10 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Goku Update 04/2024

Anime Characters Who Can Beat Goku

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As a result, many diehard Dragon Ball fans see Goku as a deity, praising him for his immense strength and might.

Goku has been training in the presence of the gods that rule the planet since he was just a baby with a strength level of just two numbers.

It’s hard to envision anyone being able to shoot Goku with his current level of strength and power. That being said, we’re confident that all it would take is a bored anime character looking for a little fun with Goku. While Goku may be the most powerful character in the series, there are a number of others who may make him a complete ragdoll.

To put it simply, it’s impossible to compare the power of Goku to that of any of the other heroes and villains in the series.

Even if Dragon Ball Poster Boy is imprisoned in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a thousand years, he will be swatted to Hades just in time for his opponents to return to the grocery store and purchase a last-minute bag of kiwis.

When compared to the anime heroes of the time, Goku’s apparent overwhelming power is at the very least cute.

Be gentle with us, please. To tell this story, we’re merely messengers. Akira Toriyama can probably be blamed (with due respect) for not giving Goku’s armament an extra dimension or boost every now and again, but the manga designers came up with the absurdly high power levels. These ten anime characters have the power to completely demolish Goku and leave him with nothing but dust in their wake.



Regardless matter the path we choose to get there, the ultimate Truth is at the end of every one of them.

This is the gate that Goku will face if he ever makes it to the end of time, space, and everything else.

To be all-powerful and all-knowing isn’t actually necessary for Truth to get involved in a physical duel.

As a result, the Tier 0 character is not scared to use a few fighting moves to finish this list of amusements.

Once Truth the Saiyan has finished his attack, I hope he can summon Goku back to his dimension in his extra-dimensional spirit.

9. Nanika from Hunter x Hunter Goku with Trick

She’s just like Eri, who’s a little smaller. Killua’s sister, Alluka, has a similar body type to her own. Nanika is a demonic creature who will grant a person’s wish if they meet three requirements. The quantity of wishes she can fulfill is incomprehensible. The more strong the want, the more difficult it will be to grant subsequent wishes. Two people will likely die immediately if the following person rejects or fails to comply with the request. Due to the fact that Nanika’s body is in Alluka’s and she has the same level of strength as an average child. In the event that it chooses to remain in its current form, its physical strength can grow. So Nanika can defeat Goku

8. Ryuk (DEATH NOTE) can Kill Goku with Trick


There wouldn’t be much of a spectacle if Ryuk fought Goku.

Defending his side of the arena, Goku is on the lookout for an opponent who is moving invisibly toward him.

A Saiyan fighter may swivel for 40 seconds, trying to strike an opponent he can’t possible reach till his heart stops, and we may hear the scratch of a pen on paper.

Ryuk defeating Goku is tedious.

Since Shinigami are Shinigami, Ryuk can’t see or touch them while he’s doing his duty; he just needs to put their name into the Death Note.

In just a few minutes, Ryuk will be back to munching apple and screaming Light, as if nothing ever happened.

7. THE CREATOR (UMINEKO NO NAKU KORO NI) can beat Goku without difficulty

All the gods are ranked in this order, with the Creator occupying tier 0.

Even if he has an infinite amount of wisdom, he would undoubtedly give Goku an opportunity to walk away from the fight, but when has Goku ever been able to walk away from a battle?’

It is possible that Goku’s best move is a Spirit Bomb that has been boosted to its maximum potential.

He may be able to make the blue orb as large as a planet based on his extensive knowledge.

Against a threat with a destructive power that extends across the entire universe, what would this accomplish?

With just a single blink, Goku has been defeated. After one more blink, he’ll be back to being subject to the whims of The Creator.

6. Anti-Spiral can beat goku without difficulty


The Anti-Spiral comes in first position at the very end of the list.

Gurren Lagann Anti-Spiral are omnipotent, omniscient, and ever-present entities in the Tengan Toppa series.

Stop their own evolution so that they may appear in any time or place.

There is nothing that can stop them from annihilating the entire multiverse.

They exist as a single being with a unified mind.

To put it simply, this is the simplest way to explain it.

Anti-Spiral has unlimited power. They are everywhere and know everything. When it comes to what they can and cannot do to Goku, there isn’t a much to say.

The Anti-Spiral Goku isn’t even a small bit of a bug for someone with so much power.

Due to their enormous strength, they hold the top spot.

The list also includes members like Zeno and Haruhi, who are capable of destroying the fabric of reality. The Antispiral, on the other hand, is capable of annihilating all life in all universes. An enormous amount of power is at play here. What makes them gods in this list is that.

5. Simon (Gurren Lagann) can beat Goku without difficulty

Gurren Lagann’s antagonist is the Anti Spiral.

The anti Spiral is supposed to be omniscient, omnipresent, and strong.

We can rest assured that Simon, our hero, is more powerful than Anti Spiral and can defeat Goku.

To construct Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon uses the energy of his spiral to absorb the Anti-Multiverse Spiral’s Labyrinth, which contains limitless multiverses.

When it comes to Simon, the sky’s the limit.

I have seen him throw galaxy-sized balls of fire.

Goku’s sneezes are a thing of the past for Simon.

As long as they’re fighting, it’s unethical.

4. ZENO (DRAGON BALL SUPER) Can Beat Goku very easily


If Goku is in a relaxed and lighthearted mood for the fight, it could make a significant difference in his life expectancy compared to what it typically would be.

Zeno’s primary desire is to relax and have fun, perhaps with a board game or some other activity.

Anyone who irritates the Omni King, on the other hand, will very certainly be assassinated before they can think of anything to say in opposition to it.

Zeno will destroy Goku and his entire universe before attempting to locate cookies in another if he doesn’t want to play Tic-Tac-Toe with his enemies but instead wants to prove his power by employing a full-on Kamehameha.

3. Anos can beat Goku very easily

When watching the anime show The Misfits of Demon King Academy, We now have The Demon King of the King, a sequel to The Misfits of Demon King Academy. It is impossible for Goku to compete with Anos, who is simply too powerful. In theory, this could be a fun fight if Goku is allowed to play about with it. However, it is important to remember that Anos is nearly indestructible. Goku will never be able to defeat him due to his unique power to resurrect himself from the dead. In his planet, 2000 years before the present chronology, Anos defeated the entire pantheon of gods. Additionally, he possesses an axe capable of wiping out the entire cosmos. When confronted with a weapon as powerful as Goku’s, he has no choice but to succumb.

2. Rimuru Tempest can beat Goku very easily

Rimuru Tempest

In spite of the fact that Rimuru begins his life as a normal human being in a planet radically different from our own, he develops at an incredibly rapid rate.

Having risen from a slime of devils to a True Dragon, and then to Godhood, his strength overwhelms everyone.

The dragon’s ultimate power lies in his capacity to traverse between realms, allowing him not merely to go wherever he pleases when he pleases.

Goku has little chance against Rimuru’s speed and agility.

Despite Goku’s immense strength, the multiverse threat that slime poses is unbeatable.

Rimuru, as the true God, possesses power to both destroy and create multiple universes.

That Goku is considered a powerful character in Shonen anime is not an outlandish claim.

He has the ability to get stronger over time in his most recent hyper Instinct form.

But despite the fact that the DBZ series and its cast are unbeatable, the Isekai series comes out on top every time.

An eternal god who can create and destroy numerous universes is the protagonist of TenSura’s story.

Aside from Goku, it’s impossible to find someone who can match Rimuru’s arsenal of magical abilities, including the capacity to travel through time and space. Rimuru, on the other hand, is more than capable of defeating Goku.

1. TORI-BOT (DRAGON BALL) can beat goku with his pen

It may come as a shock to learn that there is a character in the Dragon Ball universe who is far more powerful than Zeno.

This character, in reality, is far more powerful than Zeno. The Omni King, a mighty warrior. Due to the fact that he created Zeno, Goku, as well as the rest of the cosmos around them.

In the manga, the strange character known as Tori-Bot can be found on occasion.

It’s Akira Toriyama himself, the author of this intriguing novel, who is the protagonist.

Even though it would break his heart to take a single shot at the Saiyan son he adores, he would do so in order to establish his point in this list.