10 Aquarius Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Aquarius Anime Characters

Honey’s Monthly Anime Astrology is back and better than ever! Those born under Aquarius’ astrological sign are known for their magnetic personalities and a sense of mystique. It’s not uncommon for those born under the sign of Sagittarius to be the life of the party, and if they so desire, they can quickly build a large network of friends and acquaintances. They are incredibly sensitive and complex beneath their attractive exterior.

Aquarius may be known for being gregarious, but they are also incredibly self-sufficient. While their independence can be a virtue, it can also be a weakness if it causes them to become isolated. This zodiac sign thrives on mental stimulation and social interaction. These cunning creatures don’t mind being elusive; in fact, they prefer it that way. Let’s take a look at this month’s list to see how some of our favorite anime characters exhibit these traits!

10. Taiga Kamia (Eyeshield 21)

Taiga Kamia (Eyeshield 21)

Taiga Kamia is the running back of the Misaki Wolves, and he serves as the team’s leader and captain. Football is where he shines; he leads his team to win with his frightening quickness. His athleticism is undeniable, and he’s right to be so confident.

Aquarius, like Taiga, can exhibit a degree of magnetic arrogance from time to time. Although this star sign is normally self-sufficient when motivated, it does require a small amount of support from others in order to thrive. However, if they are able to occasionally swallow their pride and accept it, they will perform at their best. This is an important lesson for those born under this sign.

9. Shizuku (Omamori Himari)

Water dragon goddess Shizuku has a dark and tragic backstory. Due to the fact that demon hunters murdered her whole family, she devotes a considerable deal of her energy to harboring a strong resentment toward every demon hunter she meets. For a long time, this wound was too much for her to overcome on her own.

This zodiac sign has a strong connection to their emotions, and their instincts might be their most valuable asset. But when emotions are running high, this sign may be unable to keep its feet on the ground. When Shizuku sees the generosity of a future demon hunter, she is able to forgive him and even befriend him despite her Aquarius tendencies.

8. Haruka Tenou (Sailor Moon)

Haruka Tenou (Sailor Moon)

Tenou Haruka moonlights as Sailor Uranus, a magical girl. Michuru Kaiou, Haruka’s girlfriend, is one of the few persons she keeps dear to her heart despite her normally reserved demeanor in social situations. In her spare time, she can be seen inventing racing cars or attending school. She is one of the best drivers in the country, and this isn’t just a pastime for her.

Haruka despises being told what to do and is fiercely independent. Aquarians place a strong priority on self-determination. Your connection with an Aquarius will be in jeopardy if you try to control them. In true Aquarius form, Haruka appears confident, yet there is much more to her personality than meets the eye.

7. Nobuo Terashima (NANA)

Blast’s guitarist Nobu Terashima is well known for his position in the band. Talented and dedicated to his trade, he is an exceptional musician. He gets along well with most people because he is so laid back and lively. He has a crush on the series’ protagonist, Nana, which causes him a lot of stress.

Aquarians are known for their contagious charm, and Nobu is no exception. As a person, Nobu has a genuine desire to make the lives of those he cares about better. Aquarius has a predisposition to be socially savvy, and this tendency is a beneficial one. Because of this, Nobu may find himself burying his own feelings and not prioritizing his own well-being.

6. Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat!)

Ren Tsuruga (Skip Beat!)

Ren Tsuruga is a hugely popular idol who has a devoted following. He’s polite and approachable when he’s out in public. In private, he appears to be a completely different person from the person he appears to be on the job. Behind closed doors, his arrogance is so severe that he’s almost rude.

It’s yet another Aquarius character that demonstrates their strong propensity to be a “people pleaser.” In addition to being a method to further his work, Ren regards his image as a personal accomplishment. He is torn between wanting to be liked and wanting to keep up his good name. Accomplishing a delicate balancing act between friendships and self-identity is what makes Aquarians most content.

5. Kou Mukami (Daibolik Lovers)

In addition to being a vampire, Kou Mukami works as an idol. He’s another one of those people that has a public and a private side to them. Even kind-hearted and lovable Kou appears to be the Kou he is known for. In truth, he’s the exact reverse of what you think. Even though he is vicious and manipulative, he is also aware of his own attractiveness and understands how to exploit it to his advantage.

Aquarians enjoy being the center of attention, which is why celebrities like Kou are so popular. As a result of their natural capacity to connect with others, stardom is a natural progression for them. Their intellectual and emotional complexity may cause them to tire of or find it superficial if their life beyond the spotlight looks anything like their public life.

4. Rin Tohsaka (Fate/stay night)

Rin Tohsaka (Fate-stay night)

Rin makes a point of avoiding contact with the rest of her group. She appears to be an aloof girl who prefers to remain out of problems to the outside world. Rin, on the other hand, has a secret talent: she’s a magician. In addition, she is the heir apparent to a long line of spellcasters, therefore the onus is on her to carry on the legacy of her ancestors.

In spite of her aloof demeanor, Rin is in fact a typical Aquarian in every other way. In order to avoid the social pressure of her family, she prefers to keep to herself and focus on her magic rather than making new acquaintances at school. Aquarians are known for their psychic powers and heightened supernatural sensitivity, so it’s no surprise to see a figure like Rin so immersed in magical activities.

3. Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran Kokou Host Club)

Haruhi Fujioka’s start at a new school is harsher than most, but she’s not alone. In the end, she breaks an expensive vase that owes Ouran High School’s host club money. A series of events led to her taking on a second identity as a male host in order to pay back the people who helped her. Haruhi is an introverted and serious girl by nature, yet she has no option.

Despite the fact that many Aquarians are eager to meet new people and broaden their social horizons, this isn’t always the case. To the surprise of everyone, Haruhi has managed to form an incredible support network with no effort on her part. As a result, they are enthralled by her. Similarly, she is an example of an Aquarius character who prioritizes the well-being of her social circle over her own well-being.

2. Kiki (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

At age 13, Kiki decided to follow her childhood dream and become a witch. As a 13-year-old girl, she leaves her home to pursue her goals. I don’t think she’s shy at all; she’s a very outgoing person. However, as she discovers once she leaves home, she can be a bit much for people to manage. Even though being a witch isn’t an easy task, Kiki is determined to succeed.

Kiki is another another example of an Aquarius who, despite initially having difficulty making friends on her own, is able to do it because of the kind of person she is. She also has the usual Aquarian features of a fascination with the paranormal and a burning desire to achieve her goals.

1. Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki No Kyojin)

The series’ central female character is Mikasa. She is Eren Yeager’s sister, and the two have been close ever since she was taken into his family as a child. She joins the military in order to be with him, but she swiftly rises to the top of her class there, finding a place for herself. Her demeanor is solemn, and we rarely see her crack a smile.

Mikasa, despite the accolades she receives for her martial prowess, remains humble. She cares more about her pals than she does about her public image. In general, Aquarians have a wide range of social relationships, but only a few that they truly value. The commitment of Aquarius is unequaled after they have designated someone a close friend. No matter how high the stakes are, Mikasa will always put her friends’ interests ahead of her own.

If you’re looking for an unusual sign, Aquarius is a good choice. These characters, like those born under the sign of Pisces, defy easy categorization. While no two people on this list are alike, they all place a high value on friendships and are self-sufficient.

Astrology is a fascinating way to think about individuals, and it’s even more fascinating to apply it to the beloved anime characters we all know and adore. Greetings, and welcome to the astrological installation for this month. Let us know what you think in the comments section below if you’re an Aquarius reader!