10 Best Anime Girl Beats Up Boy That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Anime Girl Beats Up Boy

Amnesia In the back area of the cafe where she works, a young woman wakes up with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. To her relief, Shin and Toma, two of her best pals, are summoned to her aid. As soon as she’s alone, she encounters a ghostly kid named Orion.

1. Amnesia


In the back area of the cafe where she works, a young woman wakes up with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. To her relief, Shin and Toma, two of her best pals, are summoned to her aid. Orion, a phantom boy, appears to her when she is alone.

2. Arcana Famiglia

The Arcana Famiglia is a gang of mafia-like protectors on the island of Regalo that possess magical abilities. After making tarot card contracts, the members of their organization each have unique talents, such as overpowering strength,

3. Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000%

Haruka Nanami, a young country girl who aspires to be a composer, dreams of writing music for Hayato Ichinose, her idol. She enlists in Saotome Academy, a well respected vocational school for the performing arts, in order to achieve her aim. Haruka is shocked to discover upon her arrival that everyone

4. Kamigami no Asobi

Yui Kusanagi, a third-year high school student, finds herself suddenly transported to a distant realm after discovering a mysterious sword in her home’s stockpile. Before meeting Zeus, Diana meets five weird yet attractive men while getting to know her new surroundings:

5. Kiniro no Corda: Blue♪Sky

Kiniro no Corda - Blue♪Sky

As soon as Kanade arrives at Seisou Gakuin, he discovers that the orchestra club is in the midst of final preparations for the national competition. With the help of her teammates, she’ll sharpen her talents, meet new competitors, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Source: La Corda D’oro W.

6. Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE

After her father’s death, a daughter inherits an almost bankrupt corporation. Because she lacks the resources, she must now take on the role of producer in order to prevent the company’s demise. Her job brings her into contact with four men: financial expert Zen, idol Kira, police officer Haku, and eminent neuroscientist Si

7. Code:Realize – Sousei no Himegimi

Cardia Beckford has vague recollections of her father Isaac and the house where she lives alone, dubbed a monster by the locals due to the deadly chemical she carries within her body. The Horologium, a perpetually beating heart implanted in her chest by her father, has the power to

8. Stand My Heroes: Piece of Truth

Stand My Heroes - Piece of Truth

Conflict in Japan has become centered around drugs and crime linked to them has increased at an alarming rate. For lack of control, the police department decided to form STAND, an organization comprised of specialist experts and professionals better equipped to deal with high pressure situations.

9. Starry☆Sky

Tsukiko Yahisa, the protagonist, enrolled in a school recently converted from an all-boys to a co-ed institution. Since the school is located in a rural area and offers a very specialized curriculum, the protagonist is the only female student.

10. Dame x Prince Anime Caravan

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan

There are two major countries that surround Inako: the military Milidonia and the monotheistic Selenfalen, loyal to the deity Saint Philia. It is Ani Inako’s duty to unite the people of her land in order to end the animosity amongst them.

11. Nil Admirari no Tenbin

Rather than ending after only 15 years, the Taishou era lasted for another 25 years. A girl decides to marry a man she has no idea about in order to safeguard her dwindling family. However, just days before the wedding, the younger brother of the bride-to-be committed suicide by self-immolation in a mysterious manner.

12. Norn9: Norn+Nonet

Norn9 - Norn+Nonet

There will be no wars in the future since “The World” is a peace-bringer. No one knows where this force has been lurking for so long that conflict is now just a fantasy. Nin ability users are to be delivered to The World via airship Norn. Norn departs as soon as the final passenger is collected. Included

13. Chokkyuu Hyoudai Robot Anime: Straight Title

Mobile Century 8013 is the setting for the anime. Seven millennia after humans was wiped out of the planet, military machines are still at war, and there is no sign of a truce in sight. There is now conflict in Europe and Principality controlled by Rebellion Federation.

14. Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict

Only her father, Ema Hinata, may call herself a family to her. Miwa Asahina, a wealthy Japanese fashion designer, is to be his new wife. In spite of the fact that she now has a new place to call home, Ema’s new family is more than she ever imagined—Ema now has 13 step-brothers! Wish

15. Meiji Tokyo Renka

Mei Ayazuki is a typical high school student. After a full and red moon on a certain night, a self-proclaimed magician named Charlie takes her back in time to the Meiji era. Her journey takes her to a bizarre, Meiji-era Tokyo, where ghosts are accepted.