Top 10 Anime Characters Named After Light Update 07/2024

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Having foreign origins and names that all refer to light, these characters can either embody or defy their names.

A common theme in folklore is the use of evocative names. Biblical names are immensely popular in the West, while many Chinese names are rooted from such themes as love and wealth.

As a result, many commonly used names in Japanese have special implications. As an example, Sato means “village,” Minato means “port,” and Riku means “land.” More than a few renowned anime characters have been given the name “light,” usually for symbolic reasons. With a few bright and cheery, the rest of these characters fall somewhere in between.

For the sake of uniformity, names shall be written first name, family name second, in defiance of Japanese naming norms.

1. Light Yagami Is The Antithesis Of His Name (Death Note)

Yagami Light (Death Note)

Death Note’s Light Yagami has the unique distinction of being named after a person with an English last name in a Japanese context. Light, in contrast to the majority of Japanese students today, does not have an English name as he progresses through the language. His written name, however, reveals some interesting characteristics when the kanji of his name is dissected.

As an interesting writing choice, Light’s surname uses the characters for “night” and “god,” while his given name uses the character for “moon.” As a fitting tribute to Light’s depraved character traits, his given name is “Light”.

2. Hong Ji Guang Is A Precious Sunbeam (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Yuri!!! On Ice includes an international ensemble of charming characters. There are skaters from all over the world, including Japan, Italy, Russia, Thailand, and many more. A bright new skater by the name of Hong Ji Guang is introduced to these admirers.

It is not stated in the show where Hong Ji Guang is from. Guang (bright) and Hong (rainbow) are both Chinese words, so it should come as no surprise that he’s so endearing.

3. Shouyou Hinata Is A Blinding Explosion (Haikyuu!!)

Shouyou Hinata

Only Haikyuu!protagonist !’s could bear the name Hinata with such grace and dignity. Probably not, but it’s possible. Hinata is a whirlwind of vitality who exudes fire and zeal to the point of being exhausting. Almost nothing can keep him down, and he seems to shine brightly on each court he steps on.

Names like “sunny” and “positive” are inscribed in his family name and his initial name, which is Shouyou in Mandarin Chinese. It’s clear that this youngster is ecstatic.

4. Hikari Sakishima Is The Light Beneath The Water’s Surface (Nagi No Asukara)

As the exact translation of “bright,” Hikari is yet another Japanese name with sunny connotations. The name “Hikari Sakishima” appears to be ironic in this particular circumstance. It is true that Hikari can be a little cheery at times, but he is also highly empathetic throughoutNagi No Asukara.

His initial name, as always, slightly alters his last name.

Hikari is one of several mermaid children that are made to attend school on land as part of the Nagi No Asukara series. Given this, “Sakishima” is not surprising to have naval connections. “” is a name derived from the kanji meaning “desert” and “island.” Located off Japan’s east coast, the islands of Sakishima are a true archipelago.

5. Hinata Tachibana Is a Bright Spot Worth Saving (Tokyo Revengers)

Hinata Tachibana

She may not be as happy as Hinata Shouyou, but she’s still a beacon of hope in the midst of despair. Tokyo Revengers’ Hinata Tachibana was Takemichi’s first love interest and the inspiration for his time travel. Takemichi decides to change Hinata’s fate by altering the course of time after she unexpectedly dies as an adult.

Intriguingly, mandarin oranges are also known as “Tachibana” in Japan. Citrus and this girl’s well-being may not be directly related, but they both taste wonderful.

6. Licht Wanted To Bring People Out Of Darkness (Black Clover)

In Black Clover, Licht is a minor player, but he leaves an impression nonetheless. At one time, Licht was compelled to establish peace between humans and elves because of his position as head of the Elf Tribe. As soon as he is resurrected, his personality fades away, as if he had been extinguished.

The German term for “light” is “Licht,” and it seems appropriate.

7. Hikaru Shindo Meets A Ghost In The Dark (Hikaru No Go)

Hikaru Shindo

Despite being two decades old, Hikaru No Go received numerous awards in the early 2000s.

More than 25 million copies of the manga and anime series aboutGo were sold, introducing a whole new generation to the game.

“Hikaru” is the protagonist Hikaru Shindo’s first name, and it signifies brightness. Shindo, the surname he was born into, has Buddhist roots and may imply a connection to ideas like “truth” and “reality.”

8. Hinata Hyuuga Sets Naruto’s Heart Alight (Naruto)

Hinata Hyuuga ofNaruto was the most popular Hinata beforeHaikyuu!! became a modern classic. Even in their earliest stages of their relationship as a couple, Naruto and Hinata have a mutual admiration for one another, and she has always been his primary love interest. Even so, she’s a bright spot in Naruto’s day-to-day existence.

Interestingly, the Japanese surname “Hyuuga” is spelled “Hinata.”

9. Hikari Takanashi is The World’s Sunniest Vampire (Demi-Chan Wa Kataritai)

Hikari Takanashi

Several characters and their names are blatantly sarcastic. Hikari Takanashi, the world’s most upbeat vampire girl in Demi-chan Wa Kataritai, is one such example. For example, Takanashi means “expensive” and “pear tree” in Japanese although her first name is written in Hiragana. Pears have long been seen as a sign of success, but how this links isn’t clear. There isn’t a more cheery, perky persona out there than her.

10. Hikaru Is Named For Light, His Brother For…Fragrance? (Ouran High School Host Club)

If you’re a parent of twins, naming them must be a stressful process. When naming them, should you stick with the same name to unite the group, or should you give each of them a different name so that they can form their own distinct identities? As it turns out, the Hitachiin twins’ parents chose option two.

Known as “bright” in Japanese, Hikaru is the eldest of the two. It’s possible that Kaoru’s name means “fragrance,” which is why the two of them are often surrounded by bouquets of flowers.

11. Both Protagonists Are Named For Light (Classmates)

Doukyuusei (Classmates)

As a BL gem that exudes radiance in its simplicity and good taste, it’s no surprise that the two main characters in Doukyuusei are also manifestations of light.

Music class brings Hikaru Kusukabe, Rihito Sajou, and their relationship closer than each of them could have ever imagined.

There has been a lot of discussion on Hikaru, but what about Rihito? The hiragana is all that separates the winners from the losers. In the Japanese language, “Rihito” is spelled as “,” which can be interpreted as “Licht.” Together, they shine brighter than any other pair I’ve ever seen.