10 Japanese Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Japanese Anime Characters

Do you want to watch an anime character you’ve never seen before?

Do you want to see a character that is attractive, adorable, or a nuisance?

Another possibility is that you’re drawn to a particular character just because of how well-known he or she is in the world of anime.

There are a variety of reasons why you might desire to watch an anime character.

The anime may or may not be able to be watched in a single sitting.

The following is a list of Japanese anime characters you might be interested in learning more about.

1. Towa Higurashi (Yashahime)

Towa Higurashi (Yashahime)

Sesshoumaru and Rin’s daughter Towa Higurashi appears in the Inuyasha sequel Yashahime as Towa Higurashi. Towa, on the other hand, was unaware of this at first because she had experienced time travel like Kagome Higurashi.

She travelled back in time to when she was a youngster, to the present day.

Until one day, the portal reopened and Towa was allowed to return to the feudal realm and find her real family, who she had been adopted by.

In some ways, Towa Higurashi resembles her mother, Rin, but she also shares some traits with Sesshoumaru.

Child Grooming & Pedophilia Allegations against Yashahime are relevant.

2. Valt Aoi (Beyblade Burst Rise)

As a student at his high school, Valt Aoi had a childlike personality, but he created the BeyClub.

After winning the “World Championship,” he fights for the rest of the series to keep the championship on his sleeve.

To improve his beyblading skills, he works extremely hard and analyzes every battle he loses until the next time he faces off against a rival.

At the end of the series, Valt becomes more mature, yet he retains his friendly and competitive nature when he bey-battles.

Shu Kurenai, a childhood buddy of Vault’s and a beyblading prodigy, is both his friend and his archrival.

3. Kari Kamiya (Original Digimon)

Kari Kamiya (Original Digimon)

Tai Kamiya’s sister, Kari Kamiya, is the ninth digidestined kid and the holder of the crest of light.

Kari is the kind of person who puts the needs of others ahead of her own. Kari would fall sick on occasion in the Digimon Adventure series without informing the other kids of her condition.

Gatomon is the name of her digimon. Kari and Tai have a special bond since Kari relies on Tai for advice and support. During their time as Digidestined, Tai does everything he can to keep his sister safe.

4. Sarada Uchiha (Boruto)

Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha have a daughter, Sarada, who they call Sara. Boruto, the sequel to Naruto Shippuden, features her as a central character.

In addition to Boruto and Mitsuki and Konohamaru-sensei, Sarada is a member of the new team 7, which includes Konohamaru.

Sarada is a quick study, as seen by her ability to grow as powerful as Sakura and her acquisition of the Sharingan through Sasuke’s teachings. Moreover, she’s the best student in her class .’s

Even so, she has a tendency to cry easily but is a brave and friendly member of her family and friends.

5. Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)

Ritsuka Aoyagi (Loveless)

Ritsuka Aoyagi is a victim of domestic violence by his mother. When Ritsuka’s older brother, Seimei, died in a tragic accident, she became abusive.

Ritsuka abhors violence and, despite his loneliness, is kind, caring, and friendly to everyone.

Because he is still in elementary school, he still sports his cat ears.

Seimei’s best friend, Soubi, introduced Ritsuka to the concept of a “warrior” and “sacrifice” while they were together.

Seimei’s tragic accident will be investigated by him and Soubi together, he vows.

6. Saki Miyanaga (Saki)

an accomplished Mahjong player in his or her senior year of high school The Mahjong Club at Kiyosumi High School was a great resource for her, as she learned how to play the game from her family.

Miyanaga and Nodoka, another member of the group, became fast friends once they both joined.

When it comes to Mahjong, Saki Miyanaga has both the talents and the good fortune to come out on top.

She joined the team to face off against Teru, her older sister, in the national championships.

7. Siesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)

Siesta (The Detective Is Already Dead)

After meeting a young man on a plane one day, Siesta becomes a mystery detective.

After meeting the young man on the plane, Siesta’s attitude shifted.

If you want to learn more about Siesta, you can watch the anime: The Detective Is Already Dead, which premieres in July 2021.

8. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino’s new identity after a black cat transforms her into a superhero one day.

Teenager Tsukino has a normal family and an attractive partner. Because of their love for one other, Tsukino is able to persevere in difficult conditions.

In addition to being Sailor Moon, she attends school and participates in the Manga Drawing Club. While Usagi is still a child in the beginning of the series, she grows up and becomes more mature as the story progresses.

9. Honda Tohru (Fruits Basket)

Tohru Honda

Honda Tohru, a high school student, works after hours to help her family pay for her education.

It is through Tohru’s kindness that the Sohma family is able to break the curse of being Zodiac animals.

Tohru is a stunning young lady who is frequently accosted by the male characters in the anime. In addition to being attractive, she’s also a great housekeeper and doesn’t hold any grudges.

After her parents died, she became homeless and found the Sohma family, who took her in.

10. Sakura Kinomoto (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Sakura is an elementary school student, and she wears her school uniform almost exclusively throughout the anime.

Despite her tomboyish demeanor, she is a vibrant, outgoing, and fearless combatant. In some cases, though, she is completely ignorant and need assistance.

For a long time, Sakura couldn’t figure out what Syaoran Li was trying to tell her.

Sakura’s card-catching skills are impressive, and she often manages to accomplish so without the assistance of Syaoran.