Top 10 Anime To Watch If You Like Playing Gacha Games Update 06/2024

Gacha games and anime go hand in hand in these ten anime.

Even though mobile gaming hasn’t been widely regarded as a legitimate gaming format in the West, Japanese mobile games dubbed gacha games have been gaining worldwide popularity in recent years, especially in the West. As time goes on, more and more games are being released in English-translated versions in the West, and this trend is becoming more widespread.

Rarely, a good plot in one of the gacha games will lead to an anime adaptation, although it is not unheard of in the industry. This list will include both types of series, with the notable exception of prominent house names likeNaruto, Dragon Ball Z, and My Hero Academia, all of which have gacha games. This is due to the fact that almost everyone with even a passing familiarity with anime is aware of these works.

1. Princess Connect Re:Dive Is Based On The Gacha Games Of The Same Name

Princess Connect Re

One of the few series where the gacha game really precedes the anime adaption is this one, Connecting Princesses In 2020, an anime adaptation of Re:Dive will be produced, while the gacha game was initially released in Japan in February 2018.

A sibling studio to CygamesPictures, the business that invented the gacha, created this anime. When it comes to animation and character inconsistencies, the same devoted crew is responsible for all of them. The eccentric, colorful, and charming group more than makes up for its being an overused cliche at the beginning.

2. Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story Lives On While The English Server Of The Game Was Shut Down

Studio Shaft is the perfect choice to handle a side series to the enduringly popular Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Not only is the tale as engrossing as the original, but the animation is stunning as well, full of rich characters and the series’ signature dark moments and backstories. There will be a second season planned for release in the first quarter of 2020.

There is unfortunately no more English server for the Magia Record gacha game. Fans in the US can still access Japanese servers, but they’ll have to do it via the internet.

3. BanG Dream! Has Phenomenal Music & Vocal Talent

BanG Dream

Mobile rhythm game BanG Dream! encompasses more than just their game and anime. To begin with, they feature a large number of game servers that go beyond the standard JP and EN/WW options. There are other live performances, a manga, and short animated films that aren’t as serious as the main event but are nonetheless fun.

If you’re a lover of rhythm gacha games, you’ll find at least one band or character that you like. Even if the first season’s animation has a few hiccups, it only gets better as the seasons progress.

4. Revue Starlight Combines School Comedy With Magical Tragedy

Iconic anime Revue Starlight combines the heart-wrenching magical tragedy with a slice of life school comedy. Those pals by day have to struggle for their wishes by night. It’s not a rhythm game, but the accompanying gacha allows players chose their favorite songs from the show’s soundtracks to use in combat.

Both the anime and the game are fantastic in their own right, but the PvP can be unfair to free-to-play gamers, as it is in many gacha games. A few crossover-based costumes and songs have been added to the game in collaboration with other rhythm games, such as BanG Dream or Love Live.

5. The Fate/Grand Order Series Will Have More Anime Adaptations To Come

Fate - Grand

Fate/Grand Order is one of the most talked about games in the gacha genre, and with good reason! Despite the fact that it is a smartphone game, the plot is far more intriguing than one might assume from the characters’ designs and characteristics.

Promotional shorts were made between December 2016 and December 2018 for the release of the game, which was launched in 2015. August 2019 was the month it received its first genuine anime adaptation, and it wrapped up in October of same year. Another series and a two-part movie are also in the works for the future.

6. Granblue Fantasy The Animation Has A Different Feel From The Games

Granblue Fantasy, a long-running gacha title famed for its deep plot and generous summons, is one of the most popular games in the genre. The characters are well-developed and well-loved, yet there are two major flaws in this specific work.

Gran, the primary character in the program, is not the same character in the gacha game, which can be a turn-off for certain fans. Between the first and second seasons, there’s a distinct change in animation quality. While both companies produce stunning art, the change might be disconcerting.

7. The Idolmaster Features Over 700 Characters


The Idolmaster series is more than just an anime adaptation of a gacha game; it’s a sprawling media empire. If you’re a fan of the Idolmaster cast and want to see more of the characters you’ve grown to adore, look no further.

Almost thirty games have been released so far, as well as a faithful anime series adaptation. OVAs, manga adaptations, anthologies, and light novels were also produced. As the series boasts over 700 characters, fans will never have to worry about not being able to find a character to connect with.

8. Love Live! School Idol Project/Sunshine/Nijigasaki High School Idol Club All Follow Various Idol Groups

In 2013, the original anime and gacha, School Idol Festival, made Love Live! one of the top brands in the music field. But it’s on our list because a fresh cast of females, a new gacha game, and an anime adaptation have recently been added to the mix.

Even if a fan prefers one of the three main groups, there’s at least a two-season anime and an OVA to follow their journey. Nijigasaki’s newest group of idols has only had a single season so far, but a second season is in the works. If you’re looking for an excellent rhythm game, look no farther than School Idol Festival and School Idol Festival: All Stars.

9. KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! Is A Fun Isekai To Explore

Konosuba God’s blessing on this beautiful world

This is the perfect time for everyone who hasn’t seen Konosuba, especially for those who prefer playing anime-themed gacha games. Since the series’ mobile game was released a year ago, it was confirmed before the end of 2020 that an English release in 2021 will take place.

As a fan, I’m ecstatic to hear this. In addition to reworking well-known plot points, English-speaking players will have access to game-exclusive story content featuring their favorite characters. Combat is basically the same as Princess Connect Re:Dive, but with a Konosuba flair.

10. Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000% Follows A Girl Who Wants To Write A Song For Her Favorite Idol

Uta no Prince-samai is another series on this list that’s a juggernaut in terms of the quantity of titles it has produced. Shining Live is simply one of ten gacha-rhythm games in the Shining Live series, which was launched in 2017.

As a teenager, she dreams of writing a song for her idol and enrolls in an esteemed performing arts school to improve her abilities. There is also a film, a few manga volumes, and a series of stage plays based on the series.