10 Anime With The Most Realistic Characters Update 02/2024

Realistic Anime Characters

It is possible to identify with the characters in some anime since they are so relatable to the audience.

It’s always nice to see a show’s characters depicted in a more realistic light, even if it’s just for show’s sake. Heroic characters frequently have shallow flaws, spectacular experiences, and no difficulties that can’t be overcome with the appropriate plot armor. Intricate tales such as this can be enjoyable, but there is something missing when it comes to stories about everyday people and their everyday struggles.

Anime, in particular, is rife with believable characters. Slice of life, shojo, or any other show that focuses on regular low-stakes adventures is a good place to start if you’re looking for a show with relatable people and mundane situations. This is not to argue that one type of anime is better than another, but rather that shows with everyday plots bring out the best in everyday life in its characters.

1. Angel Beats Gives Its Cast A Second Chance At A Normal Life


A purgatory of sorts, Angel Beats takes place in a school setting where adolescents who die too soon get to enjoy their youth while embarking on wacky escapades. Contrary to popular assumption, the interactions between the characters in this show are based on real-life connections between various types of high school students.

The combination of a fantasy environment and a lifelike ensemble suggests how easily the simple pleasures of youth can be overlooked, as well as how fleeting and transitory life truly is. Angel Beats relies on its characters to make sense of a confused world, despite the show’s existential undertones.

2. Assassination Classroom Sheds Light On Unjust School Systems

For the most part, the Assassination Classroom premise is based on outlandish notions. There is no doubt about it: A tentacled assassin instructs a group of middle schoolers on how to assassinate him. While the plot revolves around the kids’ attempts to kill Korosensei, the show also takes a look at the challenges that children face on a daily basis in middle school.

Because of their poor grades, the kids in Class 3-E have been sent to the back of the classroom. Schools’ unjust ranking systems and how they are used to justify exclusion are highlighted in the show. However, Assassination Classroom’s captivating picture of kids and how a decent support system can go a long way is what really draws you in.

3. Orange Conveys A Sad Story With Fun Characters


Shojo shows that have a diverse cast of characters that play off of each other well are the finest.

Even though Orange’s six main characters share many similarities, their personalities are distinct enough that they don’t lose their distinctiveness.

As a high school drama, the show never deviates too far from its roots, creating a universe that is both realism and original. For all its suspense, the novel is loaded with relatable teenage anguish.

4. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun Is Realistically Chaotic

However, despite the fact that the characters of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun high school classmates turned manga authors’ personalities tend to be over-the-top, their antics can’t be attributed solely to their raucous line-up of characters.

However, each episode’s buildup is typically predictable and amusing. To illustrate how hectic high school life can be and what a mess youthful love can be, the show uses humor. Even in the beginning of the series, the protagonist, Sakura Chiyo, fails to tell her crush she likes her. After that, nothing goes as planned.

5. Lovely Complex Digs Into High School Insecurities

Lovely Complex

The most realistic element of these characters is that they are based on the idea of Lovely Complex, which is that the two main protagonists are very different in height. In contrast to Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani desires to date a female who is shorter than he is tall. The two are completely different, but as they try to be each other’s wingmen, they find that they have a lot in common.

Insecurities about one’s physical appearance, especially at the ages of these characters, are common. When it comes to character height differences, this program is nice to witness. While the plot is obvious and relies on multiple tropes, the premise itself hasn’t been used in a lot of other media..

6. A Silent Voice Follows The Story Of A Former Bully

These days, it’s not unusual for protagonists to be flawless or have flaws so minor that they don’t matter. Shoya Ishida, the protagonist of A Silent Voice, is a former bully seeking redemption. Atonement can’t be achieved only through apologies, and the film proves this. Even then, one should never expect to be pardoned.

When it comes to his mistakes, Shoya is realistic in that they resonate into the present. Although Shoya has changed, the pain he caused has not.

7. Non Non Biyori’s Characters Make The Best Of Their Small Town

Non Non Biyori

For a story about four little girls who live in a tiny town, Non Non Biyori would make sense to be written in a realistically disappointing style. Aside from the endearing characters, the storyline is unremarkable, even though they are well-acted.

Viewers are impressed by how a little town and the people who live there can compel them to care after only a few episodes, despite the show’s claim to not create anything extraordinary in terms of its storytelling.

8. Blue Spring Ride Has No Gimmick And Excels Because Of That

Blue Spring Ride, unlike most shojo series, does not rely on a gimmick to distinguish itself from the pack. During their time in high school, the show follows a group of friends as they try to figure out their own personal connections as well.

Even though there isn’t much to distinguish the 12-episode series, the characters’ capacity to recognize their mistakes and take the time to correct them is surprisingly realism-based. As compared to other shows of the same genre, Futaba Yoshioka does not use her overly perfect personality as a crutch, and that makes her all the more fascinating.

9. Carole & Tuesday Features Characters Who Bond Over Art

Carole – Carole & Tuesday

It’s despite the fact thatCarole & Tuesdayis set on Mars that it manages to capture the essence of two budding musicians on television. The two ladies, despite their differing personalities, quickly form a close friendship based on their shared love of music.

Even though the show is set in the future, the plot may easily be taken from the present day. Regardless of their role in the tale, each character has a distinct but understandable past and motivation. As a result, practically every character in the show comes together as a result of their shared love of music.

10.  Your Lie In April Is A Reality Check

Realistic in its brutal warning that not all stories have good endings is Your Lie in April. The characters are realistic, yet their interactions and dialogue are occasionally fluffed up. In the show’s genre and utilization of musical components, this can be blamed.

While at first the show appears to be an idealistic fantasy, it quickly degenerates into a cautionary tale about the dangers of hopelessness. Life, love, and youth are all transitory. This 22-episode series ends on a bittersweet note despite moving the audience to tears. In the midst of adversity, it serves as a reminder to fans that there are precious moments to appreciate.