10 Best Anime Characters With Facial Hair That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Characters With Facial Hair

In the case of characters that are usually clean-shaven, seeing them with facial hair might be quite a shock to fans.

When it comes to appearance, even the little facial hair may make a huge difference. As in real life, this holds true for anime as well. Some characters grow out their beards to hide themselves, while others do so to alter their appearance, and yet others are forced to let nature take its course since they lack access to shaving equipment.

Some characters’ clean-shaven appearances are so familiar to fans that seeing them with facial hair is jarring. It can be the other way around for some characters. A person’s facial appearance can be drastically altered by growing a beard or mustache in anime, where the artists are free to create anything they want. In other cases, characters may have a whole new appearance to go along with their new facial hair.

1. Attack On Titan: Eren Sports Facial Hair While Posing As An Injured Soldier

Attack On Titan - Eren

As shown with Erwin Smith and Reiner in Attack on Titan, it’s not uncommon for characters to grow facial hair as a result of a terrible event in a world where humans are always in danger of being devoured alive.

When Eren Yeager disguises himself as an injured soldier, he takes advantage of this. Because of his stumbling walk and longer hair, he is able to pull off the look and fool others into believing what he says. His father, Grisha, had a thin beard and mustache, which grew substantially bigger when he took on the appearance of an Attack Titan.

2. Dragon Ball Super: Goku & Vegeta Get Facial Hair In Isolation

During their time apart in Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta both grow out their beards. Vegeta’s appearance has been compared to his father, King Vegeta, because to the addition of facial hair. Many fans were surprised to see Goku wearing a beard, even though they had seen Vegeta sporting one before.

3. Lupin III: Lupin Gets A Beard In A Complicated Plan To Escape Prison

Lupin III - Lupin

Like his renowned namesake and grandfather, Lupin III’s protagonist is a master thief, so it’s only natural that he’d end up in prison, although as Inspector Zenigata.

While in captivity, he plots his own escape and refuses assistance. Despite this, his plan calls for him to hold out for around two years, during which time his beard has grown quite a bit. He can even pass for a priest because of his facial hair.

4. Monster: Kenzo Tenma Gives Up On Caring About His Appearance

Kenzo Tenma, an excellent doctor, used to have it so easy. After he saved a child at the cost of not being able to treat a mayor in time, a series of tragic events began and ended with him being accused of murder. Tenma may have created the creature responsible for the deaths, much like a modern-day Frankenstein.

When Tenma loses interest in maintaining his appearance, he lets his beard and hair grow out untidy. His odor is even a source of contention among his co-stars.

5. Black Clover: Dante Zogratis Was Clean-Shaven During His Time In The Military

Black Clover - Dante Zogratis

Dante Zogratis has a pencil mustache and a goatee, which fans typically associate with him.

However, he was seen to be clean-shaven throughout his service in the military, rendering him virtually unrecognizable to some fans. Notably absent is the Newtonian Apple from The Hungry Joker’s trademark forehead symbol.

6. Fist Of The North Star: Kenshiro Goes Back & Forth On His Beard

In the 1986 film, Kenshiro first grew a beard after losing to Shin, but before meeting Bat and Lin. He then uses a knife to shave it off.

But he wouldn’t be the only one with facial hair: he sports a beard at the start of the second series. He shaves it again when he gets into a fight.

 7. Pokémon: Flint Wears A Beard As A Disguise

It’s not uncommon for guys to grow beards naturally, but when they need a disguise in a panic, or can’t grow one, synthetic facial hair can work wonders. It is revealed that after both Brock and his parents had to leave the house for various reasons, he was forced to take care of his younger siblings. His mother was either dead or gone from home, depending on the dub.

When he removes his hat and fake beard at the end of the story, the mystery visitor is revealed to be Brock’s long-lost father, and he bears a striking resemblance to Brock’s older self.

8. One Piece: Concept Pieces Show Luffy With Facial Hair

One Piece - Luffy

When Luffy wears a false beard in the One Piece anime, it raises the question of whether or not he can grow one of his own.

Some fans believe that Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers prevent him from growing facial hair. However, Eiichiro Oda, the series’ author, has created versions of Luffy with beards in the past. He’s also likely to grow a beard and mustache when he gets older.

9. Candy Candy: This Is The Reason Candy Doesn’t Recognize Her Prince

Candy Candy’s benefactor Albert appears in a variety of disguises during the course of the story, from her “Prince of the Hill” to her “Uncle William.” Due of his beard, she never knows he is also a friend of two extremely important individuals in her life, even though they initially met clean-shaven when they were first introduced in the series.

When she first sees Albert’s beard, she thinks he looks like a bear.

10. Sailor Moon: Rei’s Grandfather Is Virtually Two Different Characters, And One Difference Is A Mustache

Sailor Moon - Rei's Grandfather

Rei’s grandfather from Sailor Moon looks different because of the substantial variation in design between the two mediums, unlike many characters who simply develop or lose facial hair with the passage of time. When it comes to his appearance, he was shown in the anime of the ’90s as having a unibrow. He has a full beard and a mustache in the original manga, and he’s tall and youthful-looking. Some fans have speculated that his original manga design was repurposed for Rei’s cousin Kengo Ibuki in the 1990s anime.

Some fans believe that this disparity is why some versions end up omitting him from the plot entirely.. Sailor Moon Crystal didn’t have any episodes featuring him, and he didn’t debut until the first Eternal movie, where he looked exactly like his manga counterpart.