10 Best Anime Characters Born In September Update 05/2024

Anime Characters Born In September

Our two-part series on your favorite anime characters born in September kicks off with this post.

It’s possible to fall in love with anime for a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s because of the plot or the art? If you ask most anime fans, they’ll tell you that character design and growth are two of the most important aspects of the medium. There are so many great options to choose from that it can be difficult to narrow it down to just ten. A lot of time and effort went into finding and putting together entries during the last few weeks. Thus, a diverse group of anime characters has been assembled, all of them, according to their respective directors, were born in September.

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10. Hitoka Yachi

Hitoka Yachi

When I was born: September 4, 1996

This is Haiky’s first anime appearance! direct sunlight” is the title for the second episode (2015)

Hitoka Yachi is the Karasuno High School boys’ volleyball team’s manager, and he’s a creative thinker. Even when Hitoka was concerned about what to do if she were dying, her creative thoughts were clear.

Hitoka is an eccentric first-year student who makes a mess of things because of her shaky judgment. Kiyoko Shimizu intimidates her, so she grudgingly accepts the Karasuno boys’ volleyball team manager position.. As the series progresses, she grows more confident and helps Karasuno advance to the championship brackets. Hitoka is a successful college student who dreams of working for an ad design company in the manga’s time skip.

With this character, an all-girls high school squad get an anime female manager. When it came to sports, Hitoka was the only one of the schoolgirl managers who wasn’t interested. Karasuno High School’s selection of her reflects the improvement of its players and the team as a whole. Fans love Hitoka Yachi’s sunny disposition and adorable demeanor, making her a natural choice for our September birthday roster.

9. Hayato ‘Storm Bomb’ Gokudera

September 9 is the date of my birth

Katekyo Hitman Reborn is my first ever anime appearance! The First Episode “What!? Tenth Generation Mafia Boss??” (2006)

Gokudera’s enthusiasm for organized crime and the supernatural makes him a key character in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!! He is a skilled warrior who uses explosives to deceive his opponents and fool them into believing he is invincible.

When Hayato was born, he was the only child of a Japanese father and an Italian mother. Ryohei calls Hayato “Octopus-Head” because of his distinctive silver hair. He’s a squatter who dreams of joining the Mafia. A position in the Vongola Family and the title of Tenth Generation Storm Guardian are the results of his drive and ambition. Tsunayoshi Sawada’s best buddy and Vongola boss Tsunato is Hayato’s best friend.

He is an interesting anime character in an intriguing series. He devotes his entire being to ensuring that his family does not become pawns in the hands of organized crime. It’s not uncommon for these events to take place in an alternate universe where the laws of physics don’t apply. As a result of his role in the story, Hayato has become a beloved character in September.

8. Chiho Sasaki

Chiho Sasaki

Date of Birth: 10 September

The Devil Makes His First Anime Appearance! “The Demon King Arrives in Sasazuka” is the first episode (2013)

When it comes to his studies and work, Chiho Sasaki is just like any other Sasahata North High School student. Her adorable demeanor conceals a feisty young lady underneath.

Chiho Sasaki, daughter of Riho and Inspector Senichi Sasaki, has the best of both of her parents’ personalities. In her treatment of the protagonist, Sadao Maou, these characteristics are clearly visible. Chiho’s bond with him has enabled her to hear and understand the language of his domain. Whenever a girl approaches Maou, Chiho becomes a little envious. Additionally, she is a master of kydka, which allowed her to fight angels in the manga.

The Devil is a Part-Timer! anime and manga fans alike love Chiho. Her cuteness and dedication to her friends and her job are a model of perseverance. It’s no surprise that Chiho Sasaki is one of the most popular anime characters with a September birthdate.

7. Miyuki Shirogane

September 9 is the date of my birth

Episode 1 of Kaguya-sama: Love is War! “Episode 1” is her first anime appearance (2019)

Miyuki Shirogane is a third-year Shuchi’in Academy student and the current president of the school’s student council. Sleep deprivation is typically a result of his hectic schedule as a college student and part-time employee.

The Shirogane family lives in Sangenjaya, a working-class neighborhood. Because of his financial situation, Miyuki is unable to reveal his feelings for Kaguya Shinomiya, the vice president of the student council. The fact that he is at the top of his class and proves his worth as a ‘impure’ person is something that he takes pride in, despite his doubts about Kaguya. His sole fear is that Kaguya will exclaim “O-kawaii-koto” or “How Cute” when he tells her he loves her. As a result, the prospect of him and her developing a romantic connection seems unattainable to him.

Shirogane’s character, Miyuki Shirogane, has a strong sense of family and community. His sole worry was how to win the heart of the woman he had his heart set on. One of the main reasons why so many people enjoy the ‘Prez’ character is because of his authenticity.

6. Kyouhei “Dotachin” Kadota

Kyouhei Kadota

September 15 is the date of my birth.

First Animated Appearance: Durarara!! ‘First Worlds’ Episode 1 (2010)

Kyouhei Kadota, a member of the Dollars street gang, is a fascinating young man. In general, he is a calm and helpful person who isn’t afraid to crack jokes when the situation calls for it.

Dotachin’s upbringing is barely mentioned in Durarara!!. He’s a pro at street combat and good at living on the streets. Saki Mikajima’s rescue shows how much Kyouhei values his friends and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety. He has a large network of friends and colleagues who are willing to lend a hand because of his kind nature.

Kyouhei Kadota appears to be an ordinary person on the surface. He’s neither a charismatic hero nor a mysterious villain. To the contrary, Kyouhei serves as the show’s heartthrob and moral compass. One of our favorite anime characters is Kyouhei Kadota, because to these characteristics.

5. Sango

September 8 is my birthday.

First Anime Appearance: “Enter Sango, the Demon Slayer” from Inuyasha Episode 24 (2001)

Sango is a character in the Inuyasha series who is a demon slayer and a supporting hero. Rituals, chemical repellents, and fighting styles are all second nature to her when it comes to slaying demons.

Sango was born and raised in Ykai taijiya village, where she lived with her father and younger brother. While on a journey to destroy a spider yokai, the demon would kidnap her younger sibling and take control. His demonic possession would lead to the destruction of their hamlet and the murder of its residents, among whom would be the family’s late father. Sango is on a mission to eradicate ykai with the help of her trusty two-tailed demon cat, Miroku.

Sango’s objectives are pure: he fights for the survival of his friends and family. Her tale shows her dedication to reaching this aim. Those born in September consider this shnen fighter to be one of their favorite fictional heroines, and it’s easy to see why.

4. Boa “Pirate Empress” Hancock

Boa Hancock

Date of Birth: 2 September

In One Piece Episode 409, “Hurry!” he makes his first appearance. On the Isle of Women, the crew has returned to the island (2009)

Boa Hancock, the “Pirate Empress” of the Kuja Pirates, is the arc’s main enemy. She is the most gorgeous woman in the One Piece universe thanks to her busty model-like form.

To get what she wants, the “Pirate Empress” won’t hesitate to use her feminine charm and assets. If something she does goes awry, she has no difficulty utilizing her body as a kind of bullying. Only Monkey D. Luffy appears to be able to resist her charms. Throughout the course of the show’s several plot lines, she turns out to be an invaluable friend. Along with her two younger sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold, Boa rulers over the Kuja tribe.

They drew inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology for Boa Hancock’s character. With her voice and stunning good looks, the ‘Pirate Empress’ is able to wreak havoc on seamen. One of September’s best-kept secrets is Boa Hancock’s sleight of hand and seductive charm.

3. Zenitsu Agatsuma

September 3 is my birthday.

Episode 4 “Final Selection” is the first episode of the anime Demon Slayer:Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019)

Zenitsu Agatsuma’s abilities as a Demon Slayer aren’t immediately apparent. Kaigaku of the Upper Moon 6 was defeated thanks to his Hashira-level swordsmanship.

Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado’s traveling partner, he is a series protagonist. Zenitsu’s motive to pursue demons is to avenge the death of his teacher, in spite of his own personal misgivings about it. An entirely new Breathing Style form was born because of his amazing swordplay. He can also play the shamisen and koto, in addition to fighting demons.

Zenitsu Agatsuma’s character arc is a difficult one. On the surface, he appears to be a sentimentalist who seeks to avoid conflict at all costs. Despite his calm appearance, he is capable of taking on a ferocious disposition when necessary. Zenitsu Agatsuma is a favorite of anime fans for his combination of entertainment and skill.

2. Zoë Hange

Hange Zoe From Attack On Titan

Date of Birth: 5th of September

Episode 15 “To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1” of Attack on Titan is the first anime appearance for this character (2013)

Zoe Hange, a gender-ambiguous figure, is a highly bright, researcher, and former leader of the Survey Corps. ” They invent and build weapons to safeguard humanity from the attack of the titans.

We don’t know anything about Zo’s life before she joined the Survey Corps. Titan-killing was done blindly by the Corps’ but their perspective altered as they kicked a dead titans head. Because the chopped head was so light, Zoe wanted to investigate the enormous monsters. As a result, they would devote all of their time and energy to studying and analyzing the threat. They killed no fewer than five giants in the course of Zoe’s storyline.

According to the Attack on Titan fan community, Zo is a beloved sidekick. They are always in the top five of their favorites. Zoe Hange, a warrior-scientist with a September birthday, nevertheless has a devoted fan base that ranks them among their favorite anime characters.

1. Kakashi Hatake

September 15 is the date of my birth.

Naruto Episode 3 “Sasuke and Sakura: Friends or Foes?” is the first anime appearance. (2002)

Konoha’s sixth hokage, Kakashi Hatake, is one of the most powerful shinobi in the world. Ninja who excels at teaching others, but loathes the idea of being in charge and having to answer to anybody but himself.

“Copy Ninja Kakashi” learned his skills from his father, a Village Hidden in the Leaves resident. Because of his tenacity and natural aptitude, he was able to easily defeat Might Guy at the age of six and become a chnin. Team 7’s shinobi-in-training looked up to Kakashi’s combat skills, and he became a mentor to them. White Light Chakra Sabre and Jutsu methods are used by him. He was able to survive the Fourth Shinobi World War because to Kakashi’s fighting skills.

There are more characters in shonen than in any other genre. Naruto isn’t any different. Our most popular character with a birthday in September is Kakashi Hatake, thanks to his steadfast fans.

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