10 Best Intimidating Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Intimidating Anime Girl

Just being in the right location at the right moment might give a someone a reputation they don’t deserve.

Even in anime, appearances can be deceiving. Whether it’s due to magic or the series defying the principles of physics, there are some characters who look to be weak yet prove to be much more powerful than they initially appear. It’s fairly uncommon to find frightening characters that are actually weaker than they seem.

However, this does not imply that this contrast is only used on characters who are unlikable. If you’re in the right position at the right time, you might have a reputation for being strong that you don’t really deserve. Examples that aren’t quite as useless as they appear receive the chance to exhibit their worth.

1. Rurouni Kenshin: Ogawa Heizo Pretends To Be Strong To Help Orphans

rurouni kenshin

In one episode of the series, a character claiming to be Battosai arrives, essentially pretending to be Kenshin, a retired killer who once saved the nation. In order to get money from the locals, he utilizes this reputation to intimidate them. Kenshin, on the other hand, is forced to save the phony when he is confronted by a professional murderer, Anzai Jurobei.

These characters, as previously stated, aren’t strictly malicious, as it turns out that he had a plan to raise money for an orphanage by scaring people into handing over their money. Several orphans are saved by him in a scene in which he rescues them from villains.

2. Mobile Suit Gundam: Carta Issue Doesn’t Realize Her Position Is A Meaningless Courtesy

Mobile Suit Gundam

Carta Issue is the Joint Fleet Commander of the Outer Earth Orbit. Because her position is purely symbolic, she has never really fought in a war with her forces.

As though relying on her position as Earth’s sole defender, she makes full use of her authority and asserts her authority over others. To be honest, she goes utterly insane when confronted with Tekkaden.

3. Angel Densetsu: Kuroda Is Just A Coward At Heart

Angel Densetsu

Although Kuroda is physically imposing, he is a coward at heart, and thus has no genuine edge in a battle. While he has faith in the power of numbers, he is often the first to sacrifice his allies in order to save himself in a conflict.

Also, he’s not that intelligent, coming up with implausible notions at the drop of the hat. A girl beating him up doesn’t necessarily indicate she likes him, even if she treats the boy she genuinely likes far more nicely.

4. Toriko: Zongeh Seems To Have Luck On His Side


Zongeh, at first impression, appears to be a formidable warrior capable of defeating dinosaurs. However, there are signs that he isn’t as powerful as he appears to be.

For example, the dishes on his “Full Course” tend to be low in capture. Because he has so much Food Luck on his side, he and his two followers have so far escaped significant harm.

5. Baccano!: Jacuzzi Splot Somehow Has An Impressive Résumé Despite His Real Personality


Among his many exploits as a bootlegger, Jacuzzi Splot led a crew that demolished nearly 20 speakeasies in a single night and escaped the wreckage of the Pussyfoot Train. Even his face is covered in a sword tattoo. This mortal has faced up against immortals and lived to tell the tale.

After all, he is bashful, awkward, and apologies for everything he has ever done. His sole true asset is that he is charismatic.

6. Fairy Tail: Sabertooth Is An Entire Team Of Weaklings, Especially Sting

Fairy Tail

Overconfidence in one’s own talents is common among theSabertooth guild members; a few go so far as to criticize and belittle the members of Fairy Tail.

The Grand Magic Games gave them a good name, but they never seemed to realize that their success was mostly due to the fact that other guilds either used weak competitors or held back. As a result, the members of Sabertooth are humiliated by Fairy Tail.

7. Legend of Galactic Heroes: Yang Wenli Does Get Imprisoned A Lot

Legend of Galactic Heroes

Even Yang Wenli’s superiors are afraid of him, and many of his subordinates have accepted the fact that he will one day rule over them.

To tell the truth, he’s a kindhearted man who merely wants to retire early and has little interest in politics or combat. He’s also been imprisoned by his own government on a number of occasions. Even those who should know better tend to think he’s a magician.

8. Dragon Goes House-Hunting: Letty Became The Flame Dragon King By Word Of Mouth

Dragon Goes House-Hunting

It is said that Letty, known as the Flame Dragon King, is capable of defeating an entire country within a few hours and may one day conquer the entire planet.

A series of misinterpretations and word-of-mouth have earned him this notoriety. When it comes to his actual abilities, he’s a sluggish, unmotivated, and unreliable character.

9. One-Punch Man: Nobody Believes King Isn’t A Hero, Despite What He Says

One-Punch Man

King’s image as one of history’s toughest heroes was earned entirely by chance; he was frequently given credit for the heroics of other figures in the globe. Despite his best efforts, his admirers simply assume he’s being modest when he tells the truth.

Since his reputation has allowed him to scare off enemies, he has been successful. He’s also surprisingly well-built, given that he’s better at video games than any other form of exercise.

10. My Hero Academia: All Might Is A Complicated Case

My Hero Academia

Despite his lofty status as Japan’s most powerful hero, All Might is hiding a few secrets of his own. He vanquished All For One and is one of the few people to have survived using One For All. When it comes to Quirks, it’s worth noting that he wasn’t born with one, but rather was given one by his mentor.

The fact that his Quirk hasn’t killed him like it did his predecessors, who were all virtually aged to death, is in fact one of the reasons for this.

In spite of these limitations, he can only be heroic for three hours a day due to an injury incurred in war. Otherwise, he’s a lifeless corpse who sputters and sputters.