Top 10 Anime Characters That Look Alike That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime Characters That Look Alike

Because there is so much anime and so many outstanding creators who respect one other’s work, you are likely to see characters who appear to be twins or at least related. We all have those moments when we start to see similarities between the characters in a new show and the ones we’ve come to know and love. It occurs frequently and has been occurring for many years. This is a common occurrence, thus there are existing lists and forums dedicated to it. Due to the fact that many of those discussions involve references to incredibly dated anime, we’ll be concentrating on characters who look like their counterparts from more recent episodes instead. Some of them are just too fantastic to leave out, so consider this more of an update than anything else.

Ranking is based on how closely the characters resemble one other. There can be more than two at a time! Characters drawn by the same artist (like the Sakuras in other CLAMP works) have also been omitted from this list, along with the oldest anime (i.e. Rumiko Takahashi characters).

Akane Tendo from Ranma 12 & Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) from Sailor Moon; Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho & Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk are some of the famous “twins” we won’t add to the list because they’ve been discussed a million times before but deserve attention. In the meantime, here are some more anime doppelgängers to peruse!

10. Itsuki Ootori (Starmyu) & Kyosuke Kuga (Prince of Stride Alternative)

Itsuki Ootori (Starmyu) & Kyosuke Kuga (Prince of Stride Alternative)

At Ayanagi Academy, Itsuki Ootori is a senior in control of his own dancing squad, a member of the Kao Council, and a gentleman and a rebel in equal measure. One of the senior runners in the Honan High School Stride Club, Kyosuke Kuga is a selfless and compassionate individual.

The pale violet hair of Itsuki and Kyosuke is worn in a man-bun by the former, while the latter sports an extremely athletic ponytail. Both Itsuki and Kyosuke have their bangs parted to the side, with Itsuki on the right and Kyosuke on the left. Slender faces with kind eyes characterize the two of them encouraging senpai!

9 Ginko (Mushishi) & Decim (Death parade)

Ginko is a wandering Mushishi or Mushi Master who deals with both good and negative nature spirits and their effects on people and their surroundings. Decim works at Quindecim as a bartender and adjudicator for the recently deceased. He has to make a choice between reincarnation and the emptiness.

They both have asymmetrical hairstyles that hide one of their eyes, Decim’s on the right and Ginko’s on the left. It’s also worth noting that Ginko has green eyes whereas Decim has blue ones. When it comes to their physical appearance, Ginko and Decim aren’t the only ones that struggle to display their emotions. Despite their frigid demeanors, they’re actually incredibly nice people!

8. Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail) & Red Haired Shanks (One Piece)

Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail) & Red Haired Shanks (One Piece)

Gildarts is a Fairy Tail S class mage who was formerly the guild’s strongest member. His guild mates rarely see him because he travels for long periods of time. As a pirate captain in the One Piece universe and one of the strongest in the world, Shanks is known as a legend.

These father-figures have a lot in common, even if they’re estranged. Furthermore, they are both extremely powerful and have little interest in the “babies” they’ve abandoned to grow up on their own. They’re also both muscularly built with chin-length hair that’s red or red-orange. In contrast to Gildarts, Shanks appears to be trying to keep his hair slicked back most of the time, but the loose strands on the sides of his (beautiful) face make him look less polished than Gildarts. Their scruffy facial hair communicates, “I only care about adventure,” which further adds to their allure. Bear Grylls, it’s your turn.

7. Ren Ichimoku (Hell Girl) & Utakata (Naruto Shippuuden)

Hell Girl Ai’s assistant, Ren Ichimoku, uses an eye he can materialize and utilize to see from afar to help her study clients and foes. Jinchuuriki of the six-tailed slug Saiken from Kirikagura village, Utakata utilizes bubble ninjutsu to combat the slug.

Another pair of side-parts! Both Ren and Utakata have a right side part in their hair, regardless of color. In the rear, their hair is slightly longer; in the front, it’s shorter and covers their left eyes and mouths. You’d think they took each other’s photos with them when they went to the barber.

6. Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist) & Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist) & Grey Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

Because his father is a demonic being, Rin Okumura has decided to become an exorcist in order to avenge him. Fairy Tail’s most powerful wizard, Gray Fullbuster, uses Ice Make magic and has a difficult time keeping his clothes on.

Rin and Gray are impulsive and irrational, yet they also have the appearance that Rin should address Gray as “Onii-san” when they speak. The thicker strand of hair sits squarely in the centre of their foreheads on both of these women’s hairstyles. While Gray has a darker navy eye and Rin has a lighter blue one, they both have the same wide, smug smile when they’re going to kick someone’s ass.

5. Yami (To-LOVE-Ru) & Eve (Black Cat)

Once her mission to kill Rito, Lala’s new fiancé, has been called off, Golden Darkness, a demon assassin from planet Deviluke, decides to stay on Earth. In the wake of Sven’s rescue of Eve, she joins him and Train as a bioweapon and aids them in their battles.

It’s impossible to look away from the two adorable yet dangerous Lolitas in their gothic blonde garb. With long, flowing blonde hair with scruffy bangs and layers framing the faces of pre-teens, they look alike. All-black, sleeveless turtleneck dresses with arm coverings that go up to the middle of the upper arms are worn by both Eve and Yami. Both Eve and Yami sport silver cross-shaped cutouts on their chests, and their outfits are remarkably similar in terms of style. In addition, they both have reddish eyes.

4. Momiji Souma (Fruits Basket) & Mitzukuni “Honey” Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)

Momiji Souma (Fruits Basket) & Mitzukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)

Because of a family curse, Momiji Souma, the Chinese zodiacal rabbit, changes into one if she gets too enthusiastic or is touched by someone of the opposing sex. Honey is Ouran’s Host Club’s sweets-loving, loli-shota host. Despite his youthful appearance, he is the eldest of the group.

Those two are the lolli-shotas of their gang. You can’t help but be smitten with them. However, it goes beyond than that. Their hair is blond and covers their foreheads, and they both have large brown eyes. Rabbits are also a common ancestor for them! Momiji transforms into a rabbit, whereas Honey always carries a plush bunny along. They share a zodiac sign: Pisces!

3. Regina (DokiDoki! Precure) & Ichigo Hoshimiya (Aikatsu!)

The second in charge of the Selfish Trio, Regina is the Selfish King’s daughter. As a result of her evil talents, Regina is known for being a bit of a bully. As a cheerful “cute-type” idol who is therefore cute and welcoming, Ichigo Hoshimiya has the exact opposite personality quirk.

With their long blonde hair, slightly longer bangs that end just above the middle of the forehead, and a giant red bow on top of their heads, Regina and Ichigo appear like they belong in Alice in Wonderland. Because of the difference in eye color, you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart! There are blue eyes on Regina and red on Ichigo. That all changes, though, when Regina’s eyes turn crimson and she turns dark.

2. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To-LOVE-Ru) & Outer Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire)

Lala Satalin Deviluke (To-LOVE-Ru) & Outer Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire)

Princess Lala of planet Deviluke fled away from home to avoid her suitors and ended up betrothed to Rito, a high school kid, after a hilarious misunderstanding. Vampire Moka’s “Outer” personality, which is loving and gentle, is the result of a rosary around her neck keeping her actual dark nature under control.

In this case, we have a devil princess and a vampire, but who knows? Outer Moka and Lala are nearly identical in appearance, but for Lala’s over-the-top fashion sense. They each have long, bright pink hair, green eyes, and an ahoge! Not to mention that both of them are regarded as the most visually appealing students at their respective high schools. No surprise, considering that they both have a pretty well-endowed body…

1. Leorio Paladiknight (Hunter x Hunter), Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist) & Takumi Rindou (World Trigger)

Gon, Killua, and Kurapika are all close friends of Leorio’s, who is studying to become a doctor so that he can help those who cannot afford medical care. Maes Hughes is Roy Mustang’s best friend and a Major in the Amestrian State Military. This branch’s chief, Takumi Rindou, was Yuma’s father’s best friend when he was alive.

Three tall, slender men with short black spikey hair, spectacles, and sparse facial hair stand out. Rindou sports a scruffy goatee, and Leorio sports sideburns. Hughes lets his beard grow all over. Both of these characters’ faces are slightly longer than those of other characters on their series. Furthermore, they are all dressed in dark blue suits or uniforms.

The fact that these three individuals share more than just their physical look is even more fascinating. All of them share a single voice actor, too! Keiji Fujiwara is the author of this piece. You can even locate some photos of Fujiwara with the same short-ish hairstyle, glasses, and goatee as these guys do! (You can even Google it!) This trio of triplets was destined to be the most popular!

Fujiwara is also the voice of Isshin Kurosaki in Bleach, and he has a striking resemblance to the character’s appearance! Except for the fact that he doesn’t wear glasses and has a larger frame.