10 Best Anime Background Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Background Characters

Anime’s unsung heroes are its background characters. They have to put up with very few opportunities to be seen, very few or no lines, and little or no recognition. To remedy this, I’ve chosen ten minor individuals to whom I believe we all owe a debt of gratitude. Although I was a touch lenient in my definition of “background character,” I believe that the characters I chose covered a lot of territory. Enjoy!

#10. These Two NPCs That Get Beat Up On The Roof

Do you remember these two? Even though they didn’t have a major role in the plot, they had to suffer some consequences. They went above and above what you would expect from an NPC in Angel Beats, which is rare for NPCs. I have no choice but to include them in my ranking. We can’t even identify them from previous or future scenes because we can’t see their faces. We appreciate both of your selflessness and generosity.

#9. The Guy Who Gets Robbed In The Baccano! Opening

Baccano! is one of my all-time favorite anime series, and my two favorite characters are Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent. Think about the impact this robbery could have had on this guy’s life, even though he just has a few seconds of screen time. A package of what appears to be chocolate bars is the only thing we witness him handing over, but he could have been taken advantage of subsequently. He may be able to provide for a family. Suppose he loses his home. We have no idea what’s going on. That’s why I decided to give this guy the attention he deserves.

#8. The Two Pumpkin Girls In Hyouka

There are two pumpkin girls from Hyouka that we’ll talk about next. A special thank you to everyone who participated in the Hyouka cultural festival trade segment as a supporting character or as a bystander. Pumpkin girls were the perfect choice for me since not only are their identities concealed, but their costumes are fantastic. In this situation, a variety of supporting characters are assisting the protagonist in their own unique way. Some background characters don’t have to give up anything in order to stand out or make an impression. Congratulations to the female athletes.

#7. The Policeman In Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou

Other characters in the background are bound to be envious of this guy’s success. He appears in three episodes and even has lines. He’ll be a big star soon enough if he keeps up this pace. He is your go-to guy if you need police help. Because he’s the sole cop in the show, you know he’ll put in the hours. It’s rare to see empathy in a cop, yet that’s exactly what we get from him right away. Keep up the good work, police officer.

#6. This Old Guy From Violet Evergarden

This character piqued my interest because he appears in two episodes and has dialogue in both of them. Now we know what his real name is. As far as I know, he’s known as Roland by those who’ve looked him up online. The two instances in which he actually helps out other characters made me like him. He exemplifies what it means to be an excellent coworker as well as a dedicated mail carrier who takes pride in his work. I also wanted to include a character from Violet Evergarden in one of my blogs so that I could emphasize how much I like it without sounding pretentious, so I did.

#5. The Staring Fast Food Employee In Saekano

The pointing girl on the left side of the picture is the one I’m referring about. After witnessing two boys trading chocolate, she can’t help but stare at them from now on. In the two sequences she appeared in, I found her reaction to be amusing. It’s people like her who make anime more interesting and entertaining, even if only a little.

#4. This Laughing Waitress In Nisekoi

This character in the backdrop, like the previous one (#5), is employed in the food sector. Onodera (middle of the picture) did something shameful in a very simple situation. Onodera’s waitress couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw what she had just witnessed while collecting his order. Background characters are very fun to watch because they can offer their own unique flavor to a situation. That small waitress had the guts to laugh that loudly won my admiration and contributed to the overall enjoyment of the scene.

#3. The Sleeping Guy And His Kid In The Amagi Brilliant Park Theatre

First and foremost, I must commend them for making me laugh so hard. One of the worst things about an empty theater is a theater with just two people in it, one of whom is asleep. After taking this photo, something occurred to me that made me feel horrible for the man who had to go through this for his child.

#2. These Two Kitchen Staff In Working!! That We Never See Again After Episode 1


Background characters appear to be involved in food service. I want you to pay attention to the two men in the photo above, one on the far left and the other in the center. After the first episode, the creators decided to remove these two characters from the show entirely. Harsh language is appropriate here. My heart goes out to these two, who were looking forward to recurring roles as kitchen helpers on a slew of shows but were instead written out of the story entirely. What happened to them? Maybe they just don’t work the same hours as the main characters? I feel like they were robbed of additional appearances in the background. Because of situations like this, I believe that anime background characters should have some type of union representation.

#1. Maki Yoriko From Handa-kun

Maki Yoriko is a role model for all supporting characters. There’s a name for her, and you can see her face in the wrinkles she has. Her desire to intrude on a protagonist and draw attention to herself is admirable to me (for a brief moment at least). What Maki did to get to the top of my list is summarized below: He gets all excited when Maki hands him an envelope with a heart-shaped sticker on it and tells him to “check his ego.” In her exact words, “You’re just an average Joe, so quit acting like you’re part of the Handa Force”. After this she had nothing left to say and walks away, never to return. As a compliment, her friend refers to her as Yori-Yori. All anime supporting characters should take a cue from Maki. As a result, she set out to accomplish her goal with a focused effort. This entire post was also inspired by her.