Top 21 Anime Characters With Ponytails That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Anime Characters With Ponytails

In terms of anime girl hairstyles, a ponytail is one of the best options. The popularity of anime and manga has grown tremendously in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. We’ve all seen and read about the adorable, cheerful, and flawlessly flawless anime characters on television and in manga.

Anime characters used to be painstakingly hand-drawn and could take months to complete, but thanks to the advent of powerful software, it now takes a few hours to create a great anime figure.

Anime girl with ponytails are noted for their unpredictable beauty and appeal since they are based on a person’s imagination rather than the actuality of the characters.

1. Anime Girl with Blue High Ponytail

Blonde hair in a messy ponytail, Botan from YuYuHakusho is a short-sighted and overly optimistic anime female with a beautiful appearance.

2. Ponytail with Bardot Bangs

This anime girl with a ponytail and huge golden eyes looks stunning with her mid-length hair. She lacks feminine qualities and is unable to pull off makeup. But despite her attractiveness, she is extremely unsteady and often agitated when unable to make a decision on anything.

3.  Long Blonde Anime Ponytail

Despite her lovely appearance and blonde hair in a high ponytail framing her right cheek, Ino Yamanaka possesses a strong will and a steely demeanor that belies her pale skin and blue eyes. When it comes to anime girls, Ino stands out because of her stunning ponytail.

4. Anime Girl with Pigtails

Ranko Kanzaki, a young girl with a crazy imagination, wears a Gothic Lolita-style clothing as her costume. Her black wavy hair is worn in two loose ponytails with long wispy bangs, and her eyes are a lovely shade of crimson.

5. Anime Girl with Pink Hair

Morgiana is a gorgeous young girl with fuchsia pink hair and eyes who plays a tritagonist in the manga series Magi. Morgiana wears her hair in a half-side ponytail with harsh bangs, which are parted in the middle.

6. Genie Ponytail

Having long, thick and voluminous hair like Jasmine’s is a beauty to see. You can tell she has a lot of confidence in her own abilities because she’s not scared to speak her mind. In a high anime ponytail with middle-parted bangs, her hair is styled to perfection.

7. Side Low Ponytail

She has a cheerful and upbeat personality, NanobanaKinako Because of her gorgeous milky brown hair and brown eyes, she looks like a celestial goddess when she wears her hair in a loose, sloppy side anime ponytail.

8. Dark Purple Anime Twin Tails

Her name is MineneUryuu, and she appears in the manga Future Diary. Terrorist and anti-heroine with dark purple hair and expressive eyes. This vibrant anime girl’s piggy tails appear regal and passionate.

9. Plum Low Ponytail and Bangs

RevyAKA Young Rebecca has plum-colored hair in a low anime ponytail with bangs and shoulder-length locks framing the sides of her face. She’s a strong, confident girl. She is a mad sailor who is extremely skilled with firearms and dual-wielding. She is extremely vicious and dangerous.

10. Anime Girl with Unicorn Ponytails

One of the coolest characters in the comics is Aria Blaze, a girl with transparent, non-feathery wings who wants to rule the world. Anime girl who is never afraid to speak her thoughts, she is feisty and assertive.

Mind control, flirting, bullying, and mocking are just a few of her ice-cold pastimes. Her charming anime piggy tails styled in her hunky-dory hair in shades of green, pink, and purple is adorable.

11. Box Braid Ponytail

It is Izumi Curtis, a powerful, modest, and attractive character, who teaches two lads how to use their alchemical gifts to their full potential. Box braided hair is tied into a high ponytail by a tall blonde girl with fair skin and dark eyes.

12. Mid-length Blonde Ponytail

The Fate series’ Saber is a muscular adolescent with light blonde hair, fair skin, and emerald eyes. Anime gal with a ponytail, she always tells it how it is Ponytail with ribbons and layered bangs in the centre of her face.

13. Anime Girl with Long Scarlet Ponytail

Tall and stunning, Erza Scarlet has brown eyes and long, crimson hair pulled back into a stunning anime ponytail. She has a belittling, impatient, and desperate personality that belies her seriousness and toughness.

14. Messy Ponytail and Sloppy Bangs

Kite’s central character is Sawa. She is a vivacious and outgoing young woman who has had a difficult childhood. Her parents were brutally murdered when she was just a baby, and she now works as an assassin. She has dark eyes and shaggy bangs, and her hair is in a messy ponytail.

15. Short Side Ponytail

Because of her three older sisters, Misty is a shy and insecure young woman. In spite of this, she is an excellent gym instructor and an excellent fisherman. Fair-skinned with green eyes, she has short reddish-orange hair styled in an anime ponytail on the side.

16. Long Anime Ponytail and Side Bangs

HitagiSenjougaharahas an incurable condition that causes her to withdraw from others, making her appear weak and frail. She has lovely blue eyes and purple hair in a ponytail. She’s abrasive, nasty, and a bit of a jerk. Sincere anime girl with ponytails, on the other hand, stands by what she says.

17. Blonde Hair and Side High Ponytail

Young woman with fair skin and a normal height. Light brown hair is done in an anime style ponytail on the right side of her head with a bright ribbon. She is self-confident about her looks and has a natural talent for writing. Lucy is dependable and willing to go above and beyond for those she cares about.

18. Ash Blond Twin Tails

When it comes to height and hair color (ash blonde with anime piggy tails), Maka Albarn has it all. She’s tenacious, obstinate, and full of drive, but she’s also clever, sharp, and knowledgeable. She is an avid magazine and book reader.

19. Reddish Brown Long Ponytail

Makoto Kino, better known as Sailor Jupiter, is a tall high school girl who possesses the power to fly and is extremely self-sufficient. Hair in an anime ponytail with bangs complements her gorgeous green eyes and reddish brown skin tone.

20. Anime Girl with Short Green Pigtails

She’s a pleasant, upbeat individual who enjoys shooting pictures and lends a helping hand to her pals when she can. Her hair is twisted into a dual ponytail with ribbons, bells, and wispy bangs, and her green eyes are stunning.

21. Puff Ponytail and Side Braids

Anime Characters With Ponytails

Hair is fashioned in a high anime ponytail with side braids for the stunning Yuuki Asuna. This woman towers over the rest. She can’t bear to see them in harm’s way because she cares so much about them. As a nice and helpful anime girl, she pursues her goals with a fierce dedication and tenacity.