10 Best Anime Moms That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

best anime moms

Anime has a slew of amazing mothers, and it’s time to give them the respect they so richly deserve.

Many anime characters are parents or even grandparents, and the world of anime is full of them. It’s easy to find horrible parents in anime, but there are also excellent parents that raise their children admirably, whether they’re their own offspring or not. More attention and applause should be given to these parents.

If you’re an anime fan, you’ve probably seen these characters in the show’s protagonist or other significant characters’ lives. The amazing parents they are become apparent when the plot is centered on them.

1. Helga Worked Hard To Keep Her Family Comfortable (Vinland Saga)

Vinland Saga

She is the daughter of legendary Jomsviking leader Sigvald, who also served as a matchmaker between Helga and Thors, another legendary Jomsviking warrior. Thors, weary of the bloodshed, had fled to Iceland with his new bride around this time.

Helga gave birth to a daughter, Ylva, and a boy, Thorfinn, in Iceland, where they had a better quality of life. No matter how difficult things became, Helga was always there for her children, even after Thors’ death.

2. Masaki Kurosaki Absolutely Loved Her Son (Bleach)

Masaki Kurosaki, like many anime parents, dies during the main tale and only appears in flashbacks. ” Masaki used to be a Quincy archer, and she helped Captain Isshin Shiba defeat a Hollow and win the battle. After that, she got married to him and started a family. Despite the fact that her combat days were behind her, she didn’t appear to be missing them in the least.

As a mother and wife, Masaki was happier than ever, and she adored her son, Ichigo Kurosaki. When Masaki Kurosaki died, it was like the sun went out for the entire Kurosaki family. Masaki’s tomb is a yearly pilgrimage for Isshin and his family.

3. Minako Ayuzawa Also Runs A Tight Household (Maid-Sama!)

Minako Ayuzawa (Maid-Sama!)

It’s clear that Minako Ayuzawa, Misaki’s loving mother, instilled in her a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility in her. For years, the Ayuzawas struggled to make ends meet when Minako’s husband moved away to pay off a friend’s massive debt.

Minako, despite her family’s misfortunes, stood firm and refused to let them dampen her spirits. When Takumi Usui shows up as a guest, she is a generous and enthusiastic hostess who treats him with respect even if she feels a little overwhelmed when around him.

4. Tomoko Higashikata Won’t Suffer Any Nonsense (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Tomoko Higashikata, the protagonist of the Diamond is Unbreakable story arc, is a tough and responsible person who will not allow any troublemakers or delinquents to meddle with her. She resembles her police spouse in many ways.

Josuke, Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate kid, has a mother like Tomoko who is strict but fair. Despite her best efforts, Tomoko was devastated when her husband passed away early in this tale cycle. But she was able to keep going because to her inner power.

5. Trisha Elric Took Pride In Her Smart Sons (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Trisha Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

When Trisha Elric first appeared, it was in flashbacks, and it was easy to see how amazing of a person she truly is. Although Van Hohenheim was a human Philosopher’s Stone, Trisha saw him as an individual and not a monster.

Trisha was also the proud mother of two bright boys named Edward and Alphonse, on whom she lavished her love and attention each and every single day. However, she passed away before she had a chance to witness them mature into adults. Her death occurred when Edward was just 11 years old, and she is greatly lamented by everyone.

6.  Inko Midoriya Worries For Her Son’s Safety (My Hero Academia)

Her only child, Izuku, was diagnosed as Quirkless when he was a baby, and Inko Midoriya has been concerned about his well-being ever since. As a result of the anti-Quirkless sentiment, Inko worries that Izuku may have a difficult time in the future.

One For All and All Might helped Izuky open his future but it means he’s in danger when he fights baddies, and Inko can’t help but worry. For the sake of Izuku’s protection, she will even talk back to All Might himself, which shows what a fantastic mother she is.

7. Tamako Yukihira Put Love In The Kitchen (Food Wars!)

Tamako Yukihira (Food Wars!)

In the end, Tamako Yukihira and Joichiro Yukihira agreed that love was the key ingredient in any cuisine. You can release your full potential and spread happiness via food when you prepare for a loved one or your family. What the Nakiri family didn’t understand was that.

Tamako wasn’t the best cook, but she had a fantastic time anyhow, so she didn’t mind. Before Tamako’s untimely demise, she and Joichiro taught this important lesson to their son Soma. Soma would go on to become one of the greatest chefs of his time.

8. Kya Gave Her Life To Protect Her Waterbender Daughter (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Only in flashbacks does Kya make an appearance, but Katara has described her to other characters, so we have a good idea of who she is. In fact, Kya wasn’t even aware that the Southern Water Tribe was home to a Waterbender until they were raided by the nearby Fire Nation. So they launched an attack.

She sacrificed herself to save Katara’s life by pretending to be the Waterbender. Her bravery and heroism were very admirable. For the two years before to that, Kya had been an excellent mother to her two children, always there for them when they needed her.

9. Kushina Uzumaki Was Brave & Caring (Naruto)

Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto)

Kurana the nine-tailed fox has a history with Kushina Uzumaki, who was formerly his jinchuriki. She eventually married Minato Namikaze and was close with Mikoto Uchiha, who had just given birth to her first child, Sasuke. They had a son together. At the time, Kushina was a carefree and upbeat person.

For the sake of the village and their newly born boy, Kushina and her Hokage husband gave themselves in the face of Obito’s onslaught. It was therapeutic for Naruto and Kurama to have Kushina’s spirit back them afterwards, and it helped Naruto better control Kurama.

10. Kyoko Honda Transformed Her Life & Taught Tohru Vital Lessons (Fruits Basket)

She was once a delinquent with no hope for the future and no one to rely on. When she met Katsuya Honda and they married, everything changed. Tohru looks up to Kyoko, who has grown from her “red butterfly” days into a kind and upbeat woman.

Because of her new lease on life, Kyoko came to see that everyone deserves a second opportunity. Tohru learned from her that no one is ever truly lost. Tohru was inspired by this to reach out to everyone she encountered, including those who were in a bad situation. That’s how Tohru lived up to her mother’s example and reformed the Sohmas.