10 Worst Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Worst Anime Characters

The new anime characters have no redeeming qualities.

It’s amazing how much the anime industry and its devotees have gained through using anime as a medium over the years. A wide range of viewers and strong feelings and confidence in the industry are continually evoked by anime, which is at a considerably competitive rate to film, television and even Young Adult literature.

In some cases, that trust is abused because even a single character can not only cause intense feelings of hatred and anger in the viewers, but can also transmit a terrible reputation to the anime industry as a whole. In order for a character to do this alone, they must have a unique type of horrible.

While many new favorites were introduced in the 2010s, there was also an abundance of these jerks. Some of the decade’s worst anime characters will be examined in this list, which will run down the worst of the worst.

1. Fleet Admiral “Akainu” Sakazuki-One Piece

Fleet Admiral Akainu Sakazuki-One Piece

This combat between Akainu and Aokiji earned him the right to be the Fleet Admiral and de facto commander of the Marines, as he was one of three Admirals for One Piece’s Marines. Akainu was already a repulsive character in the series because of his extreme conservatism and indifference towards “criminal” existence.

Even though Luffy’s brother Ace had been saved, Ace was ruthlessly slaughtered by him at a time when hope seemed to be returning. Instead, Akainu is the driving force behind the transition in audience perceptions of the show from a serious fantasy epic to a lighthearted diversion. Things can be made to seem even more real by the presence of cruel individuals within it.

2. Endeavor-My Hero Academia

Next up is a character that’s polarizing for a popular, fast-rising series. Shonen Jump’s popularity for My Hero Academia has already surged, making it both a top seller and an extremely well-liked anime with a global audience. That a single perspective on a single character may change that raises the stakes all the more.

He’s one of the most disliked villains in the series because of his history of arrogance and domestic abuse, which was made clear when he was introduced.

The community’s response to Endeavor’s redemption arc would be resoundingly negative, indicating a deep ingrained abhorrence that may take considerable time to heal.

3. Yakumo Oomori-Tokyo Ghoul

Yakumo Oomori-Tokyo Ghoul

Every aspect of this character, from his gangster attire to his cruel grin, immediately identifies him as a villain. It’s not so much who he is as it is who he hurts that makes him such an abhorrent anime villain. For the majority of the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki portrayed the sweet, helpless child whom every anime viewer want to shield from harm.

How do you show your gratitude for the love you’ve received? By torturing Kaneki in front of everyone, they show their appreciation. When it comes to edgy cosplay at anime events, Oomori, you’re the only one to blame.

4. Malty S. Melromarc-The Rising of the Shield Hero

It’s Malty’s debut on this list that proves that the worst anime characters aren’t all bad. She is the series’ major nemesis and a personification of suspicion and debate, both in fiction and in real life. She is a formidable opponent. As a first step, she marries Naofumi with the sole purpose of squeezing every last cent out of him.

He refuses to drink her clearly poisoned wine, so Malty takes everything he owns and puts him on trial for rape, which was controversial enough that some people decided not to attend the show. Malty is now the main source of agony for a person who just wants to go home. It gets worse from there.

5. Sugou Nobuyuki-Sword Art Online

Sugou Nobuyuki-Sword Art Online

At this point, Sword Art Online has divided opinion. To make matters worse, the show’s subsequent seasons continue to make light of serious subjects like sexual assault while ignoring those in the first season.

Sugou Noboyuki, the Fairy King of Alfheim and RECT’s chief of research, is a cartoonish villain for his acts, to put it mildly. When he assaults a girl, the show’s intention is to make him loathsome, but making him laugh as he does so only gives the spectator a sense of tone whiplash.

6. Titans-Attack on Titan

It is an effort to make Titans more than just a force of nature in every way possible. Even the seemingly mocking looks of a Titan elicit intense feelings of hatred and dread that can become more personal and intimate than some of the world’s characters would care to admit..

They are the miseries of the human body and fear personified in violent, monstrous form, responsible for some of the most harrowing and tragic scenes in modern anime history.

7. Seryu Ubiquitous-Akame ga Kill

Seryu Ubiquitous-Akame ga Kill

When it comes to biased hypocrisy in the legal system, there is no better example than Seryu. When she puts on the soldier’s uniform, she does so with an all-too-sweet and upbeat smile. But that image swiftly dissipates, as she soon changes herself into a vicious killing machine that will head directly for your favorite character

This character’s contradictory impulses and distorted sense of justice make her one of the most enduring nightmares from the series..

 8. Alois Trancy-Black Butler II

In the first season of Black Butler, there was more than simply a spooky anime series, but a Victorian spy thriller that no one had even known they wanted to see. Ciel and Sebastian stole everyone’s hearts, leading to one of the most different finales in recent memory, which raised concerns about politics, justice, and the worth of sacrifice.

Alois Trancy, Ciel’s sexually disturbed, evil doppelganger, ruined the conclusion for Sebastian and Ciel if it weren’t for him.

9. Kyubey-Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey-Puella Magi Madoka Magica

To be fair, if not a villainous force of nature, this character is meant to be a villainous force of nature. In addition, it used the hopes, goals, and even lives of young girls as a source of power, literally feeding off of their agony. This means that Madoka does an excellent job of creating villains.

On the other hand, Kyubey has snatched another fan favorite, leaving a trail of wet tissues in her wake. Nobody, not even cute, magical cat creatures, can be trusted but Kyubey, who is the epitome of trustworthiness.

10. Squealer-From the New World

Like Kyubey, Squealer is a hard fantasy Kyubey, but without the extra bonus of being attractive. To dislike him, you only have to look at his face.

Exiled mutant rats in a distant, magical future, Squealers wants to free his people from humanity’s grip with an elaborate plot that includes murdering two other characters and forcing his previous queen into labor in order to use their child as an espionage tool for his people. Is freedom worth it if you’re an unrepentant monster?