Top 10 Anime Characters Rage That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Anime Characters Rage

No matter what show or character is at the heart of the scene, there is one type of epic scenario on which we can all agree: EPIC. In anime, this is what it looks like when someone gets enraged. After losing their mind and going on a rampage against their adversaries, the character doesn’t care about the repercussions.

I’m hoping that by using this point system, you’ll be able to see why I placed these events in the sequence that I did. The fact that this is just my personal take on anime anger moments means either I didn’t think your favorite was great enough to include or I haven’t seen the episode. Even so, who knows?

The comment area is the perfect place for a fight (Just Kidding.) Post your favorite rage scenes in the comments and we’ll rank them.

10. Berserk – Guts vs Demons

Berserk - Guts vs Demons

Please excuse the gore and brutality of the video; it was not allowed to be posted on YouTube.

Some say this is among the most iconic and terrible fury moments ever shown in anime or manga. Guts’ fury in that scene has made him a household name, despite the fact that he was previously known as a peaceful person.

Let me tell you about it. So this novel takes place in a dark fantasy world, where fairies and other cute creatures may exist, but also ugly demons, and monsters. This makes it dark fantasy.

It’s always difficult to put your faith in someone, but Guts finds it particularly challenging due of his early experiences with betrayal. But when he meets Griffith, a buddy, and Casca, a girl he likes, his life improves.

So it’s understandable that when he was deceived and they began torturing Casca, Guts became so enraged that he physically hacked off his arms in order to save her. Overwhelming, to say the least.

9. Kill La Kill – Ryuko vs Nui

Kill La Kill’s Ryuko is a perpetually enraged young lady. So, if she’s always enraged, isn’t the entire series a manifestation of her anger? I think so, too! That would be a boring choice on this list if that were the case, however. There was a point in Ryuko’s life when she completely lost her composure and became irrationally irate.

Her father’s killer was a pretty little girl named Nui, who had an umbrella, and she ran into her. Ryuko erupted into a frenzy and launched into a full-scale assault. She went on a killing spree, launching a series of vicious attacks on her.

8. Dororo – Hyakkimaru vs Samurai

Dororo - Hyakkimaru vs Samurai

When you’re blind, deaf, and missing limbs and skin, it’s easy to appreciate the kindness of others. However, the main character of this anime does not seem to be in the best of health. When he was a child, his body was given to demons, and now he wants to reclaim it. But first, he discovered a family that included a girl his own age.

When she tried to sell some “unique” services to the enemy samurai for money that she desperately needed, they slaughtered her. All the samurai were ruthlessly slain by Hyakkimaru when he learned about this. If he doesn’t have any arms, he may still have some weapons. As a result, Hyakkimaru poses a greater threat than you might expect. Even Dororo was startled by him.

7. Naruto – Naruto vs Sasuke

Isn’t it lovely, isn’t it? Let me relive an unforgettable childhood memory for those of you who may not recall it. Naruto and Sasuke’s fight was epic. Sasuke refused to leave the town because of the major beef, but he had good reason to do so because he could become stronger with Orochimaru’s assistance.

In the beginning, we may say that Sasuke was more powerful, but then Naruto stepped up his game and used some of Kyuubi’s chakra to get serious (9 Tail). Sasuke thought he was in serious trouble at this point since Naruto had become upset with him and had beaten him up. The good news is that Naruto got angry with Sasuke for not letting Sasuke leave with his cursed mark, which will only strengthen Sasuke further.

Finally, this fight is between two irate teenagers who are trying to determine which of them is the irascible… I’m referring to the most powerful.

6. Naruto Shippuden – Obito vs Mist Ninja

Obito vs Mist Ninja

Anyone who is witness to the death of a loved one will lose their composure. As a result, it comes as no surprise that Obito was enraged when the Mist ninja attacked Rin, the one girl he had ever loved.

The new powers he gained were a blessing in disguise for him. I can’t really blame him for killing a large number of foes in a brutal manner, though. At the very least, he spared the life of his close buddy Kakashi, despite the fact that it was Kakashi who ultimately ended up killing Rin. However, Kakashi had nothing to do with it. In order to stop the conflict, Rin leapt into Kakashi’s Chidori so that she’d die in front of it!

5. FullMetal Alchemist – Roy vs Envy

There are instances when men can be mean to each other but when a man’s buddies are injured, that person has to face penalties. The homunculus who murdered Roy’s closest pals had apparently not learnt their lesson, because it continued to do so.

As soon as Roy faced one of the homunculi who had slain his best friend, he became a dealy, vicious guy who made his enemy’s days a living nightmare. To make matters worst for our kid Roy, the hominid Envy raped and tortured him repeatedly.

4. Hunter x Hunter – Gon vs Pitou

Gon vs Pitou

Gon was enraged by a cat named Pitou, but we had no idea that Gon, a happy and upbeat youngster, could become so vengeful.

GON IS JUST NOT LIKE THIS! Pitou murders Kite, a mentor figure to Gon who was more influential than his own father.

To summarize, Gon has a good deal of cause to be furious at Pitou. Finally confronting her, he didn’t waste any time using his newfound strength to annihilate Pitou’s entire body. However, Gon’s corpse was also obliterated in the process. From the entire anime series, it’s one of the most intriguing scenes.

3. Hellsing – Seras vs Zorin

When Seras lost her calm, she had a good cause, and I’ll tell you what it was. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the specifics. As a result of that, Seras was forced to take on the Zorin monster, and she did an excellent job of defeating him!

2. Dragon Ball Z – Goku vs Frieza

Goku vs Frieza

Goku’s hair turned yellow when he yelled so loudly that it turned the color of his skin yellow, and it’s one of the most memorable anime moments.

Goku’s rage at Frieza for blowing up Krillin is the subject of one of my rants. As a result, Goku stepped up to the plate and became the famed Super Saiyan in order to take down a villain who had slain his friends, family, and other innocents. That was a surprise to Frieza. Dang.

1. Goblin Slayer – Goblin Slayer vs Hobgoblin

If you’re a goblin, he may look like a regular guy in armor, but he’s actually the most lethal threat you face. He became famous for taking exclusively goblin missions. To him, the green monster evokes unpleasant memories, therefore he does this to avoid recalling them.

A goblin onslaught decimated his hamlet, killing everyone including his older sister. After the accident, his purpose is to eliminate all goblins from the world at large.

Because of this, when he and his friends were on a quest and fell into a trap, he didn’t hesitate to battle goblins, even though he knew it was hopeless. It didn’t stop him from killing the goblins, even when all his organs were shattered and he couldn’t even stand still. “Too angry to die” people like him are rare.


For those who wish to share their own top anime fury moments, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below this list. Then you will witness a horde of anime villains crawling beneath your bed if you don’t.