9 Best TV Shows Like The Dresden Files Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like The Dresden Files

1. Grimm


He discovers that he is a direct descendant of the Grimm family, which was killed off in the first film.

They are a group of witches and wizards who battle the supernatural. They are tasked with maintaining a delicate equilibrium between humans and mythical creatures.

An ex-“Big Bad Wolf,” now a vegetarian, turns out to be one of his most trusted allies.

2. Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar, lord of hell, is fed up with his duties and life. For his vacation this year, he decided to head to New York City.

In the city’s most exclusive nightclub, Lucifer owns a controlling stake. He enjoys a life of sex and pleasure while exchanging favors with his customers.

In order to solve the murder of one of his clients, he joins forces with an LAPD detective.

Infatuated with this detective, Lucifer decides to join the Los Angeles Police Department as a consultant. For him, it’s all about eliciting the deepest desires and wishes of the people he works with.

3. Warehouse 13

Warehouse 13

Agents Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer are transferred to Warehouse 13 as a result of their investigation. In South Dakota, there is a massive top-secret storage facility.

All the government’s supernatural artifacts are kept in this mysterious warehouse.

To learn more about new artifacts to store in the Warehouse, they must investigate reports of paranormal activity.

4. Haven

To aid the Haven police in their search for a fugitive, FBI agent Audrey Parker is sent to the town. A local cop and a small-time smuggler help her out: Nathan Wuornos and Duke Crocker.

In the Haven, Audrey quickly learns that many residents have supernatural abilities, or “troubles,” as they call it.

Before long, Audrey discovers that she has a personal connection to Haven’s current “troubles.”

5. Angel


Buffy’s first vampire boyfriend, Angel, is a character in her own saga.

He is destined to live a torturous life because he has a soul.

After his breakup with Buffy, Angel relocates to Los Angeles, where he sets up shop as a sort of supernatural detective agency.

6. Lost Girl

In order to eat, Bo is a sexy succubus who sucks the life out of people.

She had no idea who she was or how to feed herself for a long time.

She ran away from the bodies one by one.

When she met Kenzi, a thief and a drifter, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

This time the fae caught up with Kenzi after Bo killed a date rape scumbag who had rescued her from a date rapist.

The fae are divided into light and dark sides. One of the two sides must be chosen by each Fae, and they must stick to it.

For the first time in her life, Bo, a fae outsider, vows to live her own life. To the point where I’m forced to live in a void between the light and the dark.

With the help of her loyal but mischievous friends, she accomplishes this. Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren, a beautiful human scientist, are all close friends of hers.

At the same time that Bo is trying to piece together the puzzle of her mysterious past, she and her friends are dealing with a variety of other issues.

7. Castlevania


After his wife, Lisa Tepes, is accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake by the church, Dracula (Vlad Tepes) declares war on humanity. An army of demonic beings from hell is summoned by him to slaughter and conquer all human beings.

In the Belmont family, Trevor is the only surviving member. Vlad Tepes is a monster, and he accepts the challenge of taking on the mighty warrior.

8. Constantine

Demon hunter and occultist John Constantine is an expert. He uses his abilities to track down and exterminate supernatural threats that pose a threat to our world.

9. Blood Ties

Blood Ties

Henry Fitzroy, a vampire, is Vicki Nelson’s partner in crime.

Investigating strange paranormal cases together in Toronto.

Between solving crimes, Detective Mike and her new partner, a love triangle is slowly forming between the two of them.