10 Best Evil Female Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Evil Female Anime Characters

Some of the saddest anime deaths, the most aesthetically spectacular fights, and the most shocking story twists were all because of these outstanding female villains.

Many epic conflicts between good and evil have been shown in anime. Fans have encountered a wide variety of characters in anime’s rich history, including a number of powerful female antagonists. It is possible for these villains to be both cold-blooded and innocent at the same time. In the event where neither is possible, some people can be sincerely kind, but their hearts are in the wrong place.

Thus frequently surprised and frightened their followers with their horrible deeds, and they were difficult to take down. It would be impossible to appreciate even the most popular anime heroes to their fullest extent without powerful enemies. Some of the most heartbreaking anime deaths, the most aesthetically spectacular battles, and the most unexpected plot twists were all caused by these remarkable opponents.

1. Android 18

Android 18

When it comes to memorable characters, Android 18 is one of the most popular.

As a result of Dr. Gero’s work, she was transformed into his 18th android. Even for an android, she had a remarkable ability to learn new things. If, for example, Android 18 were constructed without a Ki-sensing gadget, then she later learnt how to use it.

Then there were her other skills, such as finger beam, infinity disc, and rapid blast. Sarcastic wit was welcomed by admirers of No. 18.

2. Lust

Only Lust was present when Father created the homunculi. Incredibly powerful and nasty, the second creation was utterly horrifying. Despite her name, she was not a sex-crazed woman. She was unusual from other homunculi in that her personality did not fit her moniker. Viewers got a glimpse of her might and cruelty during the course of the battles. Because she had no regard for human life, Lust reveled in torturing others.

She was impervious to all types of pathogens and could renew herself in the blink of an eye. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood’s Lust is a formidable foe.

3. Kasane Kujiragi

Kasane Kujiragi

Fans of Durarara were shocked to discover Kasane because she appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary person. Everyone was fooled by her cleverness in keeping her identity a secret. As a Saika wielding, Kasane had an advantage over everyone else in the show.

Viewers found Kasane’s Machiavellian mentality fascinating. It was practically hard to catch her since she was extremely well-organized.

4. Isabella

Isabella came across as a kind soul at first, eager to lend a hand to the orphans at Grace Field House.

Her plan to raise children as livestock for demons later revealed that she was merely trying to save her own life. After learning that Isabella had a warped love for the children, her fans were shocked. She was extremely intelligent and incredibly strong. But Isabella’s persona was one of the most powerful in The Promised Neverland, raising many problems.

5.  Rize Kamishiro

Rize Kamishiro

Tokyo Ghoul’s most powerful ghoul, Rize, was defeated by her over-eating. For obvious reasons, she was dubbed “Binge Eater.”

With her purple hair and beauty, she was able to dazzle everyone. Rize was so popular that no creature wanted to be on the wrong side of her. When Kanou captured Rize to harvest her Kakuhou, her rampage came to an end. She later assumed the form of a dragon and was murdered by Kaneki, the man she loved.

6. Annie Leonhart

Attack on Titan contains some of the most shocking plot twists in anime history. Marley’s Warriors were plotting to seize the Founding Titan while everyone else was trying to keep things secure.

Fan reaction was exhilarating when the Scout Regiment was savaged by a Titan during the 57th Exterior Scouting Mission. As soon as she was cornered, the Titan crystallized herself, making it impossible for her to be slain. Later, it was revealed that the formidable Titan was in fact Annie Leonhart, a star combatant in the Military Police Brigade.

7. Himiko Toga

Himiko Toga - 'My Hero Academia'

Himiko, a member of the League of Villains, was a controversial figure because of her outlandish behavior. A strange sort of humour attracted some My Hero Academia fans.

Others resented her for her upbeat demeanor, which they viewed as irritating. After a few episodes, Himiko became a gruesome, cannibalistic, and kidnapping target. In fact, she was so excellent at hiding her identity that once for three days no one suspected her when she slipped into the Academy as Camie.

8. Arba (Gyokuen Ren)

After the death of both of her husbands, Gyokuen Ren became the Empress of the Kuo Empire. Gyokuen was possessed by Arba from the start, so fans didn’t have much opportunity to get to know her.

One of Solomon’s Three Wise Magi, Arba became a new person after her lord substituted Ill Illah as a God. Arba’s cunning and ruthless actions became more and more apparent as time went on. Arba appeared ecstatic about killing people afterwards, when she was in control of Gyokuen. A ruthless villain, she is one of Magi.

9. Esdeath


In Akame Ga Kill, the High-ranking general was a powerful character. Esdeath was elevated to the position of commander of the Jaegers, and despite her reputation as a villain, she had a crush for Tatsumi.

There was widespread respect and dread for Esdeath’s abilities. She once defeated a 10,000-strong army on her own, proving her strength. Additionally, Esdeath’s mental fortitude was unmatched. In tense situations, she was able to remain calm and collected.

10. Medusa Gorgon

Dr. Medusa, a former nurse at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, is also known as Dr. Medusa. In the end, most of her supporters could not be deceived; she was working on a wicked plan. After all, she had a plan to unleash Kishin, which she eventually achieved. While Medusa was a witch, her magical powers and battle prowess made her a formidable adversary.

Also Medusa’s intelligence and observational skills allowed her to adjust to any situation at any time. Since her appearance in Soul Eater, Medusa has become one of the series’ most despised and beloved characters, inspiring many fan art and cosplays.