The 10 Best Anime About Social Anxiety That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

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This post will explore anime regarding social anxiety, we will try and describe how anime reflects social anxiety. We shall offer some names of animes regarding social anxiety. Anime helps to express social anxiety in a better way, we will also address a few FAQs based on the issue.

Anime about social anxiety

Anime on social anxiety is a Japanese depiction of films and television animation about social anxiety. This content is suited for both adults and children, anime has a stronger aesthetic appeal. People who are feeling social anxiety can relate to these animes.

Social anxiety is defined as an excessive fear of interacting with others or being negatively judged by them. It is often profoundly debilitating and makes it impossible for persons with it to steer fulfilling lives.

Social anxiety isn’t simply confined to the real world, there is also plenty anime about anxiety worth viewing. Shows like March Comes In somewhat of a Lion takes social anxiety seriously, showing the character’s issues with gravity and empathy. Others, like Welcome to the NHK and My Roommate, maybe a Cat blend hilarity sympathetically, while a couple simply like the latest Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu, have a mostly funny take on the topic.

In some cases, the protagonist battles with a serious case of social anxiety that’s immune to all attempts at betterment, while in other cases it’s readily resolved. Whether social anxiety is the major theme of the series or just a key feature, it gives a sense of realism and fascination to the show in question.

Anime about social anxiety: descriptions

It’s incredibly difficult for Tomoko Kuroki to become popular. The reason for this is because she is petrified of meeting the same individuals she hopes will admire her. Instead of just talking to her peers, she devises a slew of intricate schemes in an effort to capture their attention. Because she has no idea what other people find appealing, her initiatives are doomed to failure. As a result of this, she begins to resent and despise her “popular” classmates, a desire she has to be accepted by them. The program is often humorous, but it also portrays social anxiety in a bitingly realistic manner.

  1. Welcome to the NHK

Welcome To The NHK

Social anxiety in anime has never been expressed as vividly as it is here. Hiikikomori Tatsuhiro Satou is so terrified of the outer world that he only ventures outside when he absolutely must. His obsessive delusions about the government and the media, as well as his constant fear of financial ruin, make him extremely apprehensive about social interaction. A neighbor girl offers to help him one day, but she may be just as troubled as he is, if not more, than he is.

  1. Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu

Because her name signifies “lonely” or “alone,” Hitori Bocchi is paralyzed by her fear of educating other people. Her sole buddy, Yawara Kai, challenges her to make new acquaintances at her new school, or never ask her again. Hitori Bocchi’s new school would be a better place if she had friends, therefore this challenge wasn’t intended to be cruel.

  1. No game no life

No Game, No Life

When Sora and Shiro, a brother and sister duo in an anime series, are reluctant to go outdoors and mingle with other people, they prefer to stay indoors and play video games all day. In a world where gaming has real-life effects, these two rise to the top of the dashboard, defeating everyone who challenged them, and returning to the dashboard. Fear of being judged by strangers is what keeps them from conquering the world, even though they’re capable of doing so. They can only interact with others in a social setting when gaming is involved.

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  1. Kotoura-san

For good cause, Kotoura feels apprehensive about social situations. She can read the minds of others with her psychic abilities, but she is unable to tell the difference between ideas and words. As a result, she exposes the secrets of others, causing her own relationships to crumble and even causing her parents’ union to fall apart completely. As a result, she is despised by anybody who discovers what she intends to do and lives in continual worry that her actual character will be exposed in new situations. This comes to an end when she is accepted for who she is by Manabe, a psychic researcher named Yuriko, and others.

  1. March comes in like a lion

March comes in like a lion

Rei Kiriyama has had a difficult time forming social bonds. His life spiraled out of control from an early age because of the bullying and social exclusion that followed him into adulthood. In the wake of the death of their biological parents, his adoptive father elevates him to a position of respect and admiration, which inflames the resentment of his adopted sister. Toward the end of his adolescence, he shows little desire or aptitude to build close relationships with anyone or any group of people. Some people have helped him not feel so lonely, such the warm and friendly Kawamoto sisters and Harunobu Nikaido, his noisy self-proclaimed competitor. However, coming out of his shell will take time and effort from both of them.

  1. Recovery of an MMO

Moriko Morioka, 30, is relieved when she quits her corporate job because she no longer has to contact with other people. Instead, she plans to stay home and play video games till she drops. While she initially finds this to be a positive experience, she soon wishes for genuine human contact. The fact that she’s afraid to strike up a real-life conversation makes this more difficult than it appears to be. Upon learning that she’d become friends with a “female” in an MMO who was actually a person she knew in the real world, she’s put to the test as she navigates their growing romance.

  1. Big Windup

Big Windup

There’s a lot more going on in Big Windup than baseball. The other players on Ren Mihashi’s former baseball club shunned him because they thought his bad pitching was holding the squad behind and that he had gotten his position through nepotism. Ren is so afraid of being put in that circumstance again that he almost doesn’t try for the team when he enters a new school, despite his desire to pitch more than anything else in the world. As soon as he joins the team, he’s so afraid that everyone will hate him that he can barely bring himself to speak in their presence, doesn’t sleep for the entire faculty trip, and is basically a nervous wreck until his new team confirms that they’re behind him. This helps, but it doesn’t totally alleviate my anxiousness.

  1. Princess jellyfish

Tsukimi, along with the rest of the occupants of Amars House, has difficulty interacting with others. It’s not uncommon for these women to avoid interacting with others outside of their limited circle of nerdy female friends owing to social anxiety. For some, it’s not a matter of anxiety, but rather a lack of motivation. After meeting Kuranosuke, a cross-dressing college student who isn’t scared to be himself, Tsukimi realizes that she wants to expand her social horizons but is afraid to do so.

  1. Yuri!!! On ICE

Yuri!!! on Ice

Anxiety and LGBT romance collide in the hit Netflix series Yuri!!! on Ice. Yuri Katsuki’s skating career could be put on pause for months if one of his performances is judged to be a failure by the public. Having his skating idol and crush Victor Nikiforov as a mentor rekindles some of his confidence, but it takes him some time to truly trust Victor and open himself up to him. It’s not only Yuri who suffers from anxiousness. It’s hard to tell how much strain JJ Leroy is under, even though his outward demeanor suggests otherwise; he’s scared that others will scorn him if he doesn’t reach his own high standards in skating. In the aftermath of his panic incident on the ice, his boasting seemed less arrogant and more self-calming.

  1. My roommate is a cat

Subaru It was only after the death of his parents that Mikazuki’s fear of human contact became so great that even going home to meet his editor or promote his books was difficult for him to do. The kind shop owner and her brother force him to converse with strangers after he takes in a stray cat they call Haru. This is something he was unwilling to do before. The more he interacts with others, the more at ease he becomes. Even if Subaru is never going to be an outgoing person, conversing with others is becoming less of an embarrassment and more of a pleasure.


Anime about social anxiety was covered in this article, as well as how anime depicts social anxiety. The topic of social anxiety has been brought up in relation to anime, and a few titles have been mentioned. In the end, we learned that anime is a better medium for depicting social anxiety. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about this issue.