11 Best Light Skin Anime Characters Girl That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Light Skin Anime Characters Girl

Anime hails from Japan. Obvious, init? The reason I bring it up is because dark skinned anime characters…

As well as light skinned or black characters aren’t as prominent as Japanese.

Though with that being stated, there are several characters I’ve discovered along my anime adventure.

Those of which fit the dark/light skinned categorization. With some of the best personalities and roles in the anime‘s they’re involved in.

So let’s get into it.

1. Mur Mur (Mirai Nikki)

Mur Mur (Mirai Nikki)

Mur Mur looks like a mad youngster with too much energy and too much strength for that matter.

At least that’s what you discover as you get into the anime she’s from: Mirai Nikki.

Also known as Future Diary.

Mur Mur’s an unusual blend of fun, lively, scary and cute. I think the part she performed in Future Diary was entertaining.

And it added a nasty and twisted flavor to the entire series.

2. Camilla Pareto (Asterisk War)

Camilla Pareto (Asterisk War)

In the Asterisk War, Camilla serves as one of the supporting players.

Fantasy and action anime with a harem twist and an undercurrent of sexism.

Camilla, at first, appears to be a touch conceited. But as the series progresses, you begin to fall in love with her character.

And even come to the conclusion that she isn’t arrogant in the slightest.

She’s a laid-back individual. Always using reasoning to make decisions.

Her decisions and judgments were never influenced by emotions.

It’s a shame she’s a member of the Asterisk War’s “dark side.”

Here’s a list of 19+ of the best black female characters in anime.

3. Souma Schicksal (God Eater)

Souma Schicksal (God Eater)

Anime character Souma Schicksal is from the action/fantasy show, God Eater. In 2016, it was released.

Souma resembles Bleach’s Byakuya Kuchiki in appearance.

Uneasy to be around, keeps you at arm’s length, and isn’t afraid to express his opinions.

Although you may be offended.

There’s a deeper and darker reason why he’s the way he is.

As an introvert, Souma’s heart and mind are in the right place, no matter what. Purpose drives him, too.

That’s one of the many great things about Souma: his sense of humor.

4. Canaan (Canaan)

Canaan (Canaan)

Canaan is a leading lady in the action anime series Canaan.

There are echoes of Blood+, Noir, and Baccano in this story.

She is able to see emotions as a result of her Synesthesia. Each feeling is represented by a different hue.

I admire Canaan’s focus, commitment, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Yes, her character design, look and feel were excellently done, in my opinion.

5. Syura (Akame Ga Kill)

Syura (Akame Ga Kill)

Akame Ga Kill fans will remember Syura as a character.

This is one of the most action-packed, bloody, and melancholy animes ever made. –

His demeanor is haughty and he’s self-obsessed. Those aren’t exactly attributes that make people like you.

Although his little role in Akame Ga Kill was well-worth it, He also has one of the best black skin tones of any anime villain.

6. Arumi Asahina (Magical Shopping Arcade)

Arumi Asahina (Magical Shopping Arcade)

In Magical Shopping Arcade, Arumi is one of the four main characters.

Arumi’s accent is one of the most intriguing aspects of her character.

Arumi’s voice and accent stand out from the rest of the typical anime accents and voices.

She’s also a character that’s easy to connect with right away.

7. Sphintus Carmen (Magi Series)

Sphintus Carmen (Magi Series)

Mage Kingdom Of Magic’s supporting cast includes Sphintus Carmen.

Aladdin’s roommate is also his best friend.

The first time you meet Sphintus, he’ll annoy you. Sphintus and Aladdin’s friendship grows as you get to see more of it.

Along with most of the characters in the Magi series, his design is one of my favorites.

8. Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Full Metal Alchemist’s Scar is a popular character.

To him, killing state aclhemists is the only way to retaliate for a prior incident he cannot forgive them for.

You can’t help but feel sorry for Scar as you watch him grow as a character.

Why he’s so obsessed with killing so many alchemists?

Scar would be in the top five since he is such an intriguing and endearing character.

9. Choi Mochimazzi (Tamako Market)

Choi Mochimazzi (Tamako Market)

Choi is one of my favorite singers, and I adore him. And her character design, in my opinion, is one of the prettiest and most beautiful in the series.

Tamako Market is a slice of life anime that features Choi as a supporting character.

When it comes to her demeanor Her demeanor is a touch bossy, opinionated, and doesn’t tolerate BS.

That’s one of the things I appreciate about her as a person. Choi’s politeness is one of her best qualities, in my opinion.

10. Dutch (Black Lagoon)

Dutch (Black Lagoon)

One of the most fearsome anime characters you’ll ever meet.

The anime Black Lagoon has a Dutch character. One of my personal favorites.

Dutch is a frank and honest person. He’s not one to mince words. And he isn’t one to mince words.

As soon as dutch notices that something is amiss, he’ll inform you about it.

Also, he has a wonderful sense of humor and is usually level-headed.

11. Kenji Harima (School Rumble)

Kenji Harima (School Rumble)

He is a manga artist from the School Rumble anime series.

As you can tell from his attire, most people assume he’s dishonest based on this. Alternatively, you may be a deliquin.

Mostly because of Kenji Harima’s past and the way he used to handle things..

When it comes to Kenji Harima, the most admirable quality about him is his dedication to succeeding.

Is prepared for everything, and will do whatever it takes to get the desired outcome. Even if he fails spectacularly.

Kenji’s character arc was particularly satisfying to me.