14 Best TV Shows Like One Tree Hill On Netflix Update 04/2024

TV Shows Like One Tree Hill On Netflix

What Series Are Like One Tree Hill?

Many of us have been watching teen dramas on TV and feeling like we’re living the lives of the characters. We’ve cried, laughed, and learned a lot from these characters and their stories. But most of all, we’ve found ourselves in them. One Tree Hill is a good illustration of this.

We’ve learned about personal growth and bonding from this group as they’ve grown over the course of nine seasons and nearly nine years. While there, we learned a lot of life lessons like how to be friends with others, be loyal, and be responsible, as well as what to do and what not to do in general.

Some shows have chronicled our development from adolescence to adulthood over the years, and today we honor those works. Like One Tree Hill? Check out these 15 other tween shows!

1. Friday Night Lights (2006 – 2011)

Friday Night Lights (2006 – 2011)

Friday Night Lights is a show about a high school football team and its coach set in the fictional town of Dillon. This drama series based on the same-named novel tackles a wide range of subjects, including family, racism, drugs, and sexuality.

Friday Night Lights may have its roots in sports, but the lessons it teaches are universal and not just for sports fans. The first few episodes of Friday Night Lights, which include Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Minka Kelly, will have you hooked and eager to watch the rest of the series.

The final episode of Friday Night Lights aired in 2011, but all five seasons are now available on Amazon Prime for you to binge watch.

2. Greek (2007 – 2011)

Greek is the series for you if you want to see the lighter side of life in a frat house. This sitcom depicts the fraternity and sorority life of students at a fictitious university, where the Greek system is prevalent.

The series, which starred Jacob Zachar and Spencer Grammer as Rusty and Casey Cartwright, was well received by critics and fans alike, earning a Rotten Tomatoes score of 75% and an IMDb rating of 7.6/10 for its four seasons of production. iTunes sells the complete first four seasons of Greek.

3. Party of Five (1994 – 2000)

Party of Five (1994 – 2000)

Party of Five is a smart teen drama, but it’s not as well-known as some of the others on this list. After their parents are killed in a car accident, five siblings are left to fend for themselves.

With a focus on domestic and substance abuse, as well as the aftereffects of parental loss, the show received favorable reviews but lacked the necessary audience support to continue production. As a result of its win for Best Television Series at the 2000 Golden Globes, the series was able to continue for an additional three seasons before wrapping up production in 2000.

If you haven’t seen it already, Party of Five is highly recommended.

4. Glee (2009 – 2015)

Glee dominated television from 2009 to 2015, making it a golden age for fans of high school musicals. It was a teen comedy-musical about the Glee club at William McKinley High School, a fictional school in the story.

When the show premiered, critics were divided, but as seasons went on, they became rapturous in their praise. Glee was and still is the show to watch if you want your adolescent heartbreak told through song and dance.

In six seasons, Glee received 19 Emmy Award nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and fifty-seven other awards. Over the course of the show’s six-year run, over 720 musical performances were created. Glee can be purchased from the iTunes store or Google Play store, depending on your preferences.

5. Degrassi: Next Generation (2001 – 2015)

Degrassi Next Generation (2001 – 2015)

Degrassi: The Next Generation, made famous by international pop star Drake, is yet another high school drama that has dealt with issues such as racism, eating disorders, and heartbreak.

Linda Schuyler, a former elementary school teacher, penned the scripts for this Canadian drama series, which has proven invaluable. It had its world premiere in Canada before being picked up by MTV and made its way to the United States, where it was well received by audiences.

There were fourteen seasons of the show before it was finally cancelled in 2015. However, Degrassi: Next Class was released on Netflix in the United States in 2016 as a sequel. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a good choice if you like One Tree Hill-style dramas.

6. Veronica Mars (2004 – 2007)

You get Veronica Mars when you mix teenage angst with police work. Veronica Mars, starring Kristen Bell and Percy Daggs III, is about a popular sixteen-year-old who becomes an outcast after her best friend is murdered.

Her father, who happens to be a sheriff, is now teaching her the finer points of criminal investigation while she quietly investigates her friend’s murder. As it takes place in the make-believe town of Neptune, this teen mystery drama manages to strike the perfect balance between the two genres.

A Rotten Tomatoes score of 92 percent and an IMDb rating of 8.4/10 go a long way toward ensuring that your only complaint about this teen mystery series is that it didn’t last longer. There are two places where you can get Veronica Mars: iTunes and Google Play.

7. Freaks and Geeks (1999 – 2000)

Freaks and Geeks (1999 – 2000)

Even though it was a relatively obscure show, Freaks and Geeks has since been hailed as one of the greatest television series of all time. There’s a lot of focus on Lindsay and her brother Same Weir, two completely different people.

As a straight A student, Lindsay meets a group of students (the freaks) who make her question the value of her education, while her brother Sam and his friends (the geeks) deal with the problems that being a nerdy teenager brings.

A single season of the show launched the careers of actors like Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jason Segel before being cancelled.

8. Riverdale (2017 – )

‘Archie’ fans were treated to a pleasant surprise when it was announced that the comic would get a show, re-imagined as a dark gritty teen drama, when it was announced in 2012. As Riverdale, named after the comic’s fictional town, debuted in 2017, fans waited with bated breath, hoping that their favorite comic characters would be saved.

They weren’t, and as a result, the show exploded into life. Riverdale is a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, blending the story of high school life in Riverdale with tales of serial killers and a Satanic board game. It’s been compared to a mix of Twin Peaks and Beverly Hills, 90210. The show has been well received by the public. Riverdale’s third season was renewed because of the positive reception it received.

9. Faking It (2014 – 2016)

Faking When it first aired, it had a rocky start. There were two high school students who were mistaken for a lesbian couple by their classmates. The plot revolved around this. They, on the other hand, decide to go along with it in order to gain notoriety for their actions.

When the audience learns that these seemingly shallow teenagers are hiding a lot more than meets the eye, the show really takes off. The girls are attracted to each other and one of them is a lesbian.

A wild ride of sexualities is in store for you. A new season of the show premiered in 2014, and the cast was one of the most sexually and gender diverse in recent memory when it was finally cancelled in 2016. Faking It can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store or the Google Play store for free.

10. Runaways (2017 – )

Runaways (2017 – )

A travesty would have been if Hollywood didn’t fill the void for teen superheroes, given how many superheroes already grace the big screen. We now have the Runaways to contend with.

This MCU teen series tells the story of six superpowered teens from various backgrounds who band together to fight their parents after learning they are members of a criminal organization known as “The Pride.”

Do not be fooled into thinking that just because this is a teen series, it has lost any of its distinctive Marvel charm. Runaways, which premiered in 2017, has become a fan favorite among Marvel fans as well as fans of teen dramas in just two seasons. Runaways will appeal to fans of One Tree Hill who are looking for something similar.

11. Smallville (2001 – 2011)

We’ve had the privilege of witnessing all of Superman’s adventures thanks to Christopher Reeve and Henry Cavill. This is the story of a young Clark Kent, and that’s what Smallville gives us to see. While dealing with his growing superpowers, teenage Clark Kent learns to control them in this series, which follows him as he navigates the challenges of teenage life.

The series also explores Clark’s friendship with Lex Luthor, his future archenemy, who is practically best friends with him at the time. With 10 seasons under its belt before its 2011 season finale, Smallville appealed to a wide range of adolescent viewers who enjoyed teen dramas and superhero flicks, according to Rotten Tomatoes’ 94% rating and IMDb’s 7.5/10.

It’s understandable why Superman had such a firm grip on television for so long. Smallville can be purchased from the iTunes store or Google Play store, respectively.

12. The Wonder Years (1988 – 1993)

Regardless of the period, teenage years are plagued by the same issues, as seen in The Wonder Years. Kevin Arnold is a teen in the late 1960s who goes through life as told in this 1988 sitcom.

That this is narrated by an adult Kevin who is reliving and recounting his youthful antics to the audience makes it even more intriguing. After six seasons, The Wonder Years came to an end with the broadcast of the series’ final episode in 1993. One of the show’s many achievements was winning an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. It is widely regarded as a classic of television.

13. American Vandal (2017 – 2018)

American Vandal (2017 – 2018)

You’ll be confused and entertained at the same time while watching American Vandal on the AMC network. It’s a parody of other true crime shows and documentaries that uses mockumentary filming to poke fun at the genre.

Aspiring student documentarian Peter and his friend Sam investigate who is spray painting penises on the teachers’ cars in this documentary series. That’s correct, you did read that correctly. After only two seasons of this unique take on teen drama, the show was abruptly cancelled in 2018.

That didn’t stop it from getting a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and winning the Peabody Award for its first season. Netflix, the network that axed American Vandal, now has the entire first season available.

14. Skins (2007 – 2013)

This British teen drama isn’t like other teen dramas in that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Skins follows the lives of a group of teenagers as they deal with school and the expected troubles of adolescence with a rotating cast throughout each season.

A different character is the focus of each episode as it delves into their issues and possible solutions. The show ran for six years, delivering seven seasons to fans before coming to an end in 2013, six years after it first aired.

The show was a huge hit in the United Kingdom, garnering numerous awards and nominations and becoming an important part of popular culture there. Though it started off well, the show’s transition to an American audience flopped, leading to its cancellation following only a single season. Skins can be seen on Netflix as a streaming title.

Are there any other shows like One Tree Hill that I’m missing? Please let me know in the remarks.