Top 10 Anime Inuyasha Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Anime Inuyasha Characters

I’m curious as to just how many people have never heard of Inuyasha. Another well-known manga and anime series with a wide cast of characters is Inuyasha. It evokes a flood of memories for the original generation of otaku. Everyone has a favorite and a least favorite Inuyasha character, without mentioning it. If you’re a fan of both Inuyasha and Shippo, this list is for you. Inuyasha features a variety of strong personalities.

Intricate relationships, character arcs, and other plot elements are all described in great length in this article. For those who have not seen Inuyasha, I strongly advise that you do so before reading this! In no particular order, here are the 15 greatest Inuyasha characters of all time.

15. Kaede

Kaede (InuYasha)

Kaede, Kikyo’s younger sister, assisted her in a variety of ways, including gathering herbs and transporting her arrow quiver. Her rise to fame as a prominent shrine priestess came after the death of her predecessor, Kikyo. When Kaede sees Kagome, she identifies her as the advanced reincarnation of Kikyo. As soon as Inuyasha has been freed, Kaede attaches him to the Subjugation Beads, making it possible for Kagome to tell him to sit with just one word:

As a child, Kaede was born without one of her eyes, and she now wears an eyepatch to hide it. During the Final Act, Kikyo’s spirit apologizes to Kaede for the sorrow she inflicted on her younger sister. Her sister Kaede, whom she adored for so many years and wished she could have supported, breaks down in sobs when the vision ends.

14. Kagura

Kagura’s only desire in life was to be set free. Despite being on the verge of death, she was still linked to Naraku because she was killed by him in the game. One of the most likable characters in the series, she has significant character development and is a sympathetic villain. In more ways than one, she resembles Kagome. Both have a positive outlook on life and aren’t scared to go for what they want in life. It is clear that they will not accept injustice, especially against Naraku, and are powerful in their own right.

A number of characters from the anime, including Sesshomaru, have connections to Kagura. Like so many others, he appears to be destitute, yet in reality, he is anything but. There should have been more to this story for Kagura. When she was kidnapped by Naraku in the first place, she deserved to be free and joyful. She’s a formidable adversary. Even though Naraku tortured her to death, she was able to regain her freedom at the end of the day.

13. Naraku

Naraku from Inuyasha

Naraku is a half-demon who is to blame for the most of the main protagonists’ suffering. Fifty years ago, Kikyo rescued, fed, and cared for a charred bandit he named Onigumo, and now he has a son. A paralyzed Onigumo bargains with the adjacent demons that are drawn to his darkness to consume him in exchange for the soul of his soul to occupy a new body formed from their merged bodies, allowing him to eventually realize his longing for Kikyo’s presence in his heart.

Aside from form shifting, summoning a protective barrier, and devouring his foes, Naraku has a wide range of other talents that he uses over the course of the series. While many other half-demons have no control over whether or not they lose their superhuman skills, Naraku has the power to prevent himself from being reduced to a human body with multiple rotting demon bodies attached to it. Essentially, he was the definition of a villain: someone who takes advantage of people, manipulates them, and then gets the results he wants out of them. He’s charming and seductive, but he’s also downright evil.

12. Jakotsu

By giving his son enough red human and demon bones, Tokotsu hoped to resurrect his son, Jakotsu, an adolescent. By using the rouge of her late grandmother Lady Izayoi, which contains all of Toga’s demon blood, Moroha was beaten and slain.

Before he died, he couldn’t understand how Moroha, a ghost, could have such special powers. Her mother, Kagome Higurashi, was the reincarnation of the high-ranking priestess Kikyo, Myoga explained. To put it mildly, he’s entertaining and endearing at the same time when he’s having difficulty with math problems. His racism is unfortunate.

11. Jaken

Jaken - Inuyasha

An imp-like devil named Jaken is dedicated to Sesshomaru and frequently extols his supremacy, despite how he is frequently ignored and mistreated by the latter. He resembles a frog, to be honest. The Staff of Two Heads, a fire-throwing staff gifted to Jaken by Sesshomaru, is Jaken’s only weapon of choice.

According to the manga, Jaken was formerly a king of similar demons, however the anime explains that Jaken was once a lord among similar demons. Following the birth of Sesshomaru’s daughters in the Tree of Ages forest by Rin, Jaken is tasked with protecting them from the dangers of the world.

10. Kikyo

Before the events of the series, Kikyo was a wealthy and high-ranking priestess who had lived for 50 years prior. The Shikon Jewel was given to Kikyo by demon slayers as a task to protect and purify. That’s why he pondered using the Shikon Jewel to transform him into a human so that the Shikon Jewel would vanish and she could stay with him as a normal human. Even though Kikyo had an indirect role in the birth of Naraku, she is killed by Naraku pretending to be Inuyasha.

I used to dislike Kikyo because he was so impoverished. In retrospect, after finishing Inuyasha, I realized she wasn’t all bad. Inuyasha declared that he was born to discover Kagome and other similar things in the last act, and I feel he eventually fell in love with Kagome over Kikyo. It’s a good thing that Kikyo and Inuyasha met because they’re both regular people with people who are terrified of them and because they were both lonely before they met. Intimate and romantic.

9. Rin

Rin - Inuyasha

Rin is an orphan who prefers to go about his daily activities shodless. In the forest, she finds Sesshomaru wounded and tends to his wounds. The terrible killing of her parents by bandits has shattered Rin’s faith in humanity, so she can only communicate with hand gestures and nice smiles. Rin is severely hurt during the wolf demon’s attack on her town. Aww, she’s a great kid! I want to see a Rin spin-off movie more than anything!

Since she turned Sesshomaru into the not-person, she’s done more for the show than Kagome has, even though she’s a better primary antagonist than Kagome. The most active of the demons she travels with, she will call them out on any wrongdoing they may be guilty of.

8. Kirara

Sango’s best friend is Kirara. Normally she is a small kitten-sized feline with two tails, but when the circumstance demands it, she may expand into a large feline capable of holding numerous people. As with the kitsunes, she has fangs and flames, as well as the capacity to fly, in her full-sized form, but her smaller form is charming and cuddly. She is the show’s strongest normal demon.

She’s adorable and would make a great sidekick for a tough guy like her owner. Kohaku and his siblings continue to ride her as a buddy and mount, as she has done since she arrived in Yashahime. The perfect pet for a badass owner, she’s adorable and always ready to provide a helping hand. As a friend and mount for Sesshoumaru’s children and Kohaku, she remains in Yashahime.

7. Koga

When Kagura and Naraku came to the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe, they were on the verge of wiping off Koga, the youthful chief of the tribe. He first meets Inuyasha as a fighting rival, but he has since become a hesitant, at times, ally due to a serious competition over their battle abilities and Kagome’s courting. After kidnapping Kagome for her capacity to collect Shikon shards, Koga is drawn to her goodness, energy, and grace.

Irritation and jealousy are always present when Koga visits Inuyasha, despite the fact that Kagome has only ever seen him as a friend. He is a work of art in and of itself. Many people detest the dub, but I find his voice to be enjoyable. Yes, he is beautiful and graceful, and he will entice Kagome into a relationship with him. It is this velocity that contributes to his allure, on the other side,

6. Sango

Sango - Inuyasha

Sango is a sixteen-year-old demon slayer. Her father described her as the village’s most professional exterminator; she comes from a village where the action is a specialization and where the Shikon Jewel was first discovered. She’s dressed in a traditional women’s kimono, complete with a long skirt, most likely a mobakama, and traditional arm and leg protectors, as well as straw shoes for walking around in the countryside.

The most intriguing character in the film is Sango. Everything about Inuyasha — and every other anime — has a terrible ending. Due to her greater hardships, she is a better person than the rest of us. Despite her lack of magical talents, she has amazing senses and can sense malevolent forces. She’s gorgeous, and she’s powerful enough to give birth to as many children as Miroku would like… She’s just so adorable.

5. Kagome

It’s Kagome’s belief that you should never give up on those in need. The fact that she has physical restrictions does not lessen her courage. With each episode, she gets better at archery and gains greater mastery over her incredibly potent spiritual powers. Emotionally, she’s the strongest of the characters in the series, resisting the temptations of fury and jealousy.

In spite of the fact that Kagome didn’t appear to be the most remarkable character, her spiritual strength was the key to her long-term survival. This was mostly due to Kikyo, about whom more in a moment. After finding she was the reincarnation of a powerful priestess, Kagome became a marksman and an archer.

4. Miroku

Miroku- Inuyasha

To satisfy his addiction to stealing from his wealthy clients, Miroku is an 18-year-old lecherous Buddhist monk who performs spiritual services such as exorcisms and evil elimination on the road. With the help of the Wind Tunnel implanted in the palm of his right hand (a hereditary curse inflicted on his grandpa by Naraku), he can unleash devastating force on his adversaries.

Inuyasha’s crew appreciated Miroku for his bravery and compassion. He was generous and kind, even to the point of sacrificing his own well-being for the sake of others. Because he was human, he was prone to things like blood loss and the ravages of time.

3. Shippo

To acquire power and avenge the loss of his father, Shippo intends to steal the Shikon Jewel from Inuyasha and Kagome. Though his plan fails, Inuyasha and Kagome help him after hearing his story, making him a part of their group as well. Shippo is commonly shown as a little boy with fox-like features, such as his legs, feet, ears, and tail.

With his age, Shippo is full of courage and his strategies have helped the group get out of perilous situations or call for assistance when necessary. Definitely, definitely, definitely. In spite of his remarkable tenacity and ethics, Shippo had to resort to create distractions before departing due to his lack of raw power. His foxfire skills were mediocre, but they could be utilized to fight off opposing fire or light the way in the dark.

2. Inuyasha


He was the son of a dog demon mother and a human father, hence the name Inuyasha. Despite his age, he appears to be a teen. Since a half-demon, his existence was difficult and lonely, as both demons and humans despised him for his mixed ancestry. One of my favorite characters in the series is Inuyasha, who has a unique and endearing combination of sweetness, sarcasm, and a decent heart.

He’s the best at developing his character and interacting with others. Inuyasha is my favorite character because of his great character growth. After all these years, he’s still an irritable, snobby, and hostile person because of his belief that Kikyo betrayed him and crushed his heart. Because of what he learns about the good in the world, he begins to see the good in himself and others.

1. Sesshomaru

Since the feudal time, the dog demon Sesshomaru has been dreaded. He is Inuyasha’s older half-brother, descended from a long line of powerful demons. On their first fight, Inuyasha cuts Sesshomaru’s left arm off with the sword. He resents Inuyasha for not inheriting Tessaiga. At the same time he’s amazing, cool, and excellent His development as a person is simply remarkable.

When it comes to animated characters, his is one of the most memorable. The presence of Sesshomaru as a supporting character only adds to the character’s allure. There is a lot of character growth in the few episodes of Sesshomaru. Despite the fact that he lacks the ability to feel emotions, he is loving and unpredictable at the same time. As the story progresses, we come to learn more about his true feelings.