20 Best Halloween Movies On Hulu That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Halloween Movies On Hulu

Despite the fact that Halloween is still a month away, you can make every day feel like Halloween using Hulu’s Halloween movie library. There are classics like Stephen King’s Children of the Corn, as well as more recent thrills like A Quiet Place, available on the streaming service’s library. You can’t go wrong with a frightening movie marathon this fall, no matter what your plans are. What better time for a good scream session than when the lights are dimmed? But if being afraid isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with a selection of films that is. It’s not complete without popcorn!

1. Child’s Play

Child's Play

This film, better known as Chucky, is a must-see for any horror fan. Single mother gives her son a popular doll, but soon discovers that it is inhabited by the soul of serial killers..

2. Parasite (2019)

When you reach the midway mark of this Korean horror film, you’ll understand why it won an Oscar for best picture in 2019. While working for the wealthy Parks, the destitute Kim family encounters a series of events that neither family could have anticipated.

3. Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn

This is one of the greatest horror films ever made. Watch as a group of survivors in a farmhouse are encircled by hordes of vicious zombies from the mind of Stephen King.

4. Jigsaw

The eighth version of Jigsaw may be the scariest of all of them. Be prepared to be shocked by the first-of-its-kind serial killer that you’ve ever seen.

5. A Quiet Place

An action-packed thriller, this film will keep you riveted. Both of Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s fictitious children must fight to survive in a world plagued by monsters who have developed “ultra-sensitive hearing.”

6. Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep

When Ewan McGregor’s Dan Torrance (from Stephen King’s The Shinning) meets a new adolescent with the same gift, we know we’ve found our match.

7. Night of the Living Dead

On the eve of Halloween, watch as a group of people hiding in a farmhouse are confronted by hordes of zombies hungry for their flesh.

8. It

If you’ve ever wondered what causes your phobia of clowns, this film is for you. A gang of bullied teenagers in Maine form an unlikely alliance to take down a monster that can transform into a clown and prey on children.

9. Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary

What would you do if you found a secret burial place right outside your front door? Unimaginable evil is unleashed as a result of a tragedy, setting off a series of bizarre events. Take a look if you dare.

10. Crawl

This thriller, though not Halloween-themed, will leave you breathless. Following her father’s refusal to evacuate during a hurricane in their Florida town, Haley remains behind to help him, and the two find themselves in danger from a swarm of enormous alligators. Alive or dead: that is the question.

11. Mostly Ghostly

If you’re not a fan of horror films, this is the Halloween movie for you. Two lost ghosts appear in a young magician’s basement, and he promises them assistance in exchange for their assistance in finding love. This movie, starring a young Madison Pettis, will not only put you in the holiday spirit, but it may also bring back some nostalgic memories.

12. Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Stop searching for answers if you don’t want them. That becomes clear when the film’s protagonist embarks on a terrifying quest to unearth paranormal secrets.

13. The Omen

What if you’re looking for a good example of a classic horror film? Speculations about the antichrist rise after the son of an American ambassador dies in unusual circumstances.

14. Halloween

Psychopathic assassin Michael Myers has returned to the streets after a 40-year hiatus. Myers returns to Haddonfield after escaping an institution, and this time Laurie Strode is prepared.

15. Fright Night

Fright Night

Nobody believes a high-school boy when he suspects that his new neighbor may be a vampire. As a result, he goes out one night to harm himself while keeping an eye on the prize for the survivor.

16. The Addams Family

The Addams family doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike the other horror features on this list. So gather your buddies and prepare to have a good time with a movie based on the original television series.

17. Paranormal Activity

It’s not Halloween without this film. Katie and Micah set up cameras after seeing what appeared to be supernatural activity, and what they discovered was disturbing. Watch at your own risk since this film is guaranteed to make you scream.

18. Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

They have to survive 24 hours of terror in this family drama, which causes their parents to go into violent outbursts against them.

19. The Haunting

Fear studies quickly turn into nightmares when they are conducted by a doctor. If you see this, you’ll want to stay awake all night long.

20. Little Monsters

Little Monsters

A pleasant surprise awaits you in this zombie flick. To save her kindergarten students from man-eating zombies, Mrs. Caroline must put her teaching abilities to the test.