with sleight of hand.

As with Levi, though, she also comes from a place of love and wisdom like him.

For people she holds in high regard, it’s crucial for Anna from Shaman King to appear strong and confident at all times. She does a good job, and she’s only 15 years old, so she can equal Levi’s maturity level.

10. Goemon Ishikawa XIII

Lupin The Third’s legendary samurai is sassy, classy, and never brassy, just like Levi, who values decency and honor above all else. As Goemon, Levi is equally condescending and devoted to his pals, even if they believe they’re stupid – neither would ever rat out their friends with worse morals.

On a more superficial level, they both lack prior romantic experience.