9 Best Anime Girl Leather Armor That You Should Watching Update 02/2024

Anime Girl Leather Armor

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten anime-inspired leather jacket wearers. Leather is an important aspect of the wardrobes of some of the characters on this list, while for others it was merely a stylish choice for special occasions. However, let’s move on to the list!

1. Misa Amane from Death Note

Misa Amane from Death Note

Anime female with a leather jacket Misa Amane is a well-known character from Death Note. Anime female leather jacket has a really unique look, and she has a very crucial role in the plot of Death Note. The fact that she worked as a professional model in Death Note is more evidence of her impeccable taste.

It’s common for Misa to have her long blonde hair up in pigtails tied with bright red bands. She usually has brown or green eyes, depending on the anime. The color of her eyes changes to a vivid crimson when she utilizes Shinigami Eyes, a superpower that allows her to see a person’s name and lifespan.

Because of her frequent display of religious jewelry, it appears that her style is heavily influenced by Gothic and Punk fashion, as well as Christian themes.

2. Anime Girl With a Leather Jacket: Nico Robin’s Outfit in the Fishman Island Arc

One Piece’s Fishman Island arc had a significant impact on character outfit design. To prepare for the hardships of the New World, the Straw Hat crew had recently spent two years training on their own. Skip Oda had to come up with some striking anime girl leather jacket outfits to highlight how the characters had changed over time, and Nico Robin’s blue leather jacket and scarlet knotted skirt was a home run. An anime girl with a jacket and a colorful summer costume wonderfully convey the atmosphere of the Straw Hat pirates’ happy reunion.

3. Masane Amaha From Witchblade

Masane Amaha From Witchblade

Witchblade’s Masane Amaha, also known as Ohara Yasuka, is a leather-clad anime girl. It was Masane Amaha, among other new characters, who was created for the Witchblade anime, which was based on the American comic of the same name.

The plot revolves around an old supernatural instrument known as “the witchblade,” which bestows a variety of extraordinary abilities on the person who uses it.. Masane Amaha was chosen as the witchblade’s next host in the Witchblade anime. Her psyche is gripped by a strong urge to annihilate all in her path when she unleashes the full capacity of the sword. Additionally, her appearance transforms into a sultry demonic leather outfit, giving her a succubus-like aspect. Everyone wants to go out for a cup of coffee with the anime girl in a leather jacket.

4. Anime girl leather jacket: Mikasa Ackerman From Attack On Titan

Fans of the popular manga and anime adaptation of Attack on Titan will recognize the anime girl with a leather jacket as Mikasa Ackerman. Because she is a soldier tasked with battling titans and other bad guys in the Attack on Titan universe, she usually wears the uniform of the Survey Corps, which is worn by soldiers of a certain faction.

Light brown leather jacket embroidered with Survey Corps tags is worn over a white shirt. A crimson or black scarf can also be found on Mikasa’s neck, as well as an occasional green cape with the flying wings of freedom. She also likes to wear tight pants with leather straps wrapped around her thighs and knee-high brown boots.

5. Khalifa from One Piece Enes Lobby Arc

Khalifa from One Piece Enes Lobby Arc

For her striking dark black leather attire, Khalifa ranks among the finest attractive anime females wearing anime leather jackets in One Piece’s Enes Lobby arc, which included Enes Lobby’s nemesis Enes Lobby. Working incognito as Iceburg’s secretary and president of the Galley-la shipwrights company, Khalifa first appeared in the Water 7 arc.

As revealed in the Enes Lobby narrative by CP9, an intelligence agency, she is in fact an undercover operative. That arc features a minor villain who has a unique devil fruit power that involves soap bubbles.

6. Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale’s Erza Scarlet is another attractive anime heroine character beloved by fans. The leather clothes seen in these images were not worn by Erza in the anime, but were created by admirers of the character and leather gear.

It was as a youngster that she lost her right eye, therefore Erza has scarlet hair, brown eyes, and an artificial one in place. She is an expert in “requip magic,” which allows her to change her armor and clothes at will. These photographs show her in leather ensembles, which she is not afraid to wear because of her beautiful physique and willingness to flaunt it.

7. Anime girl with a leather jacket: Misato Katsuragi

Anime girl with a leather jacket Misato Katsuragi

No doubt Misato Katsuragi is the beautifully anime leather jacket girl from Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most popular animes of all time! She has an ideal figure for dresses and skirts because of her long legs and violet hair. As a result of her excellent aesthetic judgment, Misato now holds the title as anime’s best-dressed leather jacket wearer.

8. Anime Girl Wearing Leather Jacket: Nico Robin Enes Lobby Arc Outfit

In Enes Lobby, leather clothes were common, but Nico Robin was the master of the look. Full leather jacket dress and thigh high leather boots were a bold decision but an immediate classic and the look that many fans identify with Nico Robin.

This is the end of our list of the most attractive anime heroines in leather jackets. The pick is purely subjective, so feel free to disagree or point out your own personal favorites in the comments area.

9. Shimohira Reika From Gantz

Shimohira Reika From Gantz

In the popular manga series Gantz, a lot of individuals die, but are resurrected into healthy bodies and forced to participate in a game where they must hunt and capture aliens. Anime girl Shimohira Reika is known for her beautiful leather ensembles in black. If you’d like to see more of this character’s fan art and cosplay, you can do so on the internet.